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Chapter 145 - Invulnerable to poisonsEdited by Ilesyt

At that time, the employer saw that some of the mercenaries were lying down on the table, while others had fallen to the ground, all dead from poison!

He nodded his head with satisfaction, “Very good. Just as I imagined, except one person still eating, all the others have already fallen down.”

“Wait a minute?! There is still one person eating?” The employer surprisingly looked at the table, seeing a young mercenary eating the food brazenly, as if he did not know the current situation at all.

This young mercenary, needless to say, it’s Ye Lang!

He didn’t seem to realize that something was wrong, but thought that all the others were drunk, never thinking they had died from poison!

It must be that the poison has not worked yet. Just wait for a little while!

The employer told himself and believed that Ye Lang just ate the food just a while ago, so the poison still needed time to set off; or otherwise, he would have fallen down as the others did!

In this case, he had to wait, wait for the poison on Ye Lang to work and afterwards he would declare the success of his scheme!

However, he waited and waited until the time for twice the duration of the poison to set off had passed by, while Ye Lang was still eating and drinking without any sign of being poisoned.

What the hell is going on? The food he ate is poisonous, I added the poison myself. Things can’t go wrong!

The employer did not understand why Ye Lang was still safe and sound till now!

“You……When did you start eating?” The employer asked with a stutter.

Looking at the employer, Ye Lang was about to speak when he remembered he was not allowed to say a word, as those people told him to keep quiet even if they died.

So Ye Lang pointed to those people and then at himself, shaking his hand, intending to tell the employer that these people told him to stay quiet!

“A dummy?” The employer said to himself and asked again: “You! Did you eat with them at the same time?”

Ye Lang nodded and continued eating!

“How could it be possible? How come you are still all right? Do you have resistance to poison, that’s why you remained fine for so long? ” The employer frowned, saying to himself.

Ye Lang looked at the employer, shaking his head and then went on eating.

What he wanted to say was not that he was resistant to the poison, but that he was invulnerable to poisons. As to the reason, even he himself had no clue.

Maybe because of his strong health, or maybe because he took drugs all the time while growing up, and ate many poisons as well, so now he was invulnerable to poisons.

It seems that this young man is not only dumb, but also simple-minded, or how can he eat so happily at this moment? But his body, it’s really interesting. Let’s spare his life for the moment.

The employer looked at Ye Lang, a thought coming to his mind that he should run experiments on Ye Lang and see if he himself could become invulnerable to poisons, or at least could get the cures for various poisons.

“You are Frank, aren’t you? Follow me. Stop eating any more. Let’s go. We’d better leave here soon!” The employer saw Ye Lang’s membership card. Although not a big mercenary group, this small group still had its own membership cards.

A common mercenary group would give proof of identification to its own members. Most of the time, it used cards, which read XX (name of the mercenary) in YY (name of the group) Mercenary Group, with the symbol of that mercenary group on it as well.

This mercenary group was newly built when Ye Lang found it, so he got the card which didn’t belong to him. That’s why the employer called him Frank.

“??” Ye Lang looked confusedly at the employer. He didn’t seem to understand the current status and thought that this mercenary group would get someone to guide him.

Whatever, doesn’t matter who it is, just have to let him look for a coach.

Ye Lang seemingly never thought why others would take him into consideration and hand him over to other people, as no one here knew who he was and they just took him as a young mercenary.

In this way, Ye Lang left with the employer. Surely, he did not take the initiative, but was forced away from the dining table by the employer, reluctantly.

When the employer launched an alchemy array to burn the mountain villa, Ye Lang’s eyes lit up, but soon became confused again.

“It is on fire. Won’t you call the fire fighters?” Ye Lang stared at the fire and asked the employer by the side.

“Should I? Just let it be…… Wait, aren’t you dumb?” The employer replied, but soon he found that Ye Lang, who he thought was dumb, was talking.

“Did I tell you I am dumb?” Ye Lang asked with surprise.

“No…” The employer felt embarrassed. Indeed Ye Lang didn’t say that he was dumb, but...

“Then why did you gesticulate instead of speaking just now?”

“They told me to shut up and not talk nonsense. Actually, I just told them the truth, but some people do not like the truth. Just like you, you don’t look like a kind-hearted man!” Ye Lang said, pointing to the nose of the employer.

“……” The employer was left dumbfounded, feeling a twitch on his face. He suppressed the impulse and stopped himself from killing the young man in front.

Hmph, if it were not for your invulnerable physique, I would kill you on the spot!

But he was thinking: This young mercenary was really an idiot, no wonder the others didn’t allow him to talk. Anyway, it didn’t matter whether he was dumb or not, as it would be the same ending in due course.

“It is true, you’d better shut up. Talk less and work more in future!” The employer kept on walking, speaking to Ye Lang without looking back.

“But, I am a young master. I’m always talking instead of working.” Ye Lang said honestly.

“A young master?! Are you dreaming? No more talking. Take this for me. Be careful, and don’t break it!” The employer took down the package on his back and gave it to Ye Lang. The package was really too heavy for him, so he couldn’t hold on.

Now he had already taken Ye Lang as his servant. For him, a servant like Ye Lang was the most desirable: No need to be very smart as long as he was obedient.

Anyway, he would not ask someone else to do something that required wit. It would be best if his servant could do some physical work and be simple-minded with a strong body.

For Ye Lang, although he did not look not very strong, as he was a mercenary he should have some strength. Well, this was the thought of the employer.

“Oh……” Ye Lang took the package, opened and watched it directly. In that moment, there seemed to be a twinkle in his eyes again, but it just flashed by.

“Don’t look at it. It won’t make sense to you. You won’t be able to understand it in your whole life.” The employer said.

Shit, isn’t it just an alchemy device? Not that difficult. But I really can not figure it out right now. Just need some time!

Ye Lang knew at first sight that this was something for alchemy. Meanwhile, he also knew that the employer was an alchemist, a brilliant one. Ye Lang never saw this man’s alchemy, so he was very curious and wanted to see more.

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