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Cracking The Code (3)

Ye Lang rarely explained this work. At most, he'd give away his work for people to reverse-engineer them. He thought explanations took too much effort, and he didn't want this trouble in his life! 

This time, he had no choice. He didn't want to spend a huge amount of effort to crack this enormous symbol!! 

The rest were there to watch Coldblood Five. They were fascinated by the mini version of Coldblood Five, especially Coldblood Seven. 

"Coldblood Five, is it fun being like this?" asked Coldblood Seven, laughing as if she was jealous. It felt more like she was celebrating Coldblood Five's pain though. 

"Very!" Coldblood Five didn't think much of it, only communicating what she thought. 

"Fun? How?" Coldblood Seven looked as if she didn't expect this answer. She thought Coldblood Five would ignore her, being cold as usual. 

"The list is too long. Anyway, it's very fun. I've been having the happiest, most relaxing time of my life!" Coldblood Five said calmly. Maybe even a little cold. No one could tell if she was actually having fun.

When she heard this, Coldblood Seven privately thought, you say the happiest and most relaxing because you have never been happy. So with only a little time off, you think it is the best thing ever.

Perhaps it was indeed because Coldblood Five had never experienced anything like this. However, it was still the truth. She had so much fun this month. 

Although Ye Lang had many frustrating (albeit hilarious) moments, the time spent with him made her relaxed and happy. 

"Stupid stupid stupid stupid! I'm so stupid! It's not like that at all!" Ye Lang knocked his own head. Coldblood Five found it very funny, suddenly having the urge to help him knock his head too. 

"You are definitely adorable!" Coldblood Seven had noticed Ye Lang because of Coldblood Five. Watching him like this made her think Ye Lang wasn't evil after all. Her anger faded. 

Coldblood Seven felt odd. Her anger shouldn't have faded so quickly, especially how the brat had harassed her at some inappropriate parts. She should still want to tear this man apart. 

However, right now, she only wanted to hurt him a bit, to teach him a lesson! 

Did that count as her anger fading? Of course. She didn't want to kill him anymore, only to teach him a lesson. It had faded a lot! 

When Coldblood Seven was spacing out, Coldblood Five was already next to Ye Lang, knocking his head once. 

"Little idiot, what are you doing?" 

"I made a mistake. It's alright, I've figured it out. Also, don't disturb me. Stay quiet," said Ye Lang, instructing Coldblood Five to remain silent. 

 At the same time, Ye Lang was rubbing his head, maybe because he hit himself too hard. Or because of Coldblood Five's hit.  

Watching this, the girls had a sudden urge to hug Ye Lang, including Coldblood Seven. 

Then again, Coldblood Seven did get to hug Ye Lang. But that was different!! 

"Carry on!" Coldblood five sat on Coldblood Five-two-zero's shoulder, quietly zoning out. 

Ye Lang was used to Coldblood Five. When he was working, Coldblood Five would sit quietly, never bothering him. 

It used to be because she had nothing to do, so she could only daydream. However, she slowly got used to it- even liking the feeling. 

"What is your name?" Ye Lang asked Coldblood Five-two-zero suddenly. 


"Yeah, you!" 

"I am Coldblood Five-two-zero," she didn't know she was already the new Coldblood Thirteen.

"Cold blood Five-two-zero? Five words? That's too long, I'll call you Little Zero," said Ye Lang. 

My name isn't long, why do you need to call me Little Five? Thought Coldblood Five. She didn't ask though, because he'd say, "Three is too long too!" 

"Little Zero?" Coldblood Five-two-zero (Little Zero from now on) stopped for a moment, then said, "This name is not bad. People like us don't need a name anyway, it's only for identification! If you like it, then you can use it!" 

Ye Lang never heard her. He didn't care if Little Zero agreed. Like Coldblood Five, even with her protests, he still called her Little Five. 

Ye Lang's mind was now focused on the half-solved symbol. What was the best way to solve this…

"Use this, Little Zero," Ye Lang started giving instructions again, and continued explaining. 

"Mm! I understand!" she nodded, following Ye Lang's instructions to crack a code so difficult even Coldblood Thirteen couldn't solve. 

"You can't tell but this brat is pretty capable himself! It would be better if he were Coldblood Thirteen!" thought Coldblood Seven as she watched Ye Lang. She wanted to name Ye Lang as the new Coldblood Thirteen. 

Everyone could see Ye Lang's alchemy capabilities were high above Little Zero, Coldblood Thirteen, and far from the rest of the alchemy team members. He definitely qualified. 

And from the idolising gazes of the members, it was not difficult to see Ye Lang had already convinced the rest of them. He was one word away from being able to lead the team. 

However, there was a problem, and that was his identity. Ye Lang wasn't a member of the Coldblood Group, and his identity wasn't clear either. 

Coldblood Two had attempted to investigate Ye Lang's identity, but couldn't find much because Coldblood Thirteen had killed everyone. She only knew a little from what she could gather from Ye Lang.

Ye Lang never gave straight answers, and it was very frustrating!! 

And all because of this, Ye Lang could not be named Coldblood Thirteen. However, since he was needed to control the spirit, he was recruited into the Coldblood Group as Coldblood One-thousand-and-one. 

Ye Lang never agreed to this, it was a title someone gave to him! 

"Alright, we're done!" 

When the last part of the code was solved, Ye Lang jumped for joy on Little Zero's shoulder, celebrating. 

DOGE's notes:

new chapter up! am so bored. have chased tail but still bored. 

leave a comment. say hi to your grandma for me. 

bork wishes, 


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