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Chapter 142 - People's joys and sorrows (3)

“Aunt Anqi, actually I really want to escort young master myself. The question is, where is he? Aren’t you with him?” Anna said with a forced smile.

“What?! What did you say? You can’t find him? Impossible. I saw him out myself. One hour has already passed by. How could it be possible that he has not arrived yet?!” Long Anqi replied in a loud voice. A serious of questions made it clear that Ye Lang did go over, but didn’t appear somehow after one hour.

Everybody was silent!

“Here is the situation: Thirteen did go out. During a walk taking less than two minutes, he disappeared! Maybe he didn’t want anyone with him, but wanted to go alone. Or for some other reason, for example, he was being muddleheaded and went the wrong way!” Brother Seven made an analysis.

“If he wanted to go alone, he would not tell us that he would go with Anna and her mercenaries. With his ability, he could go alone as he wishes and no one could stop him!” Brother Three said with a frown after thinking for a while.

According to Ye Lang’s character, the first possibility could be excluded. But still, based on his character, the second guess would be right.

“So you mean that Thirteen became muddleheaded, so he went the wrong way in such a short walk!” Brother Seven frowned, feeling a little bit reluctant to say that.

“Then why are we still staring at each other now? Go and find him quickly!” With this sentence, Anna ran out first. She had to inform her mercenaries to start looking for Ye Lang.

This young master Thirteen never frees others from worry. How could he get lost on the way?!

On this day, the small Ye City became chaotic again. The difference was that in the past, some thing messed up the city, but today it was in a mess for one person.

Searching for one day, the people of the Ye family and Anna’s mercenaries still didn’t find Ye Lang, not even finding any trace, as if he disappeared in this world after going out.

It didn’t look like he went wrong. Could he beplaying the disappearing act again? Did he change his mind and wanted to go for Tigress by himself?

Everyone thought it increasingly possible, or otherwise, there should be some trails left. Usually when he got lost, there would be clues to know what he had done and where he had been to.

And after this, everybody was sure of one thing: in the future, even if it was only several steps, or really one to two steps, they should insist on sending Ye Lang over, or he would get lost instantly!

Where on earth did Ye Lang go? Did he change his mind, wanted to get rid of Anna and her mercenaries and go to the Tiger tribe on his own?

No, he didn’t have this idea at all. The whole thing was just a coincidence, an accident. That’s it, or at least they thought so. It was absolutely a coincidence, an accident!

At that time, when Ye Lang went out, he headed towards the place he knew and didn’t go the wrong way. Anna and her mercenaries were indeed over there, but...

In the middle of the road was a small alley. A brief note reading ‘Mo Mercenary Group’ was stuck above. The front words were covered by something, so he had no idea of what kind of mercenary group it was.

Mercenary Group. That should be Anna’s place. Was it so close? Didn’t she say that it would take two minutes of walk?

Confused, Ye Lang did not figure it out however, but walked into the small alley, arriving at the place of the Mo Mercenary Group according to the indicators!

This was just a small-scale mercenary group, or it would not stay in such a small alley.

As to a mercenary group, it was probably boasting of itself. This may not be a so called group, but just a small team of mercenaries at most!

Logically, Anna’s mercenary group would not be so small, neither would her group stay in this kind of place. Moreover, the members of this group were almost males, while all of Anna’s mercenaries were females. Any one could tell the difference. Could they not?

However, Ye Lang could not tell the difference. He also thought that there were already male mercenaries in Anna’s group for the sake of taking missions. With regards to the bigger issues, they were just the same in his eyes.

In this way, he muddled through and also thought that he found Anna Mercenary Group. What increased his misunderstanding was that one member of this group was not there at the right moment. Everybody was waiting for that person, “Why are you so late? Do you still want to go or not? Hurry up. We have little time!” One of the mercenaries said. It seemed that they did not know each other well and thought Ye Lang was the person they were waiting for.

In fact, this was a newly formed small mercenary group, whose members were solo mercenaries from all over the world in the past.

“Where did you get those clothes? Go change, or it will stick out.” Indeed, Ye Lang’s clothes made him stand out in the crowd. But these people also did not think this as suspicious, being as muddleheaded as Ye Lang.

Or it should be said like this: The members of this mercenary group did not think that they had any value for which they would be targeted by others.

“Change to what?” Ye Lang asked.

“Dress up like us.” One person replied.

“Oh.” Taking a look at those people, Ye Lang nodded and went inside to get changed with a set of outfit for mercenaries. The outfit looked quite old, which would not catch the attention of others.

About why he would have this kind of outfit, the reason was simple: he bought it in the past, to spend money in theory. The outfit seemed to be the leather armor of a well-known mercenary. It should be so, but he himself did not remember it at all.

“Attention. Today we have the most important mission since the foundation of our mercenary group. Everybody, brace yourselves. Now, let’s go!” With the speech of the group leader, many people responded with excitement.

For sure, more people thought in their hearts that of course this was the most important mission, because it was the first one!

Ye Lang also joined in the shouts, as if in high spirits. It seemed that he felt it very funny to do so. Now even if he realized the problem, he would not necessarily leave, let alone now when he had not yet realized it.

He fit in this group with his own story. What a coincidence that everything seemed to be in the right place. Yes, a very muddled correspondence.

That was all, Ye Lang left with this new mercenary group, leaving Ye City and heading to the south.

It’s true that he was going to the south, the opposite direction to the place where he intended to go. But at this moment, he was totally muddleheaded, not knowing how to tell south from north, but just following the others.

At a later time, when Ye Lanyu and other people knew this, they all pinched Ye Lang’s face, saying that how he could be so muddleheaded by following the wrong people and going the totally wrong way.

Knowing the situation, Ye Lanyu and other people felt even more worried about letting Ye Lang travel alone. They feared that if someday Ye Lang became muddleheaded and went to another land, what should they do?

However, they could not stop him. No one could!

Shortly after Ye Lang left with the others, a mercenary looking scruffy ran over in haste. When he saw nobody was there, he stared at the house for a while.

Afterwards he said: “They are all gone? It seems that I have to find another place to make a living!”

Since they have already left, it means that I am not needed any more. Besides, I am just another nobody!

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