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Chapter 18 – Cold Medicine (1) Translated by imakeussmile


After what happened, other than being a prodigal son, the little thirteenth prince had also become an alchemist. Of course, he was still an apprentice, he did not take any whatsoever examination and was only researching on alchemy at home.

Also, this alchemy had also let him have one more way to be prodigal, as he could now justifiably go and buy alchemy materials. No matter how pricey the alchemy materials were, he would go and buy them.

This situation let many alchemists be envious. Only the Imperial Household’s alchemists would get the empire’s support, or those small number of alchemists who had those big families’ support, the majority of the alchemists were all having a headache because of material problems. Even if they had extremely high alchemy skills, under the situation where they had no materials, everything was of no use at all.

There is a sentence that fits here properly: Even the cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice!

Not sure if the little thirteenth prince really had talent in alchemy or if it was because he had a large capital support, his alchemy was improving in a pretty good pace. This made Ye Cheng Tian and his wife to be very excited and also started to support the little thirteenth prince’s prodigal conducts even more.

To them, as long as their son had even a little bit of accomplishment, no matter how much money they spent was of no matter to them. Things that could be solved using money were totally not a problem at all for them.

Just that, although the little thirteenth prince had gained accomplishments in the alchemy aspect, the peculiar gaze of others instead changed more. This was because he had still not grown up previously, so thus some things were not that clear. But, following with him growing up each and every day, some things would also start to become more clearer.

With the little thirteenth prince’s family’s power, there should not be many people who would dare to bully him, but when all‘s said and done, there were still people who would dare to bully him. After all, there were those who were of similar age as him, and at this age it could be said that ‘Newborn calfs aren’t afraid of the tiger’, towards things like background, they would still for the time being neglect about it.

As for others, they belonged to the jealous kind, jealous of the little thirteenth prince. No, right now we should call him thirteenth prince already since he’s already not little anymore. Those people were jealous of why the thirteenth prince’s life was so good, to be able to be born in Ye Family.

Many people all had this kind of thinking, why was such an idiot able to be born in the Ye Family, wasting such a good condition. If it was them instead who were born in the Ye Family, they would definitely become one of the empire’s top character.

This indeed let many people become jealous till they went mad, and this jealousy would turn into resentment. An ordinary man has no crime but harboring a jade becomes a crime. Ye Family’s thirteenth prince was exactly this situation, his identity was a jade. [Basically: People won’t harm you if you don’t have anything worth coveting, but if you have valuable things, people will covet it and try to harm you.]

Of course, some people were still as before and continued to caringly look after the thirteenth prince, and one of them was Tigress. Tigress right now could also be considered slender and elegant, a beautiful bud whose development had fundamentally been completed. Yep, this was only saying about the primary stage of the development. She still needed to begin the next stage of development, till she reaches maturity.

Beautiful bud, eh, wrong, it’s Tigress. Every day, she would basically do the same things. Don’t need to say, everyone also knows what those things are as they were basically all things which revolved around our Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, which was so lucky that people were jealous of him.

Waking up in the morning, she would first help her young master prepare breakfast, prepare clothes, prepare water for washing the face, prepare……

After she was finished with all those things, the thirteenth prince basically should have already woken up from bed, comfortably served upon by Tigress to wear clothes, wash the face, comb his hair, fix his face, eat breakfast and followed up by sitting at the courtyard, reading books.

Talking about reading books, whatever the book was, the thirteenth prince would read it, however, the books were mainly concentrated in the alchemy aspect. The thirteenth prince himself also did not understand why, but the more he read, the more he felt that he was somewhat familiar with those things, no matter whether it was the alchemy formations, those materials or alchemy compound formulas.

But he would also feel somewhat odd, like those things seemed to also not be things that he knew. But he also he didn’t know what the things were that he knew of, and with his personality, the things that he couldn’t think of, he would just throw it away at aside. As time passed and he got used to it, he also started to not feel that it was odd anymore.

During the time when the thirteenth prince would read books, Tigress would be practicing martial skills and dou qi at the courtyard. This was the homework that she needed to do every day, and her martial skills and dou qi did not came from the Ye Family, but instead were something she knew since she was young, or perhaps it should be said that, it was something she knew of since she born.

Within the race of beastmen, majority of the races would carry inheritances, and at the moment that they are born, they would know of their race’s abilities within their instincts. As for the strong tiger race, their inheritance was basically all dou qi and martial skills.

Of course, those were all generally just the foundations. To improve their performance, they would have to advance their own martial skills and dou qi, absorbing other’s experience.

However, using those as basic skills was actually already very good. The more you practiced, the deeper your foundation would be, and right now Tigress only needed to learn those basic skills. As for other things, she still need not consider for the time being.

As for the ability to protect the thirteenth prince, Tigress had more than enough. Within the same age, her strength could be considered to be very strong. Adding on the tiger race’s innate god strength, she was just like a tiger that had grown wings and could deal with the general young experts.

And she also needed to only deal with those people, as other people would not dare to provoke the thirteenth prince. Moreover, even if there really was someone like that, who dared to come and provoke the thirteenth prince, there would naturally also be someone at the same strength to step out and settle the matter.

Actually, the person she needed to be on guard against was still the thirteenth prince himself, as the thirteenth prince would also do some things which would make others feel a headache, for example the matter which was just about to happen.

“Young master, what are you eating?” Tigress suddenly discovered that the thirteenth prince was eating some strange things which appeared to be some medicine pills.

“I’m eating cold medicine.” The thirteenth prince answered.


“Did you catch a cold? Did you catch a cold yesterday? I will immediately go and call go for a doctor.” Tigress said nervously.

“Don’t want, I don’t have a cold.” The thirteenth prince immediately shook his head and refused.

“Don’t have cold? Then why did you eat cold medicine?” Tigress asked feeling puzzled. If it was changed to another person, that person would also not understand. Since you don’t have a cold, why would you eat cold medicine?

And the thirteenth prince gave an answer, an answer which made Tigress go into a daze for a moment.

“This cold medicine is going to expire soon, it is a waste to not eat it.” The thirteenth prince answered very seriously.


What was this even……where would a person go and eat the medicine just because the medicine was going to expire. Tigress thought helplessly, suppose within the whole world, only her silly young master would do such a silly thing.

And right now, this silly young master was still continuing to eat the medicine, not right, wait, he was still continuing……

“Young master……” Tigress looked at her young master continuing eating the medicine and she immediately went over to seize over all the medicines which were about to expire.

“What, you also want to eat?” The thirteenth prince looked at tigress and asked.

“Not eating!!” Tigress replied unhappily.

“Give it to me then.” The thirteenth prince reached out his hand to demand back the medicines that Tigress took.

“Cannot!!” Tigress refused solemnly first, then afterwards gently explained: “Young master, you cannot anyhow eat all those medicines, this is not food, and you can only eat it when your body is not feeling well, if not you would fall sick from eating.

“What kind of illness would there be, am I not very well?” The thirteenth prince used his body to prove what he just said. Anyhow eating medicine actually wasn’t a problem, of course, just that right now it wasn’t a problem.

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