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Never Underestimate The Little Ones (1)

Coldblood Seven could recognise the voice. It was the same as the one from Coldblood Five a while ago. She never forgot any voice she heard. 

Hence, she suspected Coldblood Five-two-zero had the same device as Coldblood Five. Or maybe, it all belonged to Coldblood Five-two-zero.

If that were true, then there was a possibility Coldblood Five-two-zero cheated. 

"Thank you! I understand!" replied Coldblood Five-two-zero, stunned. 

"You're welcome, we're all in this together! I have a request, can you move your skirt? So I can see better," said the voice. 

"Oh, alright," she said, hitching her skirt up. Everyone almost vomited blood at this sight, resisting the urge to look at something they shouldn't look, but rather move their eyes to something very weird. 

Between her legs was a tiny person, also drawing a small symbol on the ground. 

"What is that… Thing??" Everyone's eyes widened to see the man, twenty centimetres tall. They didn't know what THAT was. 

Everyone else, including Coldblood Two, was stunned. They'd seen many weird things, but this was a first. 

A new race of tiny men? Were they having first contact with a new race?!

That wasn't a man from a new race, it was Ye Lang! He'd come over since the symbol was revealed. No one saw him, not even Coldblood Five. 

"There you are," she finally knew why she couldn't find him. He was under Coldblood Five-two-zero's skirt. Well, only you would do something like that. 

After the initial confusion, many people came to, wanting to catch Ye Lang. Coldblood Seven was the nearest, swooping in to grab him. 

It wasn't because she wanted to have a look. She recalled how Ye Lang's voice came from Coldblood Five's body too, connected the dots, and reckoned there was something going on between them. 

There was a man hiding on Coldblood Five's body, and the man looked… like a man! 

Heh, Coldblood Five, what are you going to do now? 

Coldblood Seven thought she could catch Ye Lang just like that with her exceptional skills. 

Coldblood Five only thought, you can't catch him, even I can't. He's one slippery idiot. 

"Don't disturb me, I want to study this symbol," Ye Lang moved like lightning, effortlessly dodging Coldblood Seven's hand. When he landed, he returned to his original position, as if he never moved. 

"??" Coldblood Seven was stunned. She didn't understand why she failed. Then she started to question if she'd even moved yet. 

Hence, Coldblood Seven swooped in once again, only for Ye Lang to dodge yet again, "Are you done?? Any more and you'll be sorry!!" Ye Lang warned, upset. 

"I'll be sorry? Hahaha, you tiny man, you have guts! Let me see what you can do!" she snickered, still arrogant. She felt it was only a mistake. 

Even if it wasn't a mistake, you're so tiny, I will eventually get you! 

Coldblood Seven leapt towards Ye Lang, this time with two hands. She must catch him now. 

"That's troublesome!" he shouted as he escaped between her fingers. He flipped onto her hand, produced a silver needle, then jabbed it towards the ground--no wait--- towards her hand! 

I'm tiny but I can't still hurt you! 

Ye Lang was small but he could still wield a silver needle. He held it like a rifle looking very intimidating. 

Coldblood Five finally understood that Ye Lang was already very nice to herself. When she was trying to catch him, he only dodged her without pulling tricks like this. 

"Ahhh!!" shrieked Coldblood Seven in pain, her other hand still groping to catch Ye Lang. But he pricked her! 

Coldblood Seven retracted her hand, exasperated. She wrung the arm with Ye Lang, wanting to shake him off. 

When she stopped, thinking he'd definitely been shaken off, she saw Ye Lang hold up the needle, the shoving it down her soft arm once again! 

"Ahhh!" she screamed, again. She shook her arm yet again. 

"I'm dizzy!" shouted Ye Lang. He wasn't shaken off, but he was starting to be sick, "can you please stop, I'm going to pass out!" 

"Then get off me!" she said immediately. Getting him off was the priority. Ye Lang was like a bee you couldn't shake off. 

"Alright!" said Ye Lang. "But stop bothering me!" 

"Okay, okay. Whatever you want, as long as you get off!" Coldblood Seven said, panicking. 

"Stop and be good!" 


Ye Lang pulled the silver needle out, then leapt off her arm. He started to study the symbol again. Unfortunately, he never expected her to be this offended--

Coldblood Seven swooped in to catch Ye Lang again, but this time, she was smarter. She had on gloves so he couldn't hurt her with his needle. 

"You lied! You are not a good person!!" scolded Ye Lang as he pointed an angry finger. He'd dodged her again. 

She shook her head, proudly declaring, "'I am the leader of the Pretty Squad. Lying is my strength, scams are my speciality. You little shit, I'll kill you like a fly!" 

"Come at me, I'm not scared of you!" shouted Ye Lang recklessly, pointing his needle at Coldblood Seven. A peculiar battle between two peculiar people unfolded before everyone. 

"You'll see!!" Coldblood Seven levelled her breath, attacking with douqi. 

Douqi felt like a tornado, tearing towards Ye Lang. At that moment, everyone thought Ye Lang had nowhere to hide now. He could only face the attack head-on. 

And with his size, if he were caught up in the douqi, he'd die! 

"No!!!" Coldblood Five's voice rang. She didn't want to watch Ye Lang die like this. 

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