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Chapter 19 – Cold Medicine (2) Translated by imakeussmile


“There is no problem right now but after eating a lot of those medicines, there will be a problem. Do you really want to use yourself to proof it?” Tigress felt extremely powerless.

“Will there really be a problem?” Towards Tigress, the thirteenth prince still has a kind of trust for her, since she had said it, then it could really be true.

Nonsense, of course it would be true, only you yourself would be unclear of the situation, fancy that you are even someone who plays with alchemy.

“Yep, there will really be a problem. I will throw away all those expired medicines later. Next time if there are still medicines which are about to expire, you also cannot eat those. You can only eat medicines when you are sick, and furthermore you cannot eat too much. Also, when you clearly have cold, you can’t go and eat stomach medicine instead.” Tigress softly warned repeatedly.

“I know already, I’m not that stupid.” The thirteenth prince said with disdain, as if he would definitely not do that kind of silly thing. Just that, whether if he would or not, was very hard to say.

And at this time, he let out another sigh and said regretfully: “Just that, this is too wasteful already.”

“……” Tigress was speechless. It was nothing unusual if it was someone else who said that it was wasteful, but the little thirteenth prince was a famous prodigal son, how would he even know how the word wasteful was even written.

“Young master, you are a self-proclaimed number one prodigal son under the heaven, and you are still afraid of wasting a bit of medicine?”

“Prodigal is prodigal, even if you are prodigal, you also cannot be wasteful. I am only a prodigal son, not a wasteful person.” The thirteenth prince began to explain about being a prodigal son and did not put prodigal and wasteful at the same level.

“This……” Tigress had nothing to say already, to mention it, although the thirteenth prince was very prodigal, he was however really someone who did not like to waste things.

In any case, this silly young master of hers was already not able to be explained with common sense.

Tigress smiled and then continued doing the tasks for today. Her silly young master was the same, continuing to do his own things, and the two of them continued their brand new day just like this.

Now, the silly young master was 13 year old and Tigress was 14 year old……

The Imperial Academy. This was an ultra-high rank academy where even regular nobilities may not be able to enter. Within the entire continent, it was ranked as number two, however this ranking was highly contested.

Just, it wasn’t that the Imperial Academy tried to contest for the number one rank and not stay in number two. Towards number one rank, almost everyone was certain, certain from their heart that no one would be able to shake the position of the number one academy.

Since was not about contesting for number one, then it was the number two position where the Imperial Academy was at. That’s right, the academies which were ranked at number three and four had always been glaring like a tiger at the number two position and had the determination to grab onto every chance to seize over the position as number two.

If you want to ask how this ranking came out, it was not because some people went to collect information and got the end result based on the grading of every aspect of the academies. The ranking was actually very simple, whereby it would be ranked based on the summed up strength of the academies during the Arena Duel Competition that was held every 10 years. [Remember this for later on]

In other words, this ranking could only be maintained for 10 years. After 10 years, if you lost, you would drop in rank, and conversely, if you won, you would go up in rank. This was the so-called ‘Thirty years the river flows east, thirty years the river flows west’. Just that this time was shorter, with just only ten years. [Thirty years the river flow east, thirty years the river flow west; is used to describe how things of the world always change.]

This Arena Duel Competition was also not mixed at all and was split according to different categories; like magic competition, martial skill competition and the competition where very less people participate, alchemy competition. Of course, there is also a mixed competition, where it would be according to the members, split into individual competition and team competition.

In this continent where martial strength was above all else, every academy’s objective was to raise an individual’s strength. Therefore, the circumstances of the students’ strength also represented an academy’s strength and weakness.

What is worth mentioning is that, the academies which are ranked number two to four were all occupied by the three big empires’ academies, and the academy which was ranked number one did not belong to any of the three big empires. Instead it belonged to a very small, a very inconspicuous small nation. Actually, it could also be said that this nation was an academy and this academy was a nation.

Perhaps, this was also the reason why the academy was able to rank number one, there were very little politics in the academy.

Even if it was the three big empires, the majority of the nobles within would also set this ranked number one academy as their first choice. For example like Ye Family, where the thirteenth prince’s brother Ye Hui was also at the number one academy, also including the thirteenth prince’s second big sister and his other cousins.

In fact, if it was not for the thirteenth prince being a bit special, Ye Family would also send him to the number one academy. but the situation right now was that, even if the Imperial Academy’s ranking was lower, they would still send him to the Imperial Academy to study. Because if the academy was too far, they would not be able to put their minds at ease. They could at least take care of him by sending him to the Imperial Academy.

There was also one more thing. The thirteenth prince’s youngest older sister, which was also Ye Lan Yu, rejected going to the number one academy with the reason of wanting to take care of her little brother, and thus enrolled into the Imperial Academy instead. With her capability, even if she was at the number one academy, she would also be a well-known figure. Thus naturally, she was also a top-notch student at the empire’s Imperial Academy.


Because she was a girl, the family‘s requirements for her were also not that high, whichever academy she would like to attend, they would just let her.

And since the two of them attended classes at the same academy, the two of them naturally went to the academy together. As a matter of fact, she once again charmingly appeared in front of the thirteenth prince. The Ye Lan Yu right now was already someone who had all the requirements needed to be a beautiful woman, and had already become the pursuing goal of many male nobles. [Keep dreaming]

Seems that right now, she was just nice enough to be called a 16 year old youth, a pretty young girl who was currently in the prime of her youth.

“Little brother, time to go to school already.” Ye Lan Yu straightforwardly kicked open the courtyard door and pulled away the thirteenth prince, who had already finished preparing. This sequence of movements was very adept that it could be even said to be done in one go.

“Oh……” The thirteenth prince was totally used to this kind of situation, as while he let Ye Lan Yu hold his hand, he was using another hand to hold onto a book to read.

Tigress, who was in the courtyard, saw this situation and similarly very adeptly put everything into her space pouch, then immediately went to chase after the two siblings at the front.

Every day, Tigress would follow after these peculiar siblings to go to the Imperial Academy. Her identity was naturally the thirteenth prince’s study companion. For nobles were allowed to bring a chamberlain kind of study companion along with them. This was a thing which all the academies in the continent allowed. However, the nobles would have to pay an additional school fee for the study companion.

Of course, not every noble would bring along a study companion with them, like for example Ye Lan Yu herself.

The Ye Family’s carriage sent the three to the outside of the Imperial Academy’s big gate. The three of them came down from the carriage and began walking into the academy. This was also one of the academy’s rules, where no vehicles were allowed to enter into the academy. If not, the entire Imperial Academy would have big traffic jam occurring every single day. After all, everyone here were all nobles who were out of the ordinary.

And whenever it was this moment, a group of people would gather outside of the academy to await the arrival of the three of them. Of course, the person they were waiting for was not the thirteenth prince. Although the thirteenth prince provokes jealousy, he has never offended anyone before, and so there would not be a phenomenon of him being besieged by others.

The person those people were waiting for was the person at the thirteenth prince’s side, his big sister, Lady Ye Lan Yu.

“Lady Lan Yu, these are 999 roses which I bought from God of Love Flower Shop. This represents my love for you……” A bunch of roses appeared in front of the three of them, as for the person who was holding the roses, only his voice was heard but the person himself was not seen.

“I’m sorry, I don’t like roses.” Ye Lan Yu’s face had an apologetic expression as she said while smiling, her tone and expression was just that noble and gentle.

This was indeed the bearings a young lady who belonged to a big family should have. Just that, this Ye Family’s young lady would really have this kind of side to her? Could it be that she had changed after growing up?

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