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Chapter 148 - Alchemy Lab (1)Edited by Ilesyt

Is master Thirteen just joking? This should be impossible, as master Thirteen never makes jokes. If he is really joking, basically he intends to kill someone.

Does he really want to kill us?

For a while, guesses came to their mind one after another. They unconsciously kept a distance from Coldblood Thirteen and Ye Lang, certainly, mainly away from Coldblood Thirteen!

But seeing the situation, they looked at Ye Lang with quite different eyes, not just as a test subject, but also as something else……

“Why do you want to see my lab so much? Do you understand this?” Coldblood Thirteen was a little suspicious, but soon he said, “Forget it. You can see it as you wish. There are also many books inside. You can see them, but don’t mess them up!”

“Oh books! That’d be better! About whether I understand it or not, I will share a secret with you that I never told others. Actually, I am an alchemy genius!” Ye Lang said in a low voice, looking mysterious, seemingly not wanting to tell others. But, everyone nearby could hear him, clearly.

Yet, no one believed what Ye Lang said, everyone thinking that he was just swanking about!

“All right, all right, alchemy genius. Behave yourself and go study the alchemy. I’ve got something to do. Somebody, take him to my lab and watch him, don’t let him break anything.” Coldblood Thirteen waved his hand, as if a little impatient, ordering someone to take Ye Lang to his lab, while he himself had to meet people first, to talk about the mission this time.

For sure, the lab where he allowed Ye Lang and the subordinate to go inside was not the only lab he had, but anotherlab where people could go inside without fearing to be interrupted.

All the people in the Coldblood Group knew that Coldblood Thirteen had three labs in total. For the first lab, miscellaneous people were allowed inside and there were books, as well as some unimportant materials, which was the lab where Ye Lang was going in now.

The second lab was for Coldblood Thirteen and his assistants, and some alchemy seniors. Things put in this lab were certainly important.

As to the third lab, it was strictly confidential, it was exclusive to him only, and the articles inside were surely top secret. No one knew what was in the lab, nor did they know what he was doing in the lab.

Now, Ye Lang could only go to the first lab, but he had the permission of Coldblood Thirteen at least. About whether Ye Lang needed permission or not, it depended on his mood.

In this way, Ye Lang followed one member of the Coldblood Group and entered a courtyard which looked quite common on the outside. After they went inside, the inside decoration was common as well, or relatively common.

Regular people who saw this would definitely find nothing wrong here, but Ye Lang felt there was something wrong. Nonsense. Wasn’t it said that this is a lab? At least, a lab should be what it should be.

“Excuse me, did you lead the right way?” Ye Lang asked politely.

“No, it’s here.” The group member replied, but he didn’t say more, wearing a mysterious smile, as if ready to see how Ye Lang would act.

What did he want to see? Of course, he wanted to see Ye Lang being confused, not knowing where the lab was.

But, he was disappointed!

“If this is the right place, then this should only be a disguise. How strange. Why do you still need to disguise in your own home? Do you fear somebody breaking in? Even if someone breaks in, what’s the purpose of such a disguise?” Ye Lang did not quite understand and asked. He found the entrance to the lab while talking, touching the wall with his eyes closed, as if feeling something.

This was to the surprise of the group member. Is this young man really an alchemy genius? If not, how can he find such a secret door? It is set by Master Thirteen himself. If he doesn’t tell the way, nobody can find it.

“Not bad. A very good defensive array, safe and sound-proof. It is best suited to being the defensive formation of a lab.” Ye Lang felt the array used for the secret lab. Based on his ability, he could clearly feel the formation of this alchemy array and know the effect by analysing.

However, others would feel that it was too incredible, thinking Ye Lang was just swanking about, or at least the person in front thought so.

So it was a pure coincidence that he just got a lucky hit, but then, why did he put his hand on the wall, but not on the door or on the switch?

Defensive array? Of course it’s for defense. For a lab, if it isn’t a defensive array, should it be an array for attacks?

Ye Lang also liked setting alchemy arrays on his house, reinforcing the house and making it solid like a fortress. Yet his alchemy array was extremely secret that no one could see it, so they only took his house as a common one.

It was not until later when someone came to pull down the house did they find that this house was too solid to be pulled down……

“Come this way.” The group member was a bit arrogant, looking down upon Ye Lang. He opened the entrance and led Ye Lang inside.

Ye Lang did not notice the expression on the face of the group member, which he never paid attention to as usual. In this way, he followed the group member into the lab, watching the internal layout and decorations.

Ye Lang saw that there was almost everything in this lab, comparable to a national lab, but surely was inferior to his personal lab. Probably there was no other lab in this land that could be better than Ye Lang’s lab.

Just because no one was like Ye Lang, who was supported by enormous money and completely not afraid of wasting, spending money desperately!

As for this matter, Ye Lang’s lab was built in his residence, and many people wanted to get his lab, especially Zhao Yarou and those imperial alchemists, who tried all means to find Ye Lang’s lab all the time.

They believed that Ye Lang’s lab definitely existed. Although no one saw it, from the records of Ye Lang’s prodigal expenses, it could be known that he must have built a lab.

Moreover, Ye Lang never practiced alchemy in public, but he could bring out those bizarre alchemy objects. It could be deduced that he must definitely have a secret lab.

They had been searching for his lab, but could not find the way. The whole courtyard was ransacked, but no trace was found.

For example, at this moment right now, far away, inside the Ye family’s manor, in Ye Lang’s Xiaolangdi Courtyard, located in the imperial city of the Soaring Sky Empire, a group of people were standing inside, searching for something. They did this everyday.

A young girl among them was the leader of this group. Right now she was frowning: “Ye Lang, where on earth have you hidden your lab? Somewhere else? Impossible, as you spend more time at home than outside, though you often hang out outside. There are records of the time when you were outside, while records of the time when you are at home are empty……”

“It must be here! Hurry up. Go find it!”

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