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Chapter 143 - Muddled (1)Edited by Ilesyt

“Frank, today you just need to watch the sides. No need to do anything else. Do you get me?” One mercenary said to Ye Lang time and time again.

Frank was the name of that mercenary whom was replaced by Ye Lang. They didn’t know Frank, but they had the name list. So they called Ye Lang Frank.

Ye Lang however thought that these people were so thoughtful to give him a disguise. Such being the case, he would call himself Frank, acting as a mercenary with the name Frank for some time. It must be very interesting.

Because of this, Ye Lang never thought that this mercenary group was not Anna’s group. Instead, he even regarded it as a cover when this group used different names inside and outside the group, while he himself had to do better in disguise, being a good mercenary.

Then the more he did this, the more trust the others would have on him, never doubting that he was not Frank!

Why did the mercenary have to repeatedly advise Ye Lang? The reason was that something always went wrong even though Ye Lang was being careful, making some think that it was some weird mistake.

For example, ask him to cook and he would mistake sugar for salt, all dishes he cooked being sweet!

Also, ask him to keep watch at night and he would fall asleep at midnight. This did not matter yet, as it was at most loafing on the job; the problem was that when he was sleeping, he would sound the alarm and put everyone in chaos, while he himself was having a good sleep. And the like……

Now in their eyes, the mercenary Frank was a nitwit. They were ready to get rid of him in some way at the end of the mission.

In order to stop Ye Lang from causing more trouble, they all agreed to treat him like a young master and never asked him to do anything!

Ye Lang felt this normal as he was indeed a young master. As thus, he trusted these people even more and thought that they felt guilty for asking him to work, as he was their employer after all.

In this way, Ye Lang passed through one kingdom after another with these mercenaries, getting closer to Vermillion Bird Empire in the South. Fortunately, this mercenary group was heading south; if they went north to Soaring Sky Empire, Ye Lang would be like a sheep falling prey to the tiger!

If he stepped into Soaring Sky Empire, Zhao Yarou would get worked up again and would not let go of Ye Lang so easily this time. She would not send armies to chase Ye Lang again, but instead would use the Sword Saint.

In face of the Sword Saint, Ye Lang would not feel as relaxed as before. He would be in a lot of trouble and may be caught accidentally.

Right in the border regions several hundred miles away from the Vermillion Bird Empire, this mercenary group stopped. They were not taking rest here, but they already arrived at their destination.

This time they were sending a cargo here, which was a small case, and no one knew what was inside. Or at least no one in this mercenary group knew what was in the case.

Anyway, it was just a case and the employer offered a high price, so nobody bothered about it.

As mercenaries, they would not open the case. This was the rule. If they broke the rule, they would disappear in the world of mercenaries and would be unable to go on with their work. Certainly, as the rule, they could not open the case, but they could also refuse to take the mission. Therefore, it was a business with mutual agreement. Many people followed this rule, so it was just normal.

“Why did we stop here?” After resting for several days, Ye Lang felt strange and asked. This was arguably his escorting group. Why did they stop for no reason at all without his order?

“We have already reached the destination. Where else did you want to go?” One mercenary looked confused at Ye Lang, not knowing what was wrong with Frank again.

“Have we arrived? Are you kidding? This doesn’t look anything like the Tiger tribe.” No matter how muddled Ye Lang was, he could still tell the difference between beastmen and common people.

“The Tiger tribe? What are you talking about? This is Armo City in the border region of Vermillion Bird Empire and we are here to transport a cargo. Are you still asleep?” The mercenary looked at Ye Lang, thinking that Ye Lang was being muddled and nothing more than that.

For him, this would be the last cooperation with Ye Lang and he would never meet Ye Lang in the future, so he did not think much more.

Ye Lang kept silent. He seemed to realize that he may have followed the wrong group somehow.

Nonsense. If he did not follow the wrong group, how could he come to Vermillion Bird Empire? Anna and her mercenaries would definitely not make mistakes like he did, going the wrong way.

Yes, it seems that there are all females in Anna’s group, but look at these people,

At this moment, Ye Lang finally noticed the difference, but it was already too late, which could not be any later!

“Er, it appears that I made a mistake. Can I go first?” After finding something wrong, Ye Lang said straightforwardly that he was going to leave.

But at this moment, these mercenaries did not allow Ye Lang to go. The mission was not over yet. Even if they wanted to drive Ye Lang away, they still had to wait until they settled the commissions clearly at the end of the mission.

In the world of mercenaries, no matter if it was the employer or the employee, no one could eat the others’ commission stealthily, or otherwise, the consequences would be terribly severe.

“You can’t go now. After this mission is done, you can go wherever you like!” The mercenary said.

“Why? I am not…” Ye Lang was confused and wanted to say that he was not a mercenary but just made a mistake at that time.

“No ‘why’s. Even if you know you are good at nothing. What’s yours will be yours. We won’t cut down on your commission. If you want to go, just wait after this mission is finished!” The mercenary said seriously.

Ye Lang looked at the mercenary in a daze and then nodded. He did not know what’s going on, but since the mercenary was so serious, he would stay until the mission was over. Anyway, he didn’t mind staying for several days more now.

But Ye Lang was thinking now. Since I come here by myself, time would become even more limited. How come this odd thing happened to me? Why would you mistake me for that Frank?

Ye Lang was blaming these people, but it seemed that he never thought of this: he was the leading role; he himself did not even get it right, how could the others know the truth and bother themselves by this mistake?

If Anna and the others know this situation, will they scold me?

Forget it! No need to tell them, I can go on my own or at most hire a carriage. The coachman should know the way.

Also, here I am in the doorway of Vermillion Bird Empire. Shall I go inside and visit my cousin, or not? I’d better not. A visit to her is fine, but I’m afraid that there is little time to delay. Maybe find another time later.

Ye Lang knew his cousin well. If he was caught by his cousin, it would take at least one or two months to get away!

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