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Never Underestimate The Little Ones (2)

Something was off. Although they heard Coldblood Five's shout, she was still seated, not moving. Was she only shouting for fun...? 

No matter what, Coldblood Seven would not back down. She was in a frenzy. She couldn't believe she was embarrassing herself in front of so many people, so she was very motivated to kill Ye Lang. However, if Coldblood Five really cared for Ye Lang, then it would only further motivate Coldblood Seven to kill him just to provoke her. 

Coldblood Five definitely wasn't staying put. She was moving, running towards them like a madman. The Coldblood Five in her seat was only a puppet. 


Dust flew, and a handprint formed on the ground. However, something was missing from the handprint- Ye Lang. 

"??" Coldblood Seven was stunned. No one knew how he left. It looked like he was gesturing but no one knew what he was doing because he was too small. 

"Where did he go?" 


When they were looking for Ye Lang, Coldblood Seven screamed again. 

"He's there again!" 

Anyone could 've guessed why she shrieked. Ye Lang was on her again, pricking her with his needle. No one knew how he got up there, because they couldn't see. 

Perhaps he was just too small! 

That was an explanation everyone gave themselves. Perhaps he was too small, so no one could see him running. 

That was only half the reason. It was mostly because Ye Lang himself was not slow, and he used an alchemy symbol to distract everyone. 

"I hate you, you little shit! Get off me!" roared Coldblood Seven. She was furious. 

"I don't believe you. I want to freeze you, so it's best you get into a comfortable position. Don't blame me!" 

"You want to freeze me? You must be dreaming!" She giant palm fell on wear Ye Lang was. No one could see him, but she knew where he was. 

"I'm not a mosquito, you'll never get me," challenged Ye Lang as he dashed up Coldblood Seven, hiding from her slaps. He was running zig-zag towards a certain point. 

Everyone watched Coldblood Seven madly slapping herself. Although they knew it was because of Ye Lang, they still found it very strange. She was also jumping up and down like a madman. 

And her slaps gradually went higher, towards a place she shouldn't hit…

Did this little bitch want to…. 

What? I only want to paralyze her! I will use this needle to seal an acupuncture point, and she wouldn't be able to move a muscle! 

To know how skilful he was, we can see that he deliberately chose to seal a point to paralyse her. If he truly wanted to, he'd be able to kill anybody much bigger than him by sealing the Death Point. 

Fortunately, he didn't usually choose to kill! 


Suddenly, Coldblood Seven stopped moving! 

Did he really seal her point? 

Obviously….. Not!!! 

Ye Lang was just getting started. The needle was still in his hands. He hadn't pricked her yet. So how would he be able to seal her points? 

Coldblood Seven stopped because of where Ye Lang was! 

He was flat against a surface, grabbing something pointy while climbing upwards… 

It was a place important to women, and something women always protected… Her chest! 

Although Coldblood Seven had been through a lot and had years of experience being a seductress in the field, she was still a woman after all. When a part so private was suddenly invaded like this, she was so shocked she couldn't move! 

The pointy part Ye Lang grabbed was… something we don't need to mention. 

If Coldblood Seven were to wear the Coldblood Group's uniform, she'd never have that problem. However, she'd always liked to wear something sexier, something different…

Her uniform looked like the regular ones, but hers was custom-made to make it more revealing, showing off her killer figure! 

"Ahh…" everyone was staring at the hot lady, mouths wide open, and at Ye Lang who was grabbing that inappropriate spot. He was now climbing up the soft mountain to its peak. 

Coldblood Seven's face reddened. Nobody was surprised though, as if she frequently had to put on this expression. Although you can't tell it was faked, Coldblood members understood. 

It was very much possible her red face was faked!

Everyone watched in fascination at the peculiar scene, but they were more impressed by Ye Lang's grab…

Coldblood Seven stopped for a second, then her face flashed in anger. Her hands, as fast as lightning, grabbed at her chest -no- Ye Lang! 

"Ahh…" she gasped, causing the men's hearts to quiver. Coldblood Seven seemed to be grabbing at her breasts again, and the men were shaking in their boots. 

Ye Lang was of course not there anymore. He leapt onto the peak of the other mountain, causing her to scream. 

Coldblood Seven grabbed and he escaped- again. And she was left with both hands grabbing her breasts. It's was sort of… sexy?


Someone was already bleeding. Their nose bled. The rest fainted. 

Coldblood Seven's power over men was far out of this world. 

"Ahh… I will kill you…" 

Coldblood Seven quickly realised what she must've looked like. Her cheeks turned purple with rage and roared at.. Well, sort of at Ye Lang, "I…. Ah…." 

Ye Lang was standing near the two mountains, but he'd accidentally fallen in between them…

"Ahh.. Stop moving!" shrieked Coldblood Seven. She wanted to reach in to catch him, but how could she do it in front of everybody? She regretted wearing such a revealing outfit or the little shit wouldn't have fallen in like that. 

DOGE's notes:

much funny. i do the laugh. hope u liked it. 

bye, i'm going swimming in the pond. want to see the fish. 

bork wishes, 


for good boi blessings, 

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