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Chapter 141 - People's joys and sorrows (2)Edited by Ilesyt

“You little bastard, say it again and I’ll kick your ass!” Ye Lanyu threatened Ye Lang, shaking her fist.

Ye Lang shut his mouth up immediately, as he knew that this was not just a threat. He didn’t remember how many times Ye Lanyu did what she said with practical actions. She would really beat him!

“Time to go and say goodbye, or you’ll have no chance to do it.” Ye Chengtian realized that it was about time to leave and reminded Long Anqi, Ye Lanyu and the others.

Certainly, Long Anqi was here to say goodbye to Ye Lanyu, who was naturally unwilling to get separated from her own daughter for such a long time. Since just now, she was holding Ye Lanyu’s hand tightly and never let go of it.

“Little Yu, you’ve said enough of your brother. You also have to take care of yourself!” Watching Ye Lanyu, Long Anqi said, reluctant to part from her daughter.

“I know. I’ll take care of myself!” Ye Lanyu replied with a nod and turned to Ye Lang, saying similar words that Long Anqi told her to Ye Lang.

At this moment, Princess Qi, like Ye Lanyu, was also reminding Ye Lang, telling him to watch out for this or that.

As to Zhen Xiaoyan, it was a simple story: she only told Ye Lang one thing.

Remember to eat well!

After saying farewells, the group finally set off, moving in an apparently endless line.

“Brother, you mentioned another song just now. What’s that?”

“I’m smirking, I’m smirking.”

“You go to hell!”

Several days after Ye Lanyu and the others left, Ye Lang opened an auction house. He could not enjoy the auction house and have fun, for he was also leaving.

He had planned to go to the beastman tribes at the north, and it was about time to go.

At present they were in the south. Going to the beastman tribes in the north meant that he needed to go through Soaring Sky Empire, but this was obviously not feasible. So he had to take a roundabout way, passing through Aila Empire, which would be an easier way.

It seemed that the Ye family had no rancor with Aila Empire, so no one would trouble Ye Lang!

Originally, Ye Lang wanted to go alone, but everyone worried about him and insisted Anna and her mercenaries escort him. For this reason, Anna came out in person, hurrying over particularly, to escort Ye Lang to the Tiger tribe.

One day, everything was in order, and they were ready to leave.

They were waiting for just the most important key: Ye Lang!

At that moment, it was already the time for departure as promised. After waiting for a while in the station, Anna still didn’t see Ye Lang. She thought that it was normal for Ye Lang, the prodigal son to be late.

Therefore, she kept on waiting, giving more time to Ye Lang!

This was only in regards to Ye Lang. If it were others, she would not wait at all. For sure, if it were not for Ye Lang, she would not even come here in person.

However, even if she did him a favor, there was also a limit. As a mercenary, she didn’t like anyone to be late.

So, after a little while, she headed to the mansion to get Ye Lang out by herself. Originally she intended to do so, but Ye Lang said that it was only a short walk between the two places and he would come over by himself.

Right, it was only a short walk. From the position where Anna stood, to the side of the mansion, it only took two minutes to walk there from the doorway. Of course, this was not just for the sake of convenience. It’s only that the Ye city was only so big, they couldn’t help being so close.

Anna directly passed through the front door without any guard and went inside the mansion for Ye Lang. After searching everywhere, she failed to find Ye Lang though.

Then she went to the hall, where Ye Chengtian was discussing with others about something. For this devastated city, they needed to stay busy for a long time, even overlooking some things.

“Hey, does anyone know where Master Thirteen is?” Anna came in but failed to catch their attention. Everybody kept on discussing, as if they did not hear the question from Anna.

So Anna was left out by the side!

Therefore, Anna asked again, raising her voice: “Hello, where is Master Thirteen!”

The others continued their discussions...

Ye Chengtian was arguing about one issue with some others. The argument was raging on and everyone colored up in the ears in the heated argument, so no one cared about Anna’s small voice.

After failures of the like for many times

“Ah!” Anna got angry, screaming without caring about her image, which made the whole hall quiet down and realize her presence eventually.

“Cough!” Seeing everyone watching her, Anna blushed, coughing awkwardly, and then asked immediately: “Would you please tell me where Master Thirteen is?”

“Isn’t he with you?” The others were dumbfounded for a second and then asked.

“If he were with me, I would not have come here for him!” Anna said sourly.

“Maybe he is still in his room. You can go there for him!” Brother Seven replied, sounding a little complaining at Anna coming for Ye Lang here, where they were discussing important matters.

“I’ve been there. Searched for him throughout the whole room. But he is nowhere to be found!” Anna said.

“Did he forget that you are leaving today, so he went to play outside?” One of them said with uncertainty.

“I doubt it. This morning he himself mentioned that he was leaving and reminded us to take care.” Ye Chengtian said, “Ask Anqi. Only she was talking with her son in the end.”

“Aunt Anqi? I did not find her either. Otherwise, I would not come here to ask you.” Anna said, shaking her head.

“That’s weird. Where did they go? Could it be that Anqi was reluctant to let her son go, so she locked him up?” Ye Chengtian was a little suspicious of the possibility of this guess, which stood a good chance.

Long Anqi always objected to Ye Lang going out, especially going out on his own. She was anxious and trying all means to stop him. Tie her son down? She was likely to do so.

“That’s it today for the meeting. Now go and find them both!” Ye Chengtian gave the order, while others also had the same thought.

No matter how critical the matters they were discussing just now, nothing was more important than Ye Lang. Don’t forget that he is the master of the city.

Certainly, this was just a tiny part of the reason, which could be neglected. The key point was that everyone cared about Ye Lang and was afraid that something wrong happened to him.

They all worried about Ye Lang’s character, not knowing what he would have done.

But soon, they found Long Anqi, who went out alone to buy some dishes just now, intending to weaken the pain for parting with food, she was a little puzzled when she came back and saw everybody there.

She was on her own, alone!

“Anqi, where is our son?” Ye Chengtian asked anxiously.

“Our son? Hasn’t he left? Gee, Anna, why are you still here? Didn’t you go to escort Ye Lang?” Long Anqi was a bit unhappy when she replied and found Anna was there.

She thought that the reason why Anna stayed here was that she didn’t want to escort Ye Lang in person, but asked her subordinates to do it instead!

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