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Chapter 137
Chapter 137 - Tea house and brothel Translated by Lesyt Team: Hazel Edited by Ilesyt



I have never told my painful experience, so now please listen to me.


If you will go to Nanjing, please help me send a message to San Lang.


Tell him I am to be killed by Su San and I will do everything for you in my afterlife.


It is said that there are many beautiful flowers in Luoyang, but when I came here it was not spring.


Lowering my head, I leave the Hongdong County.


Ye Lang was singing. His falsetto was so fascinating that the people nearby were intoxicated and liked this kind of music they had never heard before.


This was a tea-house, and in Ye City, it was the only one tea-house. It was even the only one on the entire continent. It was even unique in this world.


In this place, there were pubs and hotels, where people could drink together. No tea was served here because in this place, people believed that drinking alcohol made them look cool.


This tea-house was set up by Ye Lang. He did so just for fun, not as a good prospect for the tea-house market. He just wanted to spend more money!


In a word, this was a place where he could waste his family’s money because of his boredom!


On this continent, running a tea-house could help nobody earn money. Those who went to the pubs would not choose to go to a tea-house, because they couldn’t get used to it and still preferred alcohol.


Those aristocrats who enjoyed drinking tea would not deign to to go to a tea-house. That was why it was not a profitable business and nobody saw a good prospect for it!


For Ye Lang, that was why he chose to run a tea-house. For one thing, he could have some fun. For another, he could waste money, which was his goal!


Brother Seven in the beginning opposed Ye Lang investing in it. However, how could Ye Lang be obedient? How could he stop being prodigal?


“The house should be big enough to accommodate the stage.”


“Like the theatre, everyone in each room should see the stage in the middle.”


“Everything must look elegant rather than luxurious. And they must be made of the best materials.”


“For the tea, use the best leaves.”


His requirements shocked brother Seven, he tried a few times to stop Ye Lang, but failed. Ye Lang spent his own money, his hundreds of thousands of gold coins.


He felt regretful having let him have so many gold coins. He had even said that he hadn’t want them.


The more brother Seven thought about it, the more regretful he felt!


Ye Lang spent a lot of money in finishing the construction of a very expensive tea-house. This tea-house cost 200,000 gold coins in total, which was amazing enough.


However, as Ye Lang had requested, despite the high cost, the tea-house didn’t look luxurious, but elegant and refreshing.


This is what a tea-house should be!


Although Ye Lang enjoyed wasting his family’s money, he didn’t like the luxury, which made him look like an upstart. Instead, he preferred elegance and simplicity.


I am low-profile. [Ed: Snort]


Since it is a tea-house, naturally he ran it in the old way, but he changed it slightly in order to attract the people living in Ye City. In general, listening to the music theatre and drinking tea are a must.


No one could sing the Chinese music theatre, so it was re

placed by the western music theatre. But it did not take long before it was canceled by Ye Lang, as it did not feel like a real tea-house!


In order to develop the style of a tea-house, Ye Lang practiced brewing tea with a long tea-pot and other skills at any cost.


And he directly recruited some people with good voices and potential, trained them to sing, and then he wrote scripts, which were usually plagiarized versions.....


A good atmosphere was created in the tea-house, which in fact attracted many people. After all, Ye Lang ran this tea-house not for profit, and the tea was not expensive. But the tea served in the separated room was expensive like that in other places.


However, only when you stayed in the hall of the tea-house could you feel the good atmosphere. If you were in the room, you could not!


In a common tea-house, besides tea and desserts, the owner could earn money in another way. That was the customers were charged for ordering someone to sing the music theatre. Some ordered a cheap one while others ordered an expensive one. If some strove to order one, it would cost more.


The most important thing was that if the tea-house was popular, more people would spend more money there. If not, the owner would lose money. If a great number of people went there, it was impossible to lose money!


Ye Lang was in such an unexpected situation, for his tea-house became popular in a very short period of time, and it was often full of customers.


It was a new tea-house and besides this, Ye Lang contributed to its popularity. In Ye City, many people wanted to know much about this lord. Now in the city, there were many stories about Ye Lang, so they felt curious.


Of course, this only caused the tea-house to enjoy temporary popularity, but it was the tea that would attract more customers!


But Ye Lang was indeed very crucial at least until now. Ye Lang endorsed the tea-house, for many people came here for him, with little different purposes.


They had come here for Ye Lang out of curiosity, but now they came here to enjoy Ye Lang’s singing!


His employees hadn’t been well-trained yet, and Ye Lang wanted to sing on the stage. He hadn’t done so before, so he wanted to enjoy it.


Unexpectedly he did so incredibly, and everyone was shocked!


The Chinese music theatre had a history of thousands of years, naturally it had a unique charm. When Ye Lang sang a song in falsetto, his voice could be described as unforgettable.


Everyone felt very surprised, because it was surprising that a man could sing in this way. But no one knew this was created by a man in desperation.


In ancient China, singing in music theatres was a shameful career and no one showed respect for women in this industry. Therefore, few women joined in the troupe. In addition, women were not allowed to sing in some kinds of music theatres.


Few woman were willing to sing in the music theatre, but there were female roles in a music theatre. The only solution was for a man dressed like a woman to sing in falsetto!


Gradually, it became a special way of singing and had an unique charm. Finally, some men dressed in female costumes and looked as attractive as women.


Ye Lang did not wear costumes or makeup. If he had done so, a great number of people would have been crazy about him.


In fact, Ye Lang had worn costumes and makeup before, but few people had recognized him. He had created a legend and many people were crazy for a non-existent goddess.


He had to thank Ye Lanyu for that, for she had once made Ye Lang do that. When he had been a child, she had wanted to see him dressed like a female and had dressed him in person. Because of this, Ye Lang began to hate shopping with her.

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