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Chapter 22 – Alchemy Academy (3) Translated by imakeussmile


“Cough, cough, alright, let’s formally begin with our class, just ask if you guys have any questions.” The homeroom teacher coughed dryly a few times before speaking.

The academies of this continent have a different style of teaching. Perhaps it was because of suffering from the influence of magic academy and martial arts academy, after teaching some basic stuff, they would let their own students go research and study by themselves. Afterwards, if the students had any questions, they could raise them out in class.

Martial arts and magic teaching was the kind where the teacher would teach, and the cultivation depended on the person himself. Other than teaching some basic knowledge, they would not teach any other stuff, only letting the students cultivate by themselves while they guide the students.

And this way, perhaps some people would feel that, why not just hire a great teacher to teach themselves to cultivate alone. Of course, this was possible, but the problem was that in this world, how many great teachers would there even be? Even if there were, at most one or two prominent people could get a master to guide them.

In the academy, it was different. Not only were there many great teachers to guide you, there were also many classmates to accompany you to examine and test out your martial skills and magic.

When a teacher was guiding a student, it would also frequently give other students some help. In other words, the questions which are raised forward in the classroom would give the entire class’ students benefits. It was not where just because you did not have any questions today, this class would thus be meaningless for you today.

Sometimes they would also say a bit of their own experience.

Thus, the moment the homeroom teacher said that the class could start asking questions, someone immediately raised his hand to indicate that he had a question to ask.

“Me, me……” A student immediately raised his hand, wanting to ask a question.

Just that, after the homeroom teacher saw this student, he frowned and said seemingly sort of like gave an excuse: “About that, student Ye Lang, let’s leave your question for after we finish the class and research individually together. In the class, let’s first hear about other’s questions.”

After experiencing several times of lessons full of blood and tears, not a single teacher now dared to answer student Ye Lang’s question in class at all. Furthermore, his question was not of help to the others in class, thus the teachers would basically choose to slowly talk about it with him after class. As for if they would be able to talk or not after class, it was another matter already.

“Oh……” student Ye Lang seemingly used to it, put down his hand and started reading the thick alchemy book while listening to the students’ question and the homeroom teacher’s answer at the same time.

Very quickly, morning passed just like this. Apart from the resting time in between the lessons, it was basically just questioning and answering. Following the arrival of the class’ dismissal, it also declared that today’s theoretical knowledge lesson was already over. Following after lunch, it would be either self-study or practice lessons.

The academy’s arrangements were just like this. In the morning, theory would be taught and in the afternoon, it would be free time for the students, where if the students would like to continue researching on theory, could just continue on with it, and for the students who would like to practice their theoretical knowledge, they could go and do it.

After class finished, student Ye Lang saw that the homeroom teacher immediately took off without saying anything, just as if he was running for his life. Thus, he also temporary gave up on his plan to go and find the homeroom teacher to research on his problems, and instead proceeded towards the dining hall with the sleepy Tigress, to find his sister to eat lunch.

Towards alchemy, Tigress was not very interested. During the time when she was accompanying her young master to attend alchemy class, she would either be sleeping or reading books about martial skills, which she borrowed from the library.

Regarding this matter, student Ye Lang had once suggested Tigress to go to martial arts academy, saying that alchemy academy was very safe and he could take care of himself, not needing Tigress to accompany him at all. However, without thinking at all, Tigress immediately rejected it. After all, her original intentions were to accompany her young master, if she were to go to martial arts academy, her meaning for coming to Imperial Academy would be pointless already.

To say, even if there was a meaning, she would also not leave half a step away from her young master.

Looking at the large and gorgeous dining hall, Tigress’ heart began to be on guard. Because, at this time, it was the easiest to suffer from a surprise attack and it was the only time where others would have a chance to have contact with the thirteenth prince.

This was not Tigress’ groundless fear and it was something which happened every day. Majority of the attacks were obstructed by her and Ye Lan Yu, but sometimes, they would still unfortunately get attacked. However, luckily those surprise attacks were only harmless pranks and humiliating kind of surprise attacks.

Yep, in the thirteenth prince’s viewpoint, all those humiliations were totally not worth mentioning at all. But of course, as far as it was concerned with Ye Lan Yu, it was different. She would flip out violently and let those people die very uglily. [figuratively speaking, she doesn’t really kill them, just brings them to the brink lol.]

Cautiously bringing the thirteenth prince to the dining hall, Tigress found a table and sat down there. The tables of the entire dining hall were all the same and there were not any kind of VIP special tables at all. This was a kind of idea which the academy wanted to convey, that within the Imperial Academy, everyone all had only one identity and it was that of a student. No matter how noble your identity was in this continent, you would still be treated equally as others would.

Of course, this was perhaps because the academy did not want to see those young masters and young ladies causing some needless conflicts because of treatment problems.

“Tigress, my stomach is hungry already, go and get things to eat.” After a good while had passed, the thirteenth prince began to talk.

“Wait for a bit more, wait for lady Lan Yu to come. Why is she still not here, normally she would have already come here at an earlier time.” Tigress looked at the door and said while feeling somewhat puzzled.

Before Ye Lan Yu comes here, she would not go and get food. Because, like this, she would have to leave the thirteenth prince alone and who knows what would happen during this time. And she did not dare to bring the thirteenth prince along to get food, because between all this, there would be too much of a crowd they would have to squeeze through.


Therefore, she was waiting, waiting for Ye Lan Yu to come. With Ye Lan Yu here, she would then be able to be reassured. Problem was that, something seemed to have happened today and Ye Lan Yu was late.

Time passed for a while again and Ye Lan Yu finally arrived, with bad mood written all over her face. Very obviously, she had met with something that made her feel unhappy. And not far from Ye Lan Yu, there was a beautiful girl whose age was similar to the thirteenth prince, and opposite of Ye Lan Yu, this girl’s face was full so smiles, as if she had discovered something which made her feel very happy.

This kind of situation let others very easily think that the thing that had happened to the two of them could have been the same thing.

That’s right, Tigress was able to be certain that it was definitely the same thing which had happened to these two people. This girl was not a stranger and was exactly the young lady, the empire’s seventh princess.

Ever since the matter that had happened during the birthday, Princess Qi and Ye Lan Yu had been against one another, often quarreling together. If one was happy, the other would definitely not be happy, vice versa.

At this time, Tigress also finally understood why Ye Lan Yu was late. Ye Lan Yu must have ran into Princess Qi and thus came so late.

“Don’t follow after me, don’t pester my little brother. Little brother, don’t talk with her. If not, next time, I will ignore you.” After sitting down, Ye Lan Yu roared at the girl opposite of her and then gave a warning to the thirteenth prince.

“Don’t need you to pay attention to him, having me pay attention to him is enough, isn’t that right, Ye Lang.” Princess Qi sat down while smiling and giggling, and also saying a sentence towards Ye Lang too.

The gunpowder between these two girls was ample and if the thirteenth prince was to say something wrong, it would definitely trigger a conflict, yep, a small scale one.

However, the thirteenth prince was instead completely paying no attention towards these two girls and straightforwardly said to Tigress: “Tigress, quickly go and get food, I’m starving to death already.”



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