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Chapter 135
Chapter 135 - The city and the kingdom (2) Translated by NEET Edited by Ilesyt





“My god!”


“My fucking god!!”


As Seventh brother inventorised Ye Lang’s things, he would periodically swear, because the list of items was far outside his expectations, completely unthinkable!


“Even though I already knew that Thirteenth, that brat, was special, but I didn’t think he would be this special. Who would’ve thought he had so many unexpected assets under his name……”


At this time Third brother was bored and had nothing to do, so he was looking through Ye Lang’s things with Seventh brother. Not only him, many others were also looking on from the side, because they were all curious just what assets Ye Lang, this godly prodigal son, possessed.


“He owns a seventy percent stake in the Dongming Lake restaurant that has recently become the Soaring Sky Empire’s, perhaps even the continent’s, most famous restaurant!”


“He’s in sole possession of the West Mountain iron mine, where the largest iron deposit in history was recently discovered……”


“He even has a stake in the Anna mercenary company. *Cough*, I’ve heard about it before but it’s still unexpected.”


“Old Seven, your stuff doesn’t account for much, if you look at this you’ll be even more amazed!”


“What?! My god, this brat even has another city! And it’s even that city that’s been developing greatly recently!”


Within Seventh brother’s hand was a contract Ye Lang had obtained from who knows where. The words on it effectively transferred a city and a city lord’s position to Ye Lang, on top of it was an undoubtedly authentic signature.


That is to say, the first city Ye Lang obtained wasn’t this Ye city, but another city.


Although Ye Lang’s assets came in all kinds of shapes and colors, but most of them shared one point in common, which was that most of them were originally money sinks. They were assets others couldn’t get rid of fast enough and Ye Lang had accepted them to be prodigal.


As a result, even though many of them had continued losing money and achieved Ye Lang’s goal – being prodigal, but among them many assets had experienced a change in fortune and started making abnormally large profits!


Consequently, as they took inventory they would say “recently etc etc………”


“Old seven, this time you lucked out. You can do whatever you want, poor me on the other hand is a general without an army. I don’t even have a single subordinate.” Third brother sighed. Seventh brother had found his interest, but he hadn’t.


He was a genius in military affairs, but right now this city wasn’t walking down that path. How was he supposed to play? Furthermore, right now he didn’t have any soldiers under him, not even one.


“Don’t worry, although we’re founding an independent city we will still need the ability to fight off invaders. There will be some soldiers for you to command. I’m sure they’ll arrive soon, when the time comes, it will all come down to you!” Ye Yi at this time hadn’t yet left. It wasn’t because he wanted to take part in the conversation, but because he was waiting for his subordinates to put the house in order.


“That’s good

then, only, there aren’t many large wars here, ai…..” Third brother became excited for a moment, but then immediately became crestfallen. Even if they annexed all of their surroundings, it wouldn’t interest him. It still wouldn’t be as big as one of the Soaring Sky Empire’s skirmishes, to say nothing of the fact that their policy was not one of invading and conquering.


“Third brother, why are you so stupid?  If there aren’t any here, why not go elsewhere. You only need to leave a group here to defend while you lead the rest as mercenaries to fight elsewhere. This way you can train troops while also making money!” Seventh brother illuminated the path to take for third brother. Of course, his other objective was very clear:


This was a source of income!


“Although your goal is base, but this idea can still be considered decent!” Third brother disdained Seventh brother, but amended his statement, “You have to provide military expenses and any money we make goes right back to the military!”




Like this, a mysterious mercenary company appeared on the continent. They only accepted war missions and never took any other mission. Moreover what made people find them mysterious was this mercenary company had a casualty rate of almost zero.


Everyone knew this mercenary company had a mysterious commander. He seemed omniscient on the battle, as if he could foresee danger and was able to evade anything that could hurt them.


Of course, it wasn’t just the company commander who was mysterious. Even the mercenaries were mysterious. Every one of them appeared to be an expert and was different from ordinary mercenaries. They had a mutual understanding between them, as if they were real soldiers and harmonized together very well.


This mercenary company was none other than the one led by Third brother. High price, high value was their specialty.


And those mercenaries were the Ye family’s secret troops who arrived later!



Early morning, everything seemed the same as yesterday, but the people had changed!


This time Ye Lang had won the city. Even though the city’s original inhabitants found it hard to accept, but they had king Gaofei’s suicide note as proof, making it hard for them to find an excuse to rebel.


However, if they wanted to rebel, if they wanted to ignore king Gaofei’s suicide note, what would happen?


What would happen might not be known, but the end result would be the same. Ye Chengtian’s group would consolidate all political power in their hands. This was why they didn’t consider whether the residents of Ye city would oppose them or if they would acknowledge their reason for taking over. They weren’t worried about whether they would be able to take over this city at all!


And Ye Chengtian and company also gave the outside world a message; their city would withdraw from the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance because they did not wish to be part of any power and wanted to maintain neutrality.


Consequently, there was some friction with the remaining twelve kingdoms from the alliance, but under the Ye family’s powerful activities in the end the twelve allied kingdoms were forced to give up on gaining Ye City back and even ended up wanting to cooperate with them.


Everything was progressing smoothly…..






“You finally found the time to see me? I was thinking you didn’t want to see me anymore!” The girl in Ye Lang’s dreams said when she saw him, a look of pleasant surprise on her face. However, very quickly her face changed and took on an unhappy look.


“If I didn’t want to see you I wouldn’t be here!” Ye Lang didn’t pay attention to her and answered as if he hadn’t noticed her anger.


“Hmph, you didn’t want to see me, it’s already been 41 days since you last appeared. Do you know how long I’ve waited here by myself!” The girl in his dreams angrily shouted.


“41 days, didn’t you just say so!” Ye Lang stupidly replied.




The dream girl momentarily fell silent. After a long time she said: “Tell me, why were you gone for 41 days?”


“I can’t tell you, as soon as I tell you we’ll wake up.” Ye Lang shook his head.


“Oh, so it has to do with your identity?” The dream girl understood.


Both of them knew, as long as it was related to their identities, issues would occur and cause them to both wake up!

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