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Chapter 140 - People's joys and sorrowsEdited by Ilesyt

“Hmph, you only care about your Tigress. Is she more important than me?” Ye Lanyu complained out of jealousy again. Every time when it came to this topic, it was always the same story.

“Both of you are important!” Ye Lang gave the same answer. One was his sister, while the other was his playmate in his childhood who looked after him for eight years. Both were very important and couldn’t be compared.

No matter who it was, no one could answer this question, let alone Ye Lang who was really confused of all this!

“All right, forget it. I know Tai Ya is important to you. She attended to you for eight years and may be more important than any one of us here. I won’t envy her any more, as she deserves it for all her efforts!” As usual, Ye Lanyu let it go quickly again.

“What I’m worried about now is whether you will get lost on your way to Tigress. It won’t work this way. Just in case, let Anna and her mercenaries be your escort. It’s them who sent Tai Ya there!” Ye Lanyu said.

“Okay, I’ll look for them. They seem to be arriving in a few days!” Ye Lang nodded. About the whereabouts of Anna and her mercenaries, he had clear a idea, as the mercenaries would send messages to him by themselves.

“As for the mercenaries, the one called Mandy last time looked nice. How about asking your Anna to take her in?” Ye Lanyu said. In her word, don’t get her wrong: “Your Anna” meant the whole team of mercenaries, not the team-leader Anna alone.

“It’s Sister Mandy. She won’t join us. What she wants to do is to develop her own team well. The process may be tough, but I believe it’d be for the best.” Ye Lang replied.

Do not always take shortcuts in a life. Those hardworking processes are also memorable.

As to Sister Mandy, after confirming Ye Lang’s identity, she resumed her mission, going to the Fire Dragon City. Certainly, the small conflict between them were fixed.

Needless to say, Ye Lang didn’t care about these issues at all. Sister Mandy understood that Ye Lang did that out of his care for Zhen Xiaoyan, and she was broad minded, so she didn’t take that seriously.

Before departing, both of them drank a lot together. Correction, only Sister Mandy was drinking hard, while Ye Lang immediately fell at the side and slept.

“That’s right. Just like us, if it were the previous Ye family we wouldn’t have needed to consider all these various problems, neither would we be so busy on developing! But, everyone looks so happy!” Ye Lanyu said with deep feelings while nodding her head.

The Ye family now was just starting up business. Although they had already built up lots of assets, with respect to their objective, they were just beginning!

“Well. That’s it. You go shopping with me today.” Ye Lanyu pulled Ye Lang, while Ye Lang just followed her reluctantly, making complaints at times.

“Where shall we go? There is neither market nor auction house here.” Right, I have to build up an auction house. How can I forget such an important thing? Ye Lang thought of this with his eyes shining. His favorite place was the auction house, where he could spend a fortune, no, he could spend ten fortunes.

Wherever he went, the first place he would go was the auction house. He would see whether there was something valuable inside, so that he could spend money like water.

Nevertheless, in such a small place like Ye city, there should be no auction house, not even a small-scale one!

The Ye family, surely, would not plan for the auction house, as it was usually the business of the merchants, a place for articles of luxury that would appear by nature with economic development.

This kind of place was certainly outside of the plans of Ye family. Just leave it to Ye Lang, the prodigal son!

Do it now.

Uh, maybe tomorrow!

Ye Lang wanted to open an auction house right away, but he held back this idea at the moment when seeing the anger in Ye Lanyu’s eyes. Go shopping with her first.

Hope to get it done soon. In a shabby place like Ye city, there should just be few places for hanging out now. Right, at least everybody thought so!

That’s what Ye Lang didn’t understand. In such a place seemingly with nowhere to go, they wandered about for the whole afternoon. It wasn’t until the evening when they went back together to their mansion.

Women, what miraculous existence!

This night, Ye Lang was bothered by the three girls till late and fell asleep exhaustedly. On a large bed lay a man and three women. Eh-hem, don’t get it wrong. Ye Lanyu caused disturbances and was unwilling to sleep for a long time for being reluctant to part from Ye Lang, Princess Qi also felt sad for departing, while Zhen Xiaoyan was in a bit better situation.

About them sleeping together, it was nothing big. Everybody slept with they clothes on, so there was no serious problem. Anyway, their relations were well known to all. It was normal for them to sleep together.

One was his sister, one his fiancée and another an indefinable girl-friend since before, well, correction, a female friend!

At the time of departure,

“Sister, Little Qi, and Fatty,” Looking at the three girls, Ye Lang looked a little grieved, somehow unwilling to let them go.

“Don’t say anything!” Three girls cried out almost at the same time, which made people at the side a little bit confused. At this moment, don’t you most want to hear something from this man?

However, who could tell, that the word from Ye Lang would still probably leave them dumbfounded!

“Oh, then can I sing?” Ye Lang said, feeling wronged, “I just want to say goodbye to you by singing. May I?”

“Okay. You can sing, but sing better. Don’t sing those messy songs again.” Ye Lanyu said with a smile, touching Ye Lang, her heart aching.

When will the moon be clear and bright? With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the blue sky.

I don't know what season it would be in the heavens on this night.

I'd like to ride the wind to fly home!

Yet I fear the crystal! 

Jade mansions are much too high and cold for me. Dancing with my moon-lit shadow, but it does not seem like the human world. 

The moon rounds the red mansion, stoops to silk-pad doors, shines upon the sleepless.

It bears no grudge. Why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart? 

People may have sorrow or joy, be near or far apart; the moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane.

This has been going on since the beginning of time. May we all be blessed with longevity! 

Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together.

The song of Thinking of You by Ye Lang sang out the feeling of departing, his slightly unchained voice giving a different feeling of this parting.

People have times of departing, but every time of departing was just for reunions once again!

“Good. Good song! People may have sorrow or joy. This has been going on since the beginning of time. Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together.”

After intoxicated in the song for a while, everybody started to react!

Right at this moment, Ye Lanyu and the other two girls looked at Ye Lang, their eyes full of tears, seeming greatly touched!!

“Don’t cry. Just go ahead. I still want to try another song.” Ye Lang said to Ye Lanyu with a smile.

“Who told you I cried. Little fool, remember: come earlier to us!” Ye Lanyu restrained herself and managed to smile with effort, her hand unconsciously patting Ye Lang’s head again.

“Got it. You are really long-winded, like an old woman.” Ye Lang said, waving his hand.

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