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Chapter 149 - Alchemy Lab (2)Edited by Ilesyt

“It must be here! Go, find it!” The young lady gritted her teeth, speaking resentingly.

She knew that Ye Lang’s lab was here, but somehow couldn’t find it, making her very annoyed…

“Miss, why not tear down the house directly? So it’ll be easier for us to find it.” At that moment, during the search, they didn’t break anything, but looked for the lab slowly and carefully.

“Tear down the house? If you can do it, you can sit on my seat!” The young lady said with a cold harrumph. Actually, they had tried tearing down the house but failed, returning in vain thanks to Ye Lang’s alchemy array.

Moreover, for this kind of alchemy array, it was worth studying for the young lady and the others, so they had to keep the house safe and sound!


After Ye Lang entered Coldblood Thirteen’s lab, he looked around for a while and then went directly to the front of the bookshelf, looking for what he wanted. As to other alchemy equipment and materials, he just passed them by and ignored them.

After all, for him, all the materials and equipment here were very common, so there was no need to pay attention.

Books would be a different case. This was the territory of the Coldblood Group; based on its ability, there must be many hidden secrets in the books here and some books which Ye Lang would be interested in, and more likely, there may be the esoteric alchemy which brought him here.

It’s only that this situation made the group member think that Ye Lang was really rodomontading about and that he possibly didn’t understand what alchemy was, or otherwise how would he be indifferent to those things the alchemists earnestly longed for, but go read the books instead, pretending that he could read?

Right, he must be pretending!

Anyway, that’d be good, as Master Thirteen just asked him to keep his eyes on this man, not letting him break anything. Since he was reading books, it couldn’t be better for him.

Books were difficult to break even if he was careless. No fire and no water here. It was impossible to burn them or wet them.

Well, that’s it. Leave him alone at the side reading the books, and I’ll watch him right from here, also can even go for a snack!

Even if he went for a snack, Ye Lang would not care about this group member there. He had been skimming through the books, filtering out what he had already read.

Certainly, if he had nothing to do, he would read that information as well. Sometimes, books of the same version would have different contents, which would always benefit him a lot.

That is to say, for a book, never say that there is no need to read it as you have already read it. Read it again, and you may have different profit.

But for now, Ye Lang just chose those alchemy books he never saw before, which were out of print and nowhere to find outside……

So he was really pretending. Even Master Thirteen himself was studying these books, while he was just a young witless man. He could not understand the books unless he had surpassed Master Thirteen. How could this even be possible?

That group member became even more scornful, already taking Ye Lang as “an alchemy genius” who was good at rodomontading!

As Ye Lang was reading the books, he benefited a lot from them. For some things which he didn’t understand in the past, he suddenly became enlightened while reading. As expected, the experience of the forefathers was of great importance.

It seemed that it was worth coming here this time, as he gained much!

However, he could not find that alchemy he hoping for in these books. So he just got these findings by accident, just with some fortune.

Actually, only this alone was enough for Ye Lang. Therefore, he put aside the thought of looking for that alchemy, but looked into some other esoteric alchemy here.

Time passed by this way. The group member had already been dozing off, while Ye Lang read through the books one after another, keeping the contents in his mind for the moment and studying them after reading.

It was not that he had a sense of crisis, thinking that there may be no chance for him to read the books as the Coldblood Group may realize his purpose and cut him off, correction, kill him!

This was just one of his habits. He was used to browse the content of the book first, keeping it in his mind, and then studying it slowly. It appeared to be a habit for many people who read roughly for the first time and then read in detail later.

But the difference was that with only a rough reading Ye Lang could remember all the content without any mistake.

The speed of reading books, likewise, made the group member scornful, which gave him more confidence in his judgment.

Long time passed unconsciously. Coldblood Thirteen had finished his work and returned to his lab, seeing Ye Lang reading the books. He asked the dozing group member by the side.

The group member told him every little thing Ye Lang did here quickly, adding some of his judgment.

“Okay, this is the best. Anyway, he just needs to be my test subject. No need for him to study.” It appeared that Coldblood Thirteen didn’t care, or he may just think that Ye Lang was just rodomontading as well, never believing in him at all.

In other words, no matter what kind of person Ye Lang was, or whether he understood alchemy or not, it didn’t matter as long as Ye Lang had the invulnerable physique and Coldblood Thirteen could perform some experiments.

“Oh……I get it.” After thinking for a while, the group member understood Coldblood Thirteen and asked to leave right away.

“Frank, how do you like it here?”

Tidying the books, Coldblood Thirteen took out one of them and preparing to read it later. This seemed to be a book of alchemy related to “medicine”.

“Not bad. Where did you get these books? Can you sell them to me?” Ye Lang nodded and asked out of habit. These things, he always bought them, but never cared about the price.

“Sell to you? Can you afford it?” Gazing at Ye Lang for a while, Coldblood Thirteen replied coldly.

“As long as you are willing to sell, nothing is what I can not afford!” Ye Lang said recklessly. In this world, as long as someone dared to sell, he would dare to buy regardless of what the price was.

Those who knew Ye Lang would never doubt this, as they understood that the higher the price was, the happier he would be to buy, while instead if the price were low, he would be unhappy.

Nevertheless, Coldblood Thirteen did not know Ye Lang was the prodigal young master Thirteen of the Ye Family, but thought that Ye Lang was just a mere nobody, a small mercenary with the name of Frank!

“All-right, I know that you have money, but these are not for sales. If you want, you can read the books here as you like! Also, if you want to sleep today, sleep outside. Go and find your own room.” Coldblood Thirteen said helplessly, his face saying that he didn’t believe Ye Lang.

“Ok, got it!” Ye Lang kept on reading the books. He had not yet finished reading all the books here. It took time to scan the books, let alone a rough reading.

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