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Chapter 144 - Muddled (2)Edited by Ilesyt

Leaving that aside, for the moment it seemed that Ye Lang had to face the most important problem. That is, when on earth would the employer who assigned the mission finally come?

This problem seemingly needed not much thought, as someone came over soon, saying that the employer was here and would like to invite them to dinner.

Therefore, Ye Lang arrived at the mansion of the employer with these mercenaries. The mansion looked like a mountain villa in the middle of nowhere. When Ye Lang was coming here, he said this:

“This is really desolate. How can people live here? Could it be that they are doing some under-the-table deals?”

“Frank! Stop your nonsense. After we go inside, you just shut your mouth up!!” Hearing Ye Lang’s words, members of the mercenary group felt ashamed and gave him a warning at the same time.

“Why? I am right about this.” Ye Lang fought for his right. There was indeed nothing wrong with his words, but...

“You are right, but you should not say it out so straightforward. Do you get me?”

“Not at all!” Ye Lang simply shook shook his head.

“Simply, even if you are beaten to death, you can not say a word!”

“Why should I be beaten to death? Why not you?” Ye Lang asked.

“All right, even if we are all dead, you can not open your mouth. Got it?”

“Yup!” Ye Lang nodded.

Entering the mountain villa, Ye Lang indeed never opened his mouth, even if everybody else were to die, he wouldn’t.

As Ye Lang was just a mere nobody, like the other unimportant mercenaries, he stayed in the dining room, eating the prepared feast after entering the mountain villa.

These mercenaries were eating meat and drinking, gobbling down the food!

The leader and some other important figures of the mercenary group took the case inside, to hand it over to the employer!

At the very beginning, the employer stayed in a slightly shady place, so mercenaries did not see him clearly, afterwards he came out, entering their view.

However, the mercenaries saw that the employer wore a black mask, covering the upper half of his face and a black cloak, on which there seemed to be a mark of number thirteen.

This kind of appearance made people feel weird, and seem suspicious!

Actually, this was not the only thing to suspect. One stranger thing was that if this was the territory of this employer, why did he keep them waiting for several days before coming here, instead of letting them come a few days sooner?

Just as Ye Lang said, was he doing some under-the-table deals? If it were Ye Lang here and he was clear-headed, he would notice something wrong here, as the employer looked as if he did not care about the thoughts of these mercenaries at all.

Either he did not fear being known, or it didn’t matter even if the mercenaries knew it.

“Did you see the article inside the case?” Regardless of anything else, the employer simply asked this question.

“Boss, please trust us. We behave ourselves as mercenaries and would not do anything like that.” The mercenaries said, not feeling well.

“Ok. I trust you. Put the case on the table. Here are your remunerations of this mission!” The employer said to those mercenaries, pointing to the table in the middle of the room.

Without any suspicion, the mercenaries put down the case immediately and opened the moneybag on the table. “Puff!”

The moment the moneybag was opened, it suddenly blasted out. Lots of powders flew out and entered the mouths and noses of the mercenaries, leaving them no time to hold their breaths.


After inhaling the powders, those mercenaries immediately fell to the ground with their seven orifices bleeding, while some were pointing at the employer with resentment.

“Don’t blame me. Blame yourselves for being so stupid that you didn’t even see through such a simple scheme. That’s why you are small potatoes!” The employer said coldly.

Just as the employer said, if these mercenaries were more experienced and smarter, they would not have died, as many points had already told them that there was something wrong with this mission.

This group was a gathering crowd of dorky mercenaries, which was what the employer wanted. He knew that they were easy to deal with and he could also avoid suspicion.

The article escorted by these dorky mercenaries must be of no importance, as no one would feel at ease about trusting important articles to them.

“Do you know why I did not seal the case? Because it doesn’t matter if you know what’s inside when you are bound to die. Moreover, even if I show you, you will never know what this is!” Visible from the uncovered mouth, the employer gave a triumphant smile.

This was also why he was so reassured, as he believed that in this world, no one could understand the article in the case except himself.

“Treasure, I finally got you back! It’s all the fault of that Gao Fei. Losing his own kingdom to the thirteenth son of the Ye family. I had to change my plan and suspend the movement there!” The employer was touching the article inside the case, as if touching the most precious thing in the world.

From this sentence, it can be understood that he originally wanted to make use of the particularity of Tianjiu City and was doing something. But Ye Lang won the Tianjiu City and the Ye family moved into the city in large scale, so he had to cut off his plan instantly, carry the unfinished article out of the city and find another place to continue.

He slowly appreciated the article, not worrying about those mercenaries remaining outside, as he had already added fatal poisons to the feast, believing that after he came out later, those mercenaries outside would all be dead.

Dead people were nothing to be frightened of. Also, there was no need to care about how long they waited outside, as they were all dead!

He intended to go out and burn the whole mountain villa, leaving no trace, after admiring the article.

Nobody would notice the situation here, as this villa was in the middle of nowhere. Even if it was burned, no one would know this.

As to this mercenary group, who would care about where these dorky mercenaries died?

Mercenaries were essentially a job with high risks. They were prepared with the knowledge that they may die at any time, leaving this world.

Even they themselves had this kind of thought about themselves, let alone others, who would not at all care about them to being dead or alive!

He didn’t doubt whether the mercenaries outside would find anything wrong with the feast, as he had confidence in the poison he made by himself, which was colorless and odorless and would take some time before working after being taken. This poison was the best way to deal with this situation, as it didn’t work immediately, so those who had not yet eaten would not take take precautions.

Actually this was also why he was waiting, waiting for the poison to work!

“It’s about the time for an important business. Treasure, I’ll see you later!” The employer put the article inside the case into a backpack, carrying the backpack carefully, and then went out.

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