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Chapter 151 - Coldblood Five (1)Edited by Ilesyt

Coldblood Thirteen believed that it was safe here. No one was allowed inside without his permission. That’s why he placed these objects here casually.

Ye Lang also didn’t have the awareness that he was not allowed to enter this place, nor did he fear being found inside by Coldblood Thirteen. He stepped in and grabbed the objects to research them, even breaking down these devices. People would find this quite odd, of course, only under normal circumstances.

As Coldblood Thirteen did not believe that anybody could break into this place, so he would just think he remembered incorrectly.

No wonder! He designed the door elaborately, and in his eyes, even alchemy experts could do nothing, let alone someone like Ye Lang.

Because of that, he never became suspicious and let Ye Lang continue messing around here!

After studying for some time, Ye Lang seemed to have found some things. Though this alchemy was very magical, he could use what he already knew and speculate.

In this world, no one but he could manage to guess what the alchemy was by studying some abandoned materials.

But it was not enough yet. Ye Lang needed to know more. It would be best to have a systematic knowledge base. If this kind of books are not available, at least one finished article was necessary.

So now, Ye Lang wanted to enter the third lab, as he knew he would find what he wanted inside. He also knew that if he went further, Coldblood Thirteen would realize his movements. Because of that, he could no longer stay here.

What should he do?

After second thoughts, Ye Lang decided to give up this alchemy for the moment. After all, there were some other alchemy types he was interested in. Therefore, there was no need to hurry for now.

As to how long he spent in his thoughts, it probably took... dozens of seconds!

That’s it, Ye Lang stepped out of the second lab and closed the door. After going out of the first lab, he went to the rooms outside and went into one of them at random, and started sleeping soundly immediately.

It was after midnight now, already very late. Surely, time to sleep.

It’s just that, in this situation, common people would not sleep so soundly at once after lying down like Ye Lang. At least they would take some precautions, for fear of being attacked.

For example, in the headquarters of this Coldblood Group, almost everybody did this. No one could sleep so easily like Ye Lang, they guarded themselves half-consciously. Even if they belonged to the same group, they did not trust each other completely. After all, they were members of the Coldblood Group, a secret organization living on the edge of life and death.

They envied Ye Lang for sleeping like this in their hearts, but only thought that Ye Lang was a fool. How could he have no sense of defense at all?

For this, even if someone told Ye Lang, he would not pay any attention as well, let alone that no one told him. So Ye Lang slept soundly throughout the night without being disturbed. Not until late in the morning did he get up.

“Aah……” When getting up, Ye Lang leisurely stretched his body, yawning pleasantly.

Putting on his clothes, Ye Lang went to the bathroom for a shower out of habit, changed into clean clothes, and went for breakfast. Everything seemed quite normal.

Wait, he was not at home right now, nor did he prepare these things. How come these were all well-prepared? This seemed quite abnormal.

Obtuse Ye Lang seemed to not yet realiwe that this was actually not normal, only thinking that it should be this way, though no one served him after Tigress left so many years ago.

But this situation was actually quite normal. People in this place would make an arrangement as long as someone stayed there, which was the work of the outer members of the Coldblood Group, that is the job of the host of this large courtyard on the surface.

They would not bother about who Ye Lang was, but would serve him, as he came here and was not restricted.

In fact, apart from Ye Lang, they were also ready to serve Coldblood Thirteen with everything already prepared, though he may not come out.

That’s why Ye Lang would behave like this:

“Really full! Why is the breakfast so rich……” Ye Lang clutched his stomach, looking as if being stuffed.

“I’ll go for a walk to digest!” Ye Lang intended to read books for a while, but he decided to take a walk after breakfast first because he was too full.

As such, he wanted to leave the yard and was about to hang around in the large courtyard aimlessly, but this was not a place for him to wander about.

Going out of the small yard, Ye Lang was stopped by someone who asked him where he wanted to go.

Looking at the person, Ye Lang did not reply the question, but asked: “Gee, how strange. Why do you dress so normally?”

It was that the person in front dressed up commonly, no cloak or facial mask, which made Ye Lang feel odd somehow.

When he came here yesterday, everyone wore cloaks and masks, no one in common dress-up.

“I’m the servant here and should dress up like this. We are not the internal members of the group. No need or qualification to dress in that way!” The servant said with great respect.

“Oh, so that’s it.” Ye Lang nodded, “Then please excuse me, let me go out.”

“No, you can’t go out!” The servant shook his head, refusing to let him go out.

“Why?” Ye Lang asked surprised, not understanding why he couldn’t go outside.

“It’s the order of the superiors, telling me to keep an eye on you. Without the permission of Master Thirteen, you can’t walk around everywhere.” The servant replied.

Obviously, for Ye Lang, Coldblood Thirteen had ordered someone to watch him, not allowing him to leave and restricting his freedom as well.

But, Coldblood Thirteen also told them not to hurt Ye Lang, but that they should treat him well, making Ye Lang an honored guest put under house arrest.

No freedom, but he got the treatment as an honored guest!

“Ah, then you can watch me. I’m just walking around here, not wandering everywhere, like you said.” Ye Lang said without care.

“Well, this……” The servant was dazed for a second, as he didn’t think of this, wondering whether this was in accord with the orders of the superiors.

“No ‘this or that’. Let’s go. Don’t lose me later and blame me for wandering everywhere.” Ye Lang passed by the servant directly, heading outside.

“Hey……” The servant followed him instantly, wanting to stop him, but he didn’t do so and just followed Ye Lang around in the large courtyard, as there seemed to be no reason for him to stop Ye Lang.

As long as Ye Lang stayed in the large courtyard, there would be no major problem actually. This was the headquarters of the Coldblood Group after all. If some changes occurred, he just needed to call somebody and they could come out for help.

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