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Chapter 136
Chapter 136 - The city and the kingdom (3) Translated by NEET Edited by Ilesyt



“Yep! I can only say that I haven’t slept well these last few days. Don’t think that I didn’t want to see you, it’s only when I see you that I can truly say I slept well!” Ye Lang replied. And in these 41 days he really hadn’t slept well. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to, but because he had no choice.


After all, he had been fleeing earlier and had been using a Yun Gong instead of sleeping. He naturally wouldn’t have dreams. Afterwards, his nerves had been frayed and he wasn’t able to enter a deep sleep so he still didn’t enter this dream. [Don’t know what Yun Gong is, problably some kind of replenishing technique he learned in the cave.]


“Hmph! If I knew who wasn’t letting you sleep well, I definitely wouldn’t let them off easily!” The girl in his dreams gritted her teeth and softly ‘hmphed’. She seemed to be both talking to herself and Ye Lang.


A couple of days made her unhappy, to say nothing of a period as long as 41 days, consequently she deeply hated the people who stopped her from seeing Ye Lang!


“I can’t say….” Ye Lang’s words weren’t unexpected to the dream girl. She guessed it would end up like this and dropped the matter and moved on to chatting with Ye Lang.


Perhaps because they hadn’t met in so long, they talked for a very, very long time, which also meant that Ye Lang slept for a very, very long time……..


Ye Lanyu and company knew that Ye Lang hadn’t slept for two days so they didn’t wake him up. When he finally woke up, it had already been 3 days. He slept for three entire days!


“Ye Lang, yesterday did you see the girl in your dreams?” Princess Qi asked the muddleheaded Ye Lang with a smile.


“I saw her, she was angry as expected. She complained that I hadn’t seen her in a long time and said she no longer cared about me. It wasn’t that long at all, only about a month. I had been fleeing for this month, so I couldn’t dream!” Ye Lang said in an innocent tone.


“To a girl a month is a very long time. It would be weirder if she didn’t scold you!” Princess Qi calmly answered. It seemed this was how she genuinely felt.


She was the same, if she were to be apart from Ye Lang for a month who knew how much she would want to see him. She had never been apart from Ye Lang for such a long time since she was small.


“Is that so? But after she said she didn’t care about me anymore she quickly changed her mind and had me come over and talk with her….” Ye Lang stupidly said.


“You’re talking like its real!” Princess Qi unhappily pointed at Ye Lang’s head. As she listened to Ye Lang make it more realistic, as if it had really happened, she didn’t know if she should feel unhappy or amused.


“It is real!” Ye Lang answered.


“Okay okay, it’s real! Ye Lang, tell me, how did you make that formation and how did you escape. Also, how did you end up in Miweila city….” Princess Qi grabbed Ye Lang’s hand and looked at Ye Lang with expectant eyes.


“That…..” This wasn’t the first time Ye Lang had to answer that question. Many people had already asked him that. However, since this time it was Princess Qi asking, he would take the time to slowly narrate everything to her.


Just like this,

the two of them spent a morning together slowly talking. Sometimes they would laugh, sometimes they would tense up, sometimes they would become rowdy, sometimes……


This scene warmed the hearts of many who saw it, but at the same time it made them feel a pleasant tinge of envy…..


The two of them had been like that since childhood, it seemed nothing had changed……




In the following days, members of the Ye family continued trickling in. Some people who were expected to come didn’t, and some people who weren’t expected to come, did. In this way, Ye Chengtian and company were able to see into the inner hearts of these people.


However, on the whole, more people than expected came. This was something Ye Chengtian and company hadn’t counted on.


Although it couldn’t be ruled out that some of these people had ulterior motives, but under the current conditions what could those motives be? Ye Chengtian’s group had to start over completely from scratch and they were aiming to do something unbelievable.


Because of how unbelievable their goal was, some people had lost heart and left but this had been an extremely small group of people!


Those who stayed until the end were all trustworthy and would be the future pillar of Ye Chengtian’s group. Moreover, Ye Chengtian’s group still called themselves the Ye family even while acknowledging those remaining in the Soaring Sky Empire as members of the Ye family, and as their clan members.


The family belonged to everyone and they wouldn’t cut them off or cut themselves off and no longer bear the last name “Ye” simply over a split!


This might also be a reason for Ye Chengtian’s group continuing to grow bigger. In the end, his branch would surpass the original in prestige. Of course, this was all in the future!


When everyone had arrived, Ye Yi made an announcement to everyone that he would transfer his position as family head to Ye Chengtian and he would not acknowledge the Soaring Sky Empire’s Ye family head.


Although he didn’t mind the loss of the Soaring Sky Empire’s Ye family’s assets, he felt a bit displeased that he had his position stolen from him in such a way. He wanted to send everyone in the Soaring Sky Empire’s Ye family a message:


Your granddaddy isn’t dead yet!


As more and more people arrived, things began to flow more and more smoothly. Ye Chengtian and company were developing the city in all aspects, and at the same time, they contacted Ye Lang’s First brother and Second sister at the number one academy, as well as his other brothers and sisters (TL note: not necessarily actual brother and sisters, remember in Chinese you can call family members of similar age to you brothers and sisters) and some other people as well to come straight here.


However, even if they didn’t notify them, Ye Lang’s First brother and the rest of them would already know about what had happened. Right now the entire continent was discussing these events. Who didn’t know that Zhao Yarou had suddenly ascended to the throne and became the new Empress while the Ye family had split into two factions.


These events made many people feel that a new era was beginning!


In their opinion, Ye Chengtian’s faction would borrow help from an outside source and then combine with their own power to get revenge and bring about a turbulent period.


At the start everyone thought the Ye family would rely on the Vermillion Bird Empire and become nobles there, while the Vermillion Bird Empire which had never had good relations with the Soaring Sky Empire, would help them attack the Soaring Sky Empire, which would be unstable after having just changed rulers.


However, no one could have predicted that the Ye family would end up settling in a small kingdom and begin developing there. Even though that country had already fallen under the control of the Ye family, it still seemed a bit too small.


Perhaps, some people understood that even if the Ye family was purged by the new Empress they wouldn’t necessarily retaliate, because if they retaliated they might bring disaster on their home country. This was something they might not wish to see.


At the same time, another thing amazed everyone. Originally everyone expected the Soaring Sky Empire would definitely be unstable for a period, but unexpectedly Zhao Yarou used strong and bloody tactics to swiftly stabilize the country under her rule.


These events didn’t seem to be related to Ye Lang, at least that’s how he felt. However, he had played a very important role in these events.


Time passed and everything continued…..


Apart from those changes, everything else continued as always and this chapter can be considered concluded…….. [ED: Stop breaking the 4th wall…]



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