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Chapter 133 - Absolute luck (3)Edited by Ilesyt

“Why don’t you want them, but that’s fine, your big brother can help you manage them! A small kingdom, no matter how small, is still a kingdom.” Seventh brother said reproachingly.

“True, this isn’t half bad. We can start expanding from here. We just happened to be missing a territory of our own, who would have thought Ye Lang would win one for us.” Ye Yi said. In truth he didn’t want to go to the Vermillion Bird Empire. After all, the feeling of depending on others for your survival wasn’t that great.

Now, with this small kingdom in hand, even though it wasn’t very big, it would still let them live independently at least. Moreover, for of his plans for the future, using this small kingdom was the best choice.

“Then can I not just give it to you?” Ye Lang asked.

“No, your things are yours, but we will help you set it up!” Ye Yi and company said.

“Little brother, just be your own king, after all a king is a king, the sovereign of a country….. wait, doesn’t this mean I’m a princess? Haha, Little Qi, right now we’re the same, you can’t use your identity as a princess to pressure me anymore.” Ye Lanyu smiled and said.

“Che, we’re not the same at all. You’re a princess but I’m the queen!” Princess Qi raised her head and arrogantly said.

“…..” Ye Lanyu immediately fell silent.

Upon seeing these events, everyone couldn’t help but let off knowing smiles. They hadn’t smiled like this for a while, but upon seeing the good relationship Ye Lang’s group of three had and how happy they were, they couldn’t help but wish that their childhood relationship could continue on.

“That’s right, he also put his wife at stake!” At this time Ye Lang suddenly shocked everyone.

“What?!” Ye Lanyu and company’s eyes popped out.

“How should I deal with it? Can I refuse?” Ye Lang looked at everyone and weakly asked.

“Of course you should refuse it, at most you can use her as a servant, you definitely can’t take her as your wife!” Ye Lanyu and Princess Qi simultaneously said. Although they had different thought processes, their goal was the same.

“That’s great, I was afraid you guys would make me accept someone else’s wife. I was about to immediately run away.”

“Don’t worry, even if you were willing, I wouldn’t allow it!” Ye Lanyu and Princess Qi once again answered in unison and after speaking they exchanged a glance again.

“Oh….” Ye Lang assented, it seemed he was thinking about something.

“What, do you feel it’s a shame? The person in question is a queen in the end, do you want to accept her?” Princess Qi stared at Ye Lang and asked.

“No!” Ye Lang shook his head.

“Then what are you thinking about?” Princess Qi asked.

“I’m thinking, how I can fritter away this kingdom!” Ye Lang very solemnly declared.


“Don’t even think about it, you’re the king of this small kingdom in name only. The rest of us have other plans and with your personality you shouldn’t care anyways. You don’t even know how many assets you have.  Speaking of which, take out all the things you have in your name so we can see if we can use them.” Seventh brother had been interested in the assets Ye Lang held a long time ago. In Ye Lang’s hands they were wasted, with no value whatsoever.

“I don’t wanna. I plan on being prodigal in the future, if I give them to you how do I do that!” Ye Lang refused with an excuse that made them speechless.

“Right now, even if you don’t want to give them to me, you have to. Don’t you know? Right now we’re no longer the Soaring Sky Empire’s Ye family. Right now we don’t have many assets in our name. We have to be entrepreneurs and an extra bit of starting capital means an extra bit of success.” Seventh brother refused to let the matter drop and wanted those wasted assets Ye Lang was holding on to.

“I refuse to believe that you guys are out of tricks, grandfather has had a backup plan since long ago.” Ye Lang directly retorted.

“….you’re normally so muddleheaded, yet at this time you became astute again…..” Seventh brother was speechless, it seemed that he couldn’t trick him this time.

Ye Yi definitely still had a trick or two left up his sleeve. Not just him, Ye Chengtian and company were all the same. They weren’t ordinary people. They were all people who lived their lives in the center of power. How could they not understand that there might be a day where they might be framed, made into a scapegoat!

And in actuality, this was a tradition of the Ye family. The Ye family had plenty of hidden assets scattered throughout every corner of the continent. Unless the entire continent banded together against them, they wouldn’t starve to death. No, instead it should be said they wouldn’t decline.

As for these secret assets, only the current family head knew about them. This wasn’t just done purely because the more people knew the harder it would be to maintain the secret.

Instead, it was kept secret by each Ye family head mostly in order to keep anyone in the family from attempting to seize power. It was necessary to leave oneself a trump card after all!

And this trump card didn’t consist solely of hidden assets, there was also a group of secret Ye family elites!

Consequently, if you didn’t’ receive the genuine acknowledgement of the previous family head and became the new family head through underhanded means, you wouldn’t receive the entirety of the Ye family!

This time, it could be called a split of the Ye family and as for which side was the bigger half, nobody could say for sure. It could be Ye Yi’s half or it could be the half remaining in the Soaring Sky Empire.

As for the relative real strength of the two families, the Soaring Sky Empire’s Ye family was definitely stronger than Ye Yi’s, however Ye Yi’s group had unlimited potential, so the final victor was hard to decide.

After all, a person’s strength didn’t exist purely in his present but also in his future!

And what made Ye Yi feel gratified was not his remaining cards, but rather the Ye family’s Third and Seventh brothers exhibiting their talents already. In the future, they would definitely become a powerful new wave that would push members of the old wave like him to the shore.

This was potential and the future, and it was the clan’s potential and the clan’s future!

“You can’t make me!” Ye Lang very directly rejected him.

“Thirteenth, please, your big brother is begging you.” Seventh brother wasn’t afraid to lower his social status and used his killer move.

“You’re begging me huh, fine you can have it!” Ye Lang very easily agreed. This made many people feel this wasn’t like him. It wasn’t because he had agreed, on the contrary most people thought that Ye Lang would probably agree.

They felt it was unlike him because before Ye Lang had been so stubborn, yet he had changed his mind so easily.

“Why did you suddenly agree?” Seventh brother also found it surprising and asked Ye Lang while looking at him.

“Because you begged me to!” Ye Lang answered.

“Just because of that?” This caught many people off guard.

“Of course, do I need anything else?” Ye Lang stupidly asked, “You’re my cousin, things that you beg me to do, as long as it’s within my power I will do. This isn’t a very hard thing to do either, you just want some unimportant items.”

(TL note: specifically, 7th is Ye Lang’s older paternal cousin)

“……..” Everyone fell silent. They realized that Ye Lang was returning to his usual muddleheaded self, but this was also the real him.

This was his most simple and pure self, he didn’t need too many complex things!

Ye Lang agreed just because Seventh brother had begged him, just because he was his cousin. He knew that Seventh brother wouldn’t hurt him, wouldn’t steal his things, what excuse did he have to refuse?

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