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Little Zero (1)

"It's finally done!!" 

It was something everyone was thinking. Solving the symbol had taken an entire day, and it was already night time. 

Although they were thinking about it, everyone present was divided into two groups. The first group, like Coldblood Seven, only hoped they could wrap up as soon as possible so they could continue with their life. 

The second, like Little Zero, felt like it was over too quickly. They still wanted to watch Ye Lang solve symbols. 

This was because the process of solving the symbol not only helped them understand the structure and functions of the symbols better but also brought them so much knowledge about alchemy. There was a saying, "a day of listening to a master is better than reading ten years of books"! 

"Little Five, let's go. I'm hungry. Time to cook!" Ye Lang pulled Coldblood Five, who was asleep, up. They leapt onto the spirit's arm, entered its chest area, then prepared to leave. 

"Wait!" Coldblood Seven dashed over to block the spirit. 

Ye Lang was sitting on the spirit's chest. He looked at Coldblood Seven, bewildered, "You want to eat with us?" 

"She won't want to eat dinner with us. Coldblood Seven, if there's something to discuss, we can deal with it tomorrow. We're all hungry," said Coldblood Five coldly. 

"Hehe, who said I wouldn't eat with you? I was just about to ask. It's very inconvenient for you both, let me take care of you!" said Coldblood Seven, smiling. 

"Oh, you want to cook for us!" said Ye Lang. 

Coldblood Seven was stunned. She wasn't thinking of cooking. Woah this brat really was pouncing on his opportunities to get to know Coldblood Seven. However, what Ye Lang said next made her change her mind. 

"Ah, it's alright. Your cooking might not be good. I think I'll prefer eating Little Five's food," said Ye Lang directly. 

He made sense. Coldblood Five's cooking was indeed very good, regular girls couldn't compete, including Coldblood Seven. 

"Hah," snickered Coldblood Seven, "You dare look down on me? I'll let you know first, I, Coldblood Seven have some tricks too. Who is Little Five? You mean her?" 

She pointed at Coldblood Five, wanting to confirm. 

"Mm!" nodded Ye Lang, 

"Hahahahahahaha LITTLE FIVE hahahahahaha I wouldn't have known!!" Coldblood Seven was hugging her stomach as if she'd just heard the funniest joke in the world. 

"What's wrong with Little Five?" asked Coldblood Five coldly. 

"Nothing, nothing! I didn't expect it, that's all. You're Death, a name that invokes fear… But this little brat calls you Little Five," said Coldblood Seven, forcing back her laughter. From her laughter in her eyes, it was clear she was straining to hold back. 

"Little Five is Death? Little Five, what does she mean?" asked Ye Lang dumbly. 

"You don't know?" Coldblood Seven was surprised. 

"I don't," answered Ye Lang as he shook his head. 

"Coldblood Five is a notorious high-level assassin in the country. To meet her is like meeting Death. Not a single person she aimed to kill has survived her."

"Coldblood Five? Sounds familiar, I think someone did mention it," said Ye Lang, scratching his head as if doing his best to remember. 

"Wait, don't you know  she's Coldblood Five?" Coldblood Seven and the rest were shocked. Ye Lang and Coldblood Five didn't have a regular relationship, but apparently, they didn't know each other's identities.

Logically, a regular person, after spending so much time with Coldblood Five and even helping out with assassin team matters, could confirm Coldblood Five's identity on their own. 

However, Ye Lang wasn't a regular person. His responses were usually slower, so he still thought Coldblood Five was Coldblood Little Five, Coldblood Five's daughter. 

"Hey, I remember Coldblood Thirteen saying something about staying away from Coldblood Five-- Little Five, are you really Coldblood Five?" asked Ye Lang. 

"Yes... What are you doing?" Coldblood Five nodded, but after her confirmation, she realised Ye Lang immediately moved far away from her. 

"Coldblood Thirteen said I need to stay away from you!" answered Ye Lang. 

"...But he's dead. Are you going to listen to him or me?!" asked Coldblood Five, exasperated. She didn't know what to say to the little idiot. 

Ye Lang thought for a moment, then said, "You." 

"Great, then come with me!" Coldblood Five was very satisfied. At least Ye Lang was obedient. However, very soon, she wanted to punch someone. 

"I'll follow you because you have food!" added Ye Lang. 

What? He was here because of food?

"And what if there was no food?" Coldblood Five's face darkened. 

Coldblood Seven felt rage radiating from Coldblood Five, secretly worried for Ye Lang. Please don't say no, or you'll be dead! 

"Then I won't!" Ye Lang's answer was simple. 

"No dinner for you tonight!" Coldblood Five said coldly. It seemed like she wanted to intimidate Ye Lang into taking his answer back. 

Ye Lang looked at Coldblood Seven, smiling, "I'm not worried, I have her!" 

Coldblood Seven felt the heat again, this time directed at her. Sigh, why was she so nosy, getting herself involved between the two brats?? 

"Then next time get her to cook for you!" Coldblood Five was offended. 

"No!" said Ye Lang, shaking his head. 

Now that you know you're wrong, then apologize to me! Coldblood Five stared at Ye Lang, waiting for his apology, to admit defeat! 

She was wrong again. Ye Lang didn't say no to please her, but he said, "I have a lady who cooks for me. She can cook rice and many dishes, and her food is so much better than yours." 
He still had Zhen Xiaoyan, why would he need Coldblood Seven's cooking? 

Not only Coldblood Seven, but it was also the same for Coldblood Five. He only wanted to eat their food for a while, but in the end, he would still choose Zhen Xiaoyan. Her cooking was his absolute favourite. 

"Hmmph!" Coldblood Five looked away, ignoring Ye Lang. 

"Hehehe you little brat, I think like you a little now. I can't believe you made Coldblood Five this upset," Coldblood Seven's anger towards Ye Lang faded more. Anyone who bothered Coldblood Five was a friend. 

An enemy's enemy is a friend!!

"Don't call me a little brat, I am.. Oh right, I can't tell you. You'll take advantage of me. My sister told me to never reveal my identity!!" Ye Lang suddenly recalled Ye Lanyu's instructions. She told him so when they were escaping from the Soaring Sky Empire. 

Ye Lang would always remember everything Ye Lanyu said since he was a child. Long An Qi was always jealous of this. 

DOGE's notes:

henlo. tenk for reading. phew. MC why u do dis. 

it rly be like that sometimes. 

see u next week!

bork wishes,


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