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Cracking The Code (2)

"Thank you, I'll be alright. That brat will protect me too. Although he looks questionable, I believe he can," Coldblood Five looked at Ye Lang, then a smile spread across her face. That has never happened before. 


Did I make a mistake? Why am I seeing a smiling Coldblood Five, am I dreaming? I must be dreaming!" 

"Stupid, you need to do this, you can't do that. You have a strong foundation but you lack a little critical thinking!" Ye Lang was starting to lecture Coldblood Five-two-zero again because she made another mistake. 

"Oh, alright. You should continue, I've reached my limit," said Coldblood Five-two-zero. She wasn't upset, she had really reached her limits. 

To know her own abilities, this was Coldblood Five-two-zero's personality. When she encountered something she didn't know, she'd stop, then slowly collect more information or quietly observe to patch up her skills. 

That's right. She would observe quietly or do her own research. She never asked because she was afraid of troubling another person. 

Coldblood Five-two-zero seemed to be timid, self-belittling, lonely! 

And that was why she never stood out in the Coldblood Group. To be able to win Coldblood Thirteen's position was a surprising twist, no one could have anticipated it. 

Perhaps she won because of her unique personality. Gold nuggets will always shine! 

Although she didn't seem to be ready to lead a team, this could be trained! 

As long as she continued to build her skills in alchemy, her confidence would also increase. No one would be able to question her. 

With her potential, she'd definitely be able to have awesome results within a few years, perhaps better than the previous Coldblood Thirteen! 

She would never get arrogant because as long as Ye Lang was there to pop her bubbles, there would always be this mountain to conquer. 

Even if one day she surpassed everybody, she still wouldn't feel like she was the best! 

Ye Lang was more than a genius. Other than talent, he had experience from another world. 

He had knowledge of the martial arts treasury and could grasp modern concepts. No one could top this! 

"Oh, I'll explain and you can solve it," said Ye Lang, still sitting on her shoulder. 

"You can do it, I'm afraid I might make a mistake. I'll watch!" said Coldblood Five-two-zero weakly, a little afraid. 

"What do you mean me, look at me! Can I crack such a HUGE symbol?" Ye Lang said the word huge very loudly. 

"?? Huge?" Coldblood Five-two-zero didn't seem to notice Ye Lang's 'condition'. When she turned, she finally realised there was a small Ye Lang perched on her shoulder.

"So cute!!" she blurted after seeing Ye Lang. 

"I am not cute!!" corrected Ye Lang. He did not want anyone to think he was only a cute object. But his answer seemed a little odd to everyone else. 

"You're very cute. You definitely can't solve it like this, I'll do it!" said Coldblood Five-two-zero. 

"Ahhhhhhh" A moment later, she was jumping up and down, screaming. 

"What are you doing? You're too loud!!" Ye Lang was covering his ears. A scream in such close distance almost made him deaf. 

"You! Why are you so small?" Coldblood Five-two-zero had only just realised how small Ye Lang actually was. 

Everyone was speechless. That was quite a late response. 

"I shrank!" 

Even his answer was dumb. What sort of answer was that? And impressively, Coldblood Five-two-zero seemed to accept this answer. 

"Oh, I see," Coldblood Five-two-zero nodded as if she understood. 

What did she understand? 

"Alright, first use the Thirteen Earth Defence, then the Three Flames Attack, Six Water Purification. Use them at three, two and five units of power respectively," Ye Lang was giving instructions after a while of observation. 

Coldblood Five-two-zero started to solve the symbol under Ye Lang's guidance. Her admiration for Ye Lang grew by the second. Although they were very common arrays, he could combine them to make a unique combination. 

This was something she couldn't do, nor was it something she'd think of! 

Coldblood Five-two-zero felt like she had learned a lot from this event. Initially, she felt like the path to mastering alchemy was narrow and twisted. Now, it seemed much straighter and wider. 

She believed that the path would become straighter if she could follow this guy around! 

She began to idolize Ye Lang as if he wasn't a tiny man, but a giant. A giant who was growing taller by the second! 

"Hey, you're spacing out again. Quick!" reminded Ye Lang, who was watching her. 

"Ah, right!" said Coldblood Five-two-zero, startled. She started to focus all her energy into her work. 

"Don't get distracted! You have to be focused in alchemy, remember this next time!" said Ye Lang, furrowing his eyebrows. 


This scene was a little odd to everyone else. A tiny man was lecturing a 'giant' ten times bigger than he was. It was still peculiar even if he was much more capable. 

"Looks like he won't care about us anymore. You all can leave, I'll deal with everything else," said Coldblood Five to Coldblood Two, still watching Ye Lang. 

"Alright, then I shall leave. Report to me directly if anything happens!" instructed Coldblood Two as she left. She was only interested in Ye Lang and Coldblood Five's situation for a moment. 

Everyone too. The show was over, and everything had been explained. There was no need to stay. 

However, there were a few who were interested enough to stay and watch Ye Lang or Coldblood Five! 

Most of them were from the alchemy team. They wanted to know what kind of reaction caused a human to shrink over tenfold. 

To an alchemist, this was a curious matter indeed! 

His size aside, Ye Lang was giving detailed explanations while cracking an ancient symbol. This was a rare opportunity. 

If the royal alchemists from the Soaring Sky Empire knew Ye Lang was teaching how to crack this ancient symbol, they'd push everything aside to fly over. 

DOGE's notes:

happy april fools'. i am actually a bird. that's why i say bork. 

just kidding, i am still a doge. 

hope you enjoyed it! 

bork wishes, 


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