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Chapter 150 - Alchemy Lab (3)Edited by Ilesyt

“I’m going in, but you are not allowed inside. I may not come out for several days. If you need something, just call somebody.” Coldblood Thirteen said. In the end, he chose to continue what he was doing before before and put aside experimenting on Ye Lang for now, letting Ye Lang have some fun for some time.

Certainly, it was not that he was kind-hearted, or that he could not bear to experiment on Ye Lang, but that he could experiment on Ye Lang whenever, but not on his task, as somebody had urged him to move on.

If he went inside, he could not tell for how long it would be. The ‘several days’ he mentioned was not a number less than ten, but any number more than one.

According to the previous records, at one time, he even stayed inside for half a year, which left the whole Coldblood Group in curiosity and guesses. But his achievement also surprised the group, so no one cared about how long he stayed inside after that.

“Got it. Just go ahead!” Ye Lang replied, taking little notice. He did not pay any attention to Coldblood Thirteen at all and would not care about the life or death of Coldblood Thirteen or where he would like to go.

Coldblood Thirteen was left speechless, with a black line appearing on his forehead, which disappeared gradually, “Behave yourself. This is the Coldblood Group. You may die at any time. If you meet those vicious people, even I can not save your life! Especially when you see Coldblood Five, go as far away as you can!”

“Okay, I got it……” Ye Lang replied heedlessly. Everybody knew that he didn’t take it seriously.

“Forget it. If you die, the result is the same. It’s only that the chance may be less, but it’s not too difficult for me!” Coldblood Thirteen also said recklessly. It is better that Ye Lang is alive, but it would not matter much to him if Ye Lang died, as he could study Ye Lang’s physique either way.

He knew how to keep a dead body for a long time and even could get the body move freely, making it a mindless living dead!

“Oh!” Ye Lang had no response to this, but replied with a word of “Oh”.

Likewise, Coldblood Thirteen opened the second door of the alchemy lab, ready to enter the second lab. He didn’t have Ye Lang move away, but opened the door straightforwardly in front of Ye Lang, as he thought that there was nothing to hide and that Ye Lang could not understand it.

However, he would not know that Ye Lang understood it and that Ye Lang could open this kind of door even if he hadn’t seen it if he spent just a little time on it.

And this, Ye Lang would prove it soon!

But at this moment, Ye Lang had no time to see how Coldblood Thirteen opened the door, as he was too busy digesting what he had read.

Just when Coldblood Thirteen had one foot in the second lab, Ye Lang asked rather abruptly: “What does Coldblood Five look like?”

“What??” Coldblood Thirteen was confused, who stood there still, looking at Ye Lang.

“Didn’t you tell me to watch out for him? How can I do that without knowing what he looks like?” Ye Lang asked casually, as if this question was not that important, but he was just checking.

“If you see anybody dressed like me, but with the number five on the clothes, he is Coldblood Five, a killer who kills without even blinking an eye. Even if I offend him, he will kill me as well.” Coldblood Thirteen replied with one more warning.

“Ok, I got it. Same as you, wearing a mask and a wind coat with a number on it. It seems that people here dress up alike. But your clothes seem different from theirs.” Ye Lang looked at Coldblood Thirteen, who was now still wearing the facial mask.

In the Coldblood Group, no matter where it was or what occasion they were in, even if in the headquarters of the Coldblood Group, they would all wear masks and black cloaks. To make it simple, even the members of the Coldblood Group did not know what each other looked like either.

They only appeared on public occasions as needed when carrying out a task on their own, but they did not necessarily show their faces, probably wearing makeup.

Some may become suspicious seeing them wearing masks and cloaks in such a busy city, they would attract others’ attention in such clothes.

Actually, that was not the case. Not many would become suspicious, as there were a lot more people dressed this way, a lot more!

In the Vermillion Bird Empire, or rather, in the whole continent, most magis all liked wearing black cloaks and cover their faces. Though they did not wear masks, they would cover the upper half of their faces.

This was to keep a sense of mystery. Meanwhile, this was also a symbol awarded by the Magic Association: The Magi Robe, true proof of identity!

Many travelers, as well as some alchemists and mercenaries of the like, also preferred this way of dressing, sometimes for convenience, or because they liked using this kind of cloak.

“I thought you only wear facial masks outside, but never thought you would have such a special hobby, even wearing masks at home……” Ye Lang said in a low voice and then ignored Coldblood Thirteen, continuing his reading.

Surely, Coldblood Thirteen also left Ye Lang alone, going directly into his second lab and then the third one, hiding inside and proceeding with the item he brought back……

After a long time, Ye Lang finally read through all the books here. Taking one of the books, he stood in the lab, thinking for a while, and then walked towards one door.

“What the hell, he never told me how to open the door. Luckily, I have my way. I can open the door as well, even if you don’t tell me how!”

Ye Lang studied the door for a while. If there was anybody nearby, they would see that rays of light came out of his hands; magical elements giving off mysterious colors on his hands.


With Ye Lang’s efforts, the door opened naturally. Though he spent some time, he eventually could open the door normally without any damage.

But when he entered the door, Ye Lang was confused for some while……

“Uh, did I go the wrong way again?” Ye Lang found that the inside of this door seemed to be different from the previous common lab, this lab was more sofisticated.

Seeing this situation, Ye Lang had the thought of returning, as he did not care about these labs at all. But soon, he found a strange looking thing.

What he saw were some strange items with some alchemy arrays he had never seen before engraved on them, these seemed to be part of ‘that’ alchemy.

It’s just that these alchemy items were not complete, but some leftover parts, which were abandoned and useless.

Most likely, these were items made by Coldblood Thirteen in this place, the successful ones had already been taken inside. The items here were not yet cleared away for the moment.

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