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Chapter 138
Chapter 138 - Tea house and brothel (2) Translated by Lesyt Team: Hazel Edited by Ilesyt



So Ye Lanyu always regretted doing so, and she had to try very hard to persuade Ye Lang to go shopping with her from then on!


However, in spite of this, she still really hoped to see Ye Lang dress like a female again. Of course, that was only for fun.


Now, under such circumstances, it was natural that they would seize this opportunity.


At that time, when Ye Lang took the stage, everyone held their breath and fixed their eyes on “glamorous” Ye Lang, who made them go crazy about him.


Later, when Ye Lang began to sing, they became even more crazy!


After that day, almost everyone had been expecting to see Ye Lang again. Therefore, they came to the tea house every day to order a song, but Ye Lang no longer appeared on the stage.


Of course, he had just done it for fun. It was enough, and he didn’t enjoy dressing like a woman.


Thanks to this, the tea house became popular and the money paid for the songs totaled more than dozens of times of that of the tea. So, within a few years, he would make ends meet, or even less than that.


At the time, Ye City didn’t develop very fast so there were not many people coming here to trade. That would not be the case in the future. This city would be filled with people, which these people could not imagine.


The more people, the more fierce the competition. In the tea house, some people spent a lot of money to order a song for the limited number of song quota’s. Later, Liu Feiyan took over this tea house, and every day the tea house would be booming.


After Ye Lang ran away, part of Liu Feiyan’s brothel was his property, so it was “seized” by Zhao Yarou!


She could not confiscate his property, but she could “seize” it out of many reasons. All in all, it was seized !


For this, Liu Feiyan and others who had worked in the brothel directly turned to Ye Lang.


Partly because of them, Ye Lang decided to run a tea house. In order to settle them and let them continue their artistic career, he had to take care of his staff.


When asked why he didn’t run a brothel, but had Liu Feiyan and others sing in a tea house, he just gave a very simple answer.


What was the difference between a brothel and a tea house? Their spellings were different but shared similar meaning.


A tea house, the same?!


Liu Feiyan had learned how to sing from Ye Lang and she was also very talented. Afte Ye Lang left, she was the mainstay. And she was still so charming that so many men were crazy about her.


She was charming, but looked very indifferent, so people felt it difficult to get close to her.


The more she looked indifferent, the more you want to get close to her!


Few could see her pure face. Besides her girlfriends, only Ye Lang saw her pure face. Sometimes, Ye Lang went shopping with her, but no one believed she was Liu Feiyan.


This was the same for Ye Chengtian and the others. It was difficult to imagine that a person could change so much!


Ye Lang just ran the tea house for fun. Brother Seven thought the tea house could help them make money, but in the eyes of brother Three, it was a good place for him to get some information.


Especially later, more and more people and some important people often appeared here. The information was of great value.


In the end, brother Seven and the

others admired Ye Lang. It seemed like he wasted money, but in reality he had the ability to make a huge sum of money. The tea house was also a good place to for them get and disclose information.


By the way, if you asked Ye Lang to sing a song, it cost at least a thousand gold coins, and no one knew whether he would sing.


Right now, Ye Lang was willing to sing, so everyone was excited. But when he just began to sing, some people came here to make trouble.


It was a group of three girls, who were the three most intimate friends of Ye Lang. They were Ye Lanyu, the Princess Qi, and Zhen Xiaoyan!


“Bastard, why did you come here to sing? What day is it today!” Ye Lanyu rushed to the stage the instance she arrived, and she directly pulled Ye Lang away from the stage.


The audience had become very angry, but when they knew she was Ye Lanyu, they could only hold back and continue to drink tea!


Anyway, if you tried to stop her, you would suffer a lot. You would be frozen and often cause even others to get into trouble!


So, everyone living in Ye City was afraid of Ye Lanyu!


Although they were afraid of her, they liked her very much, not just because of their love for Ye Lang. Ye Lanyu was considerate, different from those unruly rich ladies. She just became irrational when it came to Ye Lang.


“What’s the date?” Ye Lang was confused, he really didn’t seem to remember it.


“You’re asking me? Don’t you know we have to leave now?” Ye Lanyu stared at Ye Lang and said with anger.


“I know, you have to go to take part in the qualifiers!” Ye Lang nodded and replied.


There was no need anymore for Ye Lanyu and the others to take part in the qualifiers, because the Imperial Academy they represented would not acknowledge them any more. Even if it acknowledged them, it was not convenient for them to represent it.


However, they weren’t representing the Imperial Academy but another.


What were they representing?


Ye City of course, the Ye College of Ye City!


The Ye College was a necessary education facility with the development of this city. The building of this college was an important milestone in the history of Ye City. Everyone understood that the development of a city needed the efforts of generations of people.


In terms of the cultivation of more talent, a college was essential!


In order to attract faculty members, the college needed to gain fame first. It didn’t need to be the top three, but at least in the top ten. As long as the college was distinctive, some would be attracted to teach at this college.


Nothing could be completed overnight! Because of this, Ye Lanyu and the others naturally represented Ye College. Almost all of the representatives of Imperial Academy who had come here became representatives of Ye College.


They were very capable, and it was believed that it would not be difficult for them to get a good result.


If those of the Ye family didn’t stay in the First Academy but came here, it was estimated that this team would be even more competitive!


It didn’t mean that people didn’t support the Ye College, but they were the members of the First Academy. They were not in the situation as Ye Lanyu was, so they could not easily switch.


After all, the First Academy was the best college, and it is the best to learn there!

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