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Chapter 152
Chapter 152 - Coldblood Five (2) Translated by Lesyt Team: Hazel Edited by Ilesyt



This was the headquarters of the Coldblood Group, so the group members would not let Ye Lang wander around aimlessly, but restricted him in movement. There were some places which he was not allowed in. That was why Coldblood Thirteen asked someone to keep an eye on him.


Actually, even if no one watched Ye Lang, as long as he approached any place where he should not go, somebody would appear to stop him.


Fortunately, Ye Lang was just taking a walk right now. Any place would be ok for him, he also didn’t want to go to the restricted places and get into trouble.


All the way, Ye Lang saw common people, who did not have the style of the Coldblood Group, so he felt a little bit surprised.


“Excuse me, for the members of the Coldblood Group, do they always move out at night, but stay inside in the daytime?” Ye Lang asked.


“Well, of course not! You don’t see any of them now, because they have their own work to do. Those who need to go out have already gone out, while those inside are basically resting, waiting for the next task.” The servant replied. This was well known to everyone and there was no need to hide.


Moreover, now in their eyes, Ye Lang was a living dead. It was no matter to tell him some secrets. For this same reason, they did not guard against Ye Lang as strongly as they did against outsiders.


Certainly, they would not say anything secret. Even internal members did not necessarily know the secrets, as they had no right to know.


“So that explains it. Then why didn’t I see you yesterday?” Ye Lang thought of this suddenly, as he didn’t see any of the common people yesterday.


“In the evening, most of us will go for break. We are not allowed to know some things, so we’ll try not to know anything we should not know.” The servant answered, with some hint of expectations, hoping that someday he could know these things, or rather, he could become a member of the Coldblood Group.


“No wonder!” With this word, Ye Lang moved on with his walk. On the way, he caught many people’s eyes. Although they pretended as if nothing was wrong, from the look they gave unconsciously, it could be seen that they were quite curious of Ye Lang’s presence.


Ye Lang’s presence here appeared to be the strangest thing so far!


As to why Ye Lang found nothing strange, which would make other people suspicious, the reason was simple that he never thought of these things, not caring about why others didn’t find or suspect anything wrong.


Certainly, the things he wanted to figure out, he would do it quickly. Like as soon he entered this large courtyard, he noticed that there were many alchemy arrays hidden in this place. The function of these alchemy arrays was to confuse the eyes, so that people outside can not see inside, to not raise any doubt or suspicion.


After the walk, nothing special happened. Ye Lang went back to read books. He was studying these esoteric alchemies, which focused his attention to some things.


In the following days, it was basically the same story of Ye Lang’s life: everyday he would read books, take a walk after meals, and go to sleep.


Everybody seemed to get used to Ye Lang’s presence, seeing him walking in the large courtyard, sometimes even leaving him alone, for someone would go and stop him immediately as long as his movements were unusual.


During this period, Coldblood Thirteen sta

yed inside the lab all the time, not coming out at all. He should be completing his experiment and should be alive if no accident occurred.


This was Ye Lang’s guess. He said that doing alchemy experiments was risky; if there was something wrong, he would survive with minor injuries at best, or surely die with no body or bone left at worst.


But if it was Coldblood Thirteen, there should not be any accident. Right, there should not be……


One day...


“Ah……” After reading a book, Ye Lang stretched and closed the book, “Well, now that I’ve finished reading the book. It’s time for practice. There are some materials inside right now!”


What Ye Lang meant by “inside” was the first and second labs. He did have lots of alchemy materials on hand, but he did not have some special materials needed for these esoteric alchemies.


Certainly, it could’ve also worked if Ye Lang used other materials as an alternative. All he needed to know was the principle of these techniques, which he could apply to his own alchemy.


However, he had to try these techniques anyhow. Only by trying could he understand the techniques thoroughly, or otherwise, knowledge on books was just words paper and would not turn into his knowledge.


Ye Lang did not realize that with this he may be found out by Coldblood Thirteen, who would treat him properly this time and would not let him read the books at his will or move around freely as it was now. But for the moment, he should be fairly free.


In this way, Ye Lang did experiments in the lab and proved his thoughts time and time again. Some time passed by like that, while Coldblood Thirteen still didn’t come out.


If Coldblood Thirteen knew what Ye Lang was doing here, he would dash out at once. Nonsense, if I still stay inside, my lab is going to be in ruins.


Saying that you’re just doing simple experiments, but why do you then often try something strange, not only destroying my materials, but also bringing a calamity without any reason?


Moreover, you can use as many materials as you like. Why do you still feather your own nest, putting those rare materials into your own pocket? Though this is indeed not the third lab and materials here are not the most important ones, it still takes efforts to get them.


But he never knew that it was Ye Lang’s habit to try odd ideas and often come up with some dangerous objects. In this, Zhen Xiaoyan and the others had a lot of experience, as they had always innocently got into troubles caused by Ye Lang since childhood.


If they knew that Ye Lang was fiddling with alchemy, they would go as far away as possible for they feared that the defensive arrays in this alchemical lab were not strong enough for Ye Lang to destroy.


Ye Lang seemed to understand this point, so he tried to do all the experiments in the second lab, which had fewer things inside. Certainly, he put aside those useless things in his ring temporarily.


That’s it, just put them aside temporarily, not make them his things!


One thing was quite strange though, which Coldblood Thirteen would not understand: He had asked someone to watch Ye Lang here. Why still leave him alone, acting recklessly?


About this, the reason was simple: For some time, Ye Lang never did anything out of line, nor did he stay in the lab. Therefore, the group member thought he had no interest in this and stopped watching him.


Now the group member had already gotten used to the existence of Ye Lang and didn’t pay special attention to where he was or what he was doing, so no one cared about his business.

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