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The Position (3)

"This is an ancient symbol that has never been solved. Any focused, serious alchemist would throw everything aside to study it like Coldblood Five-two-zero!" exclaimed Coldblood Two. She recalled how the last Coldblood Thirteen ignored any possible threats just to study this symbol. 

"Mm, that's right!" 

Coldblood Five and the rest agreed. They've all met Coldblood Thirteen. Although he was very cautious in all other aspects of life, with alchemy, he was one mad scientist indeed. 


Coldblood Five suddenly remembered there was a similar someone next to her. Would he leave everything behind just for alchemy? 

Who else? Ye Lang! 

Coldblood Five turned to Ye Lang, or rather where Ye Lang was supposed to be. She realised he'd disappeared! 

Damn it, the idiot was gone! 

Coldblood Five started to search for Ye Lang but she couldn't find him! 

Alright, if you wanted to see it then you should be near the formation. But there isn't anyone near Coldblood Five-two-zero, so where ARE you? 

At this moment, Coldblood Five-two-zero wasn't celebrating her new position as Coldblood Thirteen. She was still studying the formation on the ground, trying to figure out its solution. 

Seeing her like that made the rest finally understand the difference between them and her. At least in terms of alchemy, she was probably much better than them. 

"Coldblood Five-two-zero, no, Coldblood Thirteen, do you still want to proceed?"

"Mm!" replied Coldblood Five-two-zero. She was still thinking. If you asked her, she wouldn't have known she was the new Coldblood Thirteen. 

"Then we'll leave, she may take a while!" Coldblood Two didn't seem to be surprised, as if she was used to this. She ordered everyone to leave so Coldblood Five-two-zero to ponder in peace. 

In reality, everyone understood that it might take a very long time to solve the symbol. No one wanted to wait. 

The results were out anyway! 

"Good. Now no one would know," Coldblood Five patted her chest, heaving a sigh of relief. Now she didn't need to worry about people seeing Ye Lang, and she could take her time looking for him. 

Or at least she hoped! 

"Coldblood Five. Why aren't you leaving?" Coldblood Seven's voice made everyone stop. Coldblood Two was already out of the door but she turned around to look at Coldblood Five. 

Everyone noticed Coldblood Five sitting very, very still in her seat. She didn't look like she was about to leave! 

"She's not leaving?! Coldblood Five has been pretty odd these few days. She doesn't even attend events like this, and now she's staying??" everyone thought privately. 

Usually, although Coldblood Five wouldn't be the first to leave, she'd definitely be at the front! 

Coldblood Five was the last to leave, wait no, she didn't seem to want to leave. Everyone was puzzled. Coldblood Five now wanted to beat Ye Lang up so badly, to scream 'Where have you been!!' but oh damn. She couldn't make the spirit move, nor could it speak. 

She could make some noise, but people would definitely notice! 

She could talk but the lips wouldn't move with her. Even if that problem was solved, people like Coldblood Two would notice the sound didn't come from the mouth. 

Coldblood Five decided to act cool, allowing the rest to leave on their own. 

"Coldblood Five? Why aren't you talking?" Coldblood Seven frowned. She felt like Coldblood Five was ignoring her, it was a form of disrespect. 

I'm not ignoring you, it's this spirit! She won't just ignore you, she'll ignore everyone else! 

Coldblood Seven seemed a little upset when Coldblood Five remained silent. She didn't have the guts to rage though, she wouldn't be able to beat Coldblood Five in battle. 

"Coldblood Five, what's going on with you, is there a problem?" said Coldblood Two. The situation had escalated exponentially. Coldblood Five was considering showing herself and explaining everything. 

Coldblood Five struggled internally, but time wouldn't stop just for her! 

While she was thinking, Coldblood Two quickly said, "Fine! If you like it so much, just stay!" 

It didn't seem that big a deal. Coldblood Five wanted to stay, so what? She did behave a little out of the ordinary, but everyone is weird sometimes. 

When Coldblood Five heard her, she sighed in relief. Fortunately, Coldblood Two didn't care about things like these. As long as you perform your duties and follow the rules, you can do whatever you want. 

At this point, Coldblood Five-two-zero, who was methodically solving the formation, was about to make the next move. When she was about to move, a voice stopped her. 

"Stop!! It's a reflective attack, you would be finished! The wind and fire symbols show it is a defensive type, but it's actually offensive! The best defence is offence, you should know this. It's a defensive symbol that also attacks, so we call it reflective!" 

"To solve this, you need to use a water and earth alchemy symbol to seal it, then solve the rest." 

Whose voice was it? 

Many people were confused. Why was someone helping Coldblood Five-two-zero, and that person sounded like an expert. 

The most confusing thing was, why did they hear a voice but not a person? 

It came from Coldblood Five-two-zero, but there was no one around her. What was going on? 

Did they make a mistake? 

No. It lasted quite a while, and it came from the area next to Coldblood Five-two-zero. 

"This sounds like… Little Coldblood Five, the sound was from Coldblood Five-two-zero's body. Does she have that setting too?"


DOGE's notes:

welcome back. much happy u still here. tell me about ur day. 

bork wishes, 


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