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Chapter 139 - Tea house and brothel (3)Edited by Ilesyt

As was known to everyone, the Ye College had its own alchemy department and the Ye family was good at using talented people. Leaving this alchemy genius into disuse would be too much of a waste!

However, Ye Lang only made plans for some things, like the design of the alchemy lab, the scheme of alchemy teaching materials and the list of materials needed for alchemy, etc. Afterwards, he would throw things back on to his brother Seven, while he himself would go and play in his tea house.

Meanwhile, becaue of Ye Lang’s reputation among the imperial alchemists, some imperial alchemists even abandoned the royal treatment and came here for Ye Lang, helping him take care of the alchemy department and following him in the study of alchemy.

Ye Lang’s alchemy gave them new ideas everyday. They also made further progress on alchemy. Since everyone knew Ye Lang’s skill in alchemy, he would not be easily let off, but be sent for participation in the ranking race of the educational institutions. As to the competition of alchemy, everybody thought the success was already in the bag.

Ye Lang also promised to take part in the competition, but a promise was only a promise. He never joined in the practices, but would show up when the competition started.

With regard to this, nobody disagreed, as none of them could teach Ye Lang how to practice alchemy. Even the imperial alchemists could not do it.

Changing back the scene...

“Why are you still here since you know about it!” Ye Lanyu said angrily.

If Ye Lang really forgot it, he would really need scolding. But it was not the case.

“Don’t you leave tomorrow? Or is it today?” Ye Lang said surprisingly, “Why does no one tell me?”

“No, we leave tomorrow as planned!” Ye Lanyu replied.

“Then I’ll keep on singing!” Ye Lang responded directly. Since there is neither any problem nor any change, you go on jumping while I continue my singing…

“Ye Lang!” Ye Lanyu screamed. Seeing her gritting her teeth, Ye Lang knew that she was very angry.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Lang didn’t want Ye Lanyu to get angry, but he had no idea why she was pissed off, which made him a bit confused.

“We leave tomorrow, so will you merely spend your time here today singing? Won’t you do something for us?” Ye Lanyu looked at Ye Lang, her eyes giving him a message that the cards were already on the table and everything was left up to you.

Righting himself, with everybody’s expectation, Ye Lang said a word seriously: “Sis, Qi, Fatty, Don’t worry,. I will miss you!”



Princess Qi and Ye Lanyu each punched Ye Lang on the head at the same time, while Zhen Xiaoyan was watching at the side, seemingly taking pity on Ye Lang.

“What do you think we are up to, to die?” Pinching Ye Lang’s cheek, Ye Lanyu said: “Tell me. Do you want us to die so that no one will bother you in future?”

“No. If you die, I’ll feel sad!” Ye Lang replied.

It seemed to be a common word, but hearing it, Ye Lanyu and other two ladies felt touched somehow.

Seeing Ye Lang’s face, which was a bit dull, Ye Lanyu smiled, kissed Ye Lang, and saying: “Little fool! I won’t die before you. If I die, I can’t look after you any more!”

“Impossible. You are older than me and surely will die before me!” Ye Lang shook his head.

“Forget it. I don’t want to talk about this with you. Let’s go window-shopping together!” Pulling Ye Lang along, Ye Lanyu prepared to go.

“No!” Ye Lang refused out of habit and kept away from her for a long distance.

Reluctantly, Ye Lanyu had to coax Ye Lang: “Be good. I promise that I will not compel you to do anything this time. All you have to do is to follow me.”

“I don’t want to go. I’ll go to Liu Feiyan to rehearse a play. Su San,” Ye Lang began singing again.

“Do you dare not to go? Why take time to rehearse a play now, you little bastard. In the past, when your cousin was leaving, you took vacations particularly to go shopping and playing with her. Now I, your sister, am leaving, but you remain indifferent!” Ye Lanyu became unhappy and jealous.

“How could you compare that? She is a different case. I only meet her once in several years, but we meet each other every day. Even if you leave at this time, we’ll meet again in half a year at most.” Ye Lang didn’t understand what the meaning of this comparison was.

“In half a year? Will you come for us in advance? Didn’t you say that you’d arrive after playing all over?” Ye Lanyu kept on asking. According to the schedule of the competition, it still had nine months, which meant Ye Lang would arrive three months ahead of time.

“I can’t? Forget it then. I intended to go there and play first. Now I should just follow my original plan.” Ye Lang felt a bit disappointed. He thought that Ye Lanyu didn’t want him to arrive beforehand.

“Who said no? Of course you can. Keep in mind: you need to come over ahead of time, and we’ll wait for you in the Holy City!” Ye Lanyu added immediately, with a fascinating glimmer of smile in her eyes.

This was a smile straight from the heart!

“Okay! As long as I don’t get lost, I’ll arrive in half a year.” Ye Lang nodded, answering seriously.

Get lost……

This is a serious problem. If this little nitwit gets lost, he may not arrive even ten years later. This problem has to be fixed!

Therefore, three girls started discussing about this problem on the spot!

Whispers were heard. Ye Lang couldn’t hear what they were talking about, so he took the opportunity to escape. However, he didn’t even walk a step, only to find himself dragged by the collar by Ye Lanyu.

Want to run? No way!

Giving Ye Lang a cold stare as a hint to be good, Ye Lanyu went back to the discussion about the problem with the other two girls.

“Fine. That’s it! To prevent you from getting lost, we decide to take you there with us. We lead you and you can go playing!” Ye Lanyu came up with a solution that she proposed before.

Since it was also mentioned before but did not become the final choice, surely the proposal was rejected!

“Hey hey, no! I don’t want to go with girls. Too troublesome!” This was Ye Lang’s reason, such a straightforward explanation.

For this reason, Ye Lanyu and Princess Qi were certainly annoyed. They tried all means, but still failed to change Ye Lang’s decision.

In Ye Lang’s mind, females were the equivalent of troubles!

“We won’t disturb you, even if you want us to. You just need to follow our route and meet us once in several days.” Ye Lanyu explained.

In fact, this way sounded feasible. Ye Lang could play all over and was under Ye Lanyu’s guardianship. If no other factors arose, Ye Lang didn’t mind. He didn’t want to be separated from Ye Lanyu for too long, either.

Actually, he was still attached to his sister!

But now, the problem was that he would like to go for Tigress first. Both routes were totally different, so it meant they couldn’t go together.

“No. I want to see Tigress!” Ye Lang said straightforwardly.

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