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Chapter 147 - Invulnerable to poisons (3)Edited by Ilesyt

The Coldblood Group is a secret official organization of the Vermilion Bird Empire. Just like their name says, they did unthinkable things. coldbloodedness was their synonym.

Nevertheless, in the Coldblood Group, the ranking stood for status. The lower the ranking was, the higher the position would be, However, the ranking was changing all the time, as long as you had the power to fight for the lower numbers, the ranking could be changed.

But in the case of changing the ranking, it depended on personal abilities to get things done instead of their level of martial arts or magic. Only a success of large events could guarantee a chance of promotion in rank, while a failure in missions may lead to demotion.

That is, Coldblood Thirteen was just a code name, not his real name. However, for someone like him, the name was not that important!

Since the Coldblood Group was a secret organization, certainly, few people would know of its existence. Only the top officials in the Vermilion Bird Empire knew it, while others at most only heard of the group, not even knowing whether these people existed or not.

Such an organization, what they did was naturally something with many secrets. So, if Ye Lang entered the Coldblood Group now, even if Coldblood Thirteen didn’t harm him, the Coldblood Group would never let him go alive.

At that, Coldblood Thirteen entered the Vermilion Bird Empire with Ye Lang, taking him to a very busy city. Ye Lang had no idea of the name of the city and only knew that this city had a tight defense, with guards everywhere.

Moreover, the layout of this city was well-planned: houses and streets were located neatly with full-equipped facilities, which was not a scene in a common city.

There was no clue to the name of this city, but one thing was certain that the headquarters of this Coldblood Group was set up here, a gorgeous yard on a bustling street.

Secret organizations are not necessarily located in secret places. This is the so-called saying: “A real hermit lives in a bustling place”!

Imagine this: Such a group would always move around; if the headquarters were set up in a remote place, maybe in a short time no one would discover it, but over time someone would definitely find something abnormal.

However, it would be a different story in such a busy city, where people came and went everyday. As long as they disguised themselves well, no one would pay attention. Certainly, this gorgeous yard was superficially a cover, it was passed down from generation to generation of a noble family.

For sure, in this noble family, the members and the master actually had different family names. But they told the public that they had the same one.

Anyway, nobles were like a group of people showing off in disguise, and no one would care about whether one of them was not!

In such a busy city, there was actually another advantage, that is that they could get what they wanted easily, or at least the transport was convenient, they would need only a disguise.

“Master Thirteen, who is this?”

When Ye Lang followed Coldblood Thirteen into the yard, he had drawn the attention of others, but no one asked until they went inside. Someone asked so carefully that Ye Lang didn’t hear it.

“He is the guinea pig I picked up this time. Keep an eye on him. This young man is a bit out of his mind, often causing trouble. The way here, I even began doubting if I’m still who I was!!” Coldblood Thirteen frowned, as if thinking of a miserable memory.

As you could imagine, all through the way, he had suffered much from Ye Lang’s words and behaviors. As he said, he even doubted whether he was still the Master Thirteen of the Coldblood Group, for if it was so, he should have killed Ye Lang.

But Ye Lang was too great a temptation. It would be best if someone like him could get the invulnerable physique, as they may be plotted against at any time, which was sometimes hard to prevent!

Anyone wanting to do harm to others is always afraid of being harmed. This is also the law!

Perhaps after getting used to Ye Lang’s behaviors, Coldblood Thirteen felt that he had no temper at all: even if Ye Lang did something which he could not tolerate in the past, he would laugh it off now.

Hmm, it seems that I indeed have no temper!

But soon, Coldblood Thirteen realized that he was not that good-tempered, as he could only tolerate Ye Lang; if others offended him, he would show no mercy as usual!

“A guinea pig? Oh, I see!” The person who asked the question looked at Ye Lang strangely, as if feeling pity for Ye Lang. It was certain that he looked at Ye Lang like looking at somebody already dead.

All the members of the Coldblood Group knew that Coldblood Thirteen was cruel like the others. Numerous people were killed by him, and most of them were his experimental subjects.

In the field of alchemy, the drug alchemy was aimed at human body. Drugs for humans were like the biochemistry technology, which would naturally need many human experiments, done on living people.

No need to say too much about things like this, as all of you can already imagine it.

Since the ancient times, lots of people have died for this reason, but these were not exposed to the public. Just like in the case of Coldblood Thirteen, no one knew how many people he had killed.

Nevertheless, this seemed to bring new hope, as minor sacrifices could benefit the majorities. So it had not become a matter of right and wrong.

“Coldblood Thirteen, is this your headquarters?” Not noticing the looks from the others, Ye Lang looked around at the buildings in the large yard and asked out of curiosity.

Coldblood Thirteen? How dare he directly call the code number of Master Thirteen? He must be furious!

Almost everyone present there had this thought, as they knew Coldblood Thirteen: those with lower numbers could call him Coldblood Thirteen directly, while the higher numbers, even if it were Coldblood Fourteen, were not allowed to call his code name directly, let alone a “guinea pig”.

Because of that, this test subject would only die faster, and others may become his test subjects instead!

But to their surprise, things were not as they expected: their Master Thirteen did not show any sign of anger, but incredible peace instead!

“Yes, it is. You shall live here in the future and don’t run about. You, keep an eye on this young man. He looks like an idiot, but often surprises others. I don’t even know if he is just playing the fool.” Coldblood Thirteen turned around with an answer and ordered those at the side to keep an eye on Ye Lang.

“Just show me around in your alchemy lab. If I’m happy, I won’t run everywhere.” Ye Lang replied.

If what Coldblood Thirteen said left the others dumbfounded, Ye Lang’s words made them even more confused.

Wasn’t he a test subject? Why does he look like a young master who has Coldblood Master Thirteen serve him? This made them completely bewildered.

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