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Chapter 146
Chapter 146 - Invulnerable to poisons (2) Translated by Lesyt Team: Hazel Edited by Ilesyt



Do you think Ye Lang is still confused right now and not know that he is falling prey to a tiger?


No, he knew it. From just now, when this alchemist launched the alchemy array to burn the villa, he had understood his situation. It was a little late to realize the situation, but it was not too late.


In other words, as long as there was no danger to him, it’d be hard for him to notice what’s wrong, neither would he realize the matter if it didn’t catch his attention. But once something caught his attention, there was good chance of him understanding it.


Cough, that’s right, only just a good chance!


From the effect of the alchemy array, Ye Lang found that the employer wanted to destroy all traces of his crime and he came to know that what he ate just now seemed to have been mixed with some poison.


How embarrassing, this is really quite very late in understanding the situation!


Therefore, he started to be shrewd. As long as he became shrewd, he would instantly figure out all these matters. He could guess that the artifact this man carried had some hidden secrets, so he killed these mercenaries to prevent the secrets from leaking out.


Fortunately, he himself was invulnerable to poisons, or otherwise he would have been poisoned as well……But he would not die……


Nonsense, Ye Lang took many cures with him; moreover, he had medical skills and inner techniques. Even if he was not invulnerable to poisons, he could still continue eating and drinking.


At this time, Ye Lang didn’t revolt as he wanted to know what this artifact was, so he continued playing the fool.


Anyway, I’m an expert at this, no need to play the fool, everybody knows I am a fool!


Ah, bah, how can I say I’m a fool? No, I’m a genius, not a fool!


Certainly, Ye Lang continued the play, not purely because he couldn’t be bothered to meddle, but that he noticed this artifact was for alchemy. Though he didn’t see it, he could feel it as an alchemist.


Not only that, he also realized that he never saw this kind of alchemic item, which seemed to belong to a special technique.


This aroused Ye Lang’s curiosity. He was guessing whether this was some kind of legendary one……


Ye Lang looked at that artifact, touching and knocking it by hand. The employer didn’t care about Ye Lang’s actions, as he knew common people would not understand this artifact, so there was no need to worry.


“Hey, did you make?” Ye Lang asked straightforwardly. This word gave others an illusion: What on earth was this young man, a captive, a servant or a young master?


“Don’t say ‘Hey’. Call me ‘Master’. You just need to call my name if something happens in future. My name is Coldblood Thirteen.” The employer, or Coldblood Thirteen, corrected.


“Coldblood Thirteen?” Somehow Ye Lang felt this name was somewhat familiar. Right, he was also Thirteen but was young master Thirteenth of the Ye family.


Nevertheless, with Coldblood added to the name, Ye Lang felt it strange, as he had no idea and never heard of it.


“I never heard of that……” Ye Lang went on saying, shaking his head.


“That’s right that you never heard of my name. I am not that well-known in this land.” Coldbloo

d Thirteen said with a confident smile, not feeling disheartened for having no fame, but looking quite proud instead.


“Okay, so you are a small potato!” Ye Lang nodded, acting as if he got it.


“……” Coldblood Thirteen was silent. Although he did not like the fame, he could not accept being called a small potato.


“Little brat, listen, even if I have no fame, I’ll make the world tremble in the future. So, I’m a nameless extraordinary person, not a small potato!”

“Extraordinary? How extraordinary are you? You are not even taller than I!” Ye Lang said dismissively and compared the heights. Indeed, he was taller than Coldblood Thirteen.


“You, little brat, if I hadn’t taken a fancy to your body, you would have been long dead. But don't count on this too much. If you piss me off, I’ll still kill you!!” The patience of Coldblood Thirteen seemed to have reached a critical point. If Ye Lang continued in this way, he may really not be able to move on.


“Take a fancy to my body?” Ye Lang crossed his arms and posed as a timid cream boy, “Just kill me. I don’t like this tone. I’d rather die!”




Coldblood Thirteen was speechless.


Does he think I am gay?


“Fuck, I’m not gay. That’s too disgusting! What I meant by saying ‘your body’ is ‘your physique’, invulnerable to poisons!” Coldblood Thirteen angrily said.


“Oh I see. You scared me by that. I thought you were a pervert.” Ye Lang felt relieved, “Actually, it is not difficult to have the same physique as mine. You just need to eat something, like I did.”


“What’s that?” Coldblood Thirteen asked immediately.


“Centipedes, scorpions, serpents……” Ye Lang listed all those poisonous things he knew, which made the hearer tremble


“Do you think I’m you? I’m not a fool. Eating these things, I’ll die immediately! Do you mean to kill me and escape?” Coldblood Thirteen said coldly.


Ye Lang shook his head, saying: “No, I’m telling the truth! Moreover, if I want to escape, I don’t need to kill you at all. I’ll go as I wish!”


Many who knew Ye Lang would believe this, as they thought Ye Lang could do it, but Coldblood Thirteen did not believe it, not even one bit.


Coldblood Thirteen said with a cold smile: “Then, why do you stay here?”


“Because I want to follow you and figure out what this is!” Ye Lang pointed to the alchemy artifact. He said this honestly, not telling any lies; certainly, Coldblood Thirteen still doubted his words.


“So that’s it. Then you should go back with me. I have lots of these artifacts!” Coldblood Thirteen said, smiling sinisterly like a timber wolf.


“Really?” Ye Lang asked with excitement, as if not seeing that sinister smile.


It appeared that being out of danger, or without any danger for the moment, Ye Lang became muddled again, going with the timber wolf like a little white rabbit.


Exactly, Ye Lang knew what is going on, but he didn’t take it seriously. He thought there was no problem for him to go with the man in this way. It didn’t matter to him even if he knew the man tried to destroy all traces of his crime by killing all the others, including him.


The only thing that mattered to him now was whether this alchemy technique was the one he heard of!


“Of course, it’s true, as long as you behave yourself and don’t cause trouble!” Coldblood Thirteen said, feeling like coaxing a small child. Well, just forget it and don’t fuss about with an idiot.


When you are useless, I’ll cut you into pieces!


Coldblood Thirteen, if certain people heard this name, they would be greatly shocked, or rather, frightened!

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