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Chapter 134
Chapter 134 - The city and the kingdom (1) Translated by NEET Edited by Ilesyt


“Okay, these are all my assets. You figure out what to do with them, I’m not giving you my money!” Ye Lang carelessly threw over all his long dormant contracts and deed, scaring Seventh brother who, promptly used his rarely seen high-level abilities to catch all of those things.


“You can keep your money to spend as you see fit. It’s not much anyways, certainly not as valuable as these. They wouldn’t be too useful anyways.”  Seventh brother carelessly said. He only wanted these assets and not plain money.


“I don’t know if you’re right about it not being worth as much, it’s quite a bit!” Ye Lang enticingly said. He wanted Seventh brother to beg him again and acted as if he was guarding a treasure.


“How much, ten or twenty thousand?” Seventh brother disdainfully said.


“Che, that time I bet on Fatty winning alone I won several hundred thousand. To express my displeasure, I made them convert it all into gold to pay me. Let me tell you, the gold I have here could squish all of you flat!” The edges of Ye Lang’s mouth curved upwards as he replied in the same disdainful tone.


“Thirteenth, your brother was wrong, take out your gold, squish me flat!” Seventh brother looked at Ye Lang with glowing eyes.


Several hundred thousand, and that was just one incident. If there were other cases, doesn’t that mean the total could reach the millions?


“If I squished you to death wouldn’t Seventh sister-in-law come looking for revenge? I’m not that stupid! I’m leaving, I need to go back home and rest. I just spent the last two days getting nagged nonstop. I haven’t slept at all!” Ye Lang yawned and prepared to go back to his hotel to sleep.


“Where are you going back to?” Princess Qi asked at this time.


“Back to the hotel, is something wrong?” Ye Lang asked foolishly.


“Of course there’s something wrong, don’t forget, right now you’re the little king of this place. This is your palace…… forget it, let’s call it a mansion, this isn’t like a palace at all.”


“Oh, that’s right, right now I’m already the king of this place. Wait no, I don’t want to be called king. This run down place can’t be called a kingdom. We don’t need a kingdom either, let’s just call this place Something City from now on!” Ye Lang, at this time remembered that he had already won this place in its entirety. If he wanted to sleep, he could just sleep here.


“Something City? What kind of name is that, also, why don’t you want the kingdom, but want the city? If you do that, wouldn’t you come under the control of others?” Someone doubtfully asked.


“Something City, I haven’t thought of what to call it, so for now let’s just call it that.” Ye Lang saying this was something many people had already guessed.


“As for coming under the control of others, who said that the city has to be under the control of a country? We are a city that doesn’t belong to any country, everything is under the control of the city lord.” Ye Lang’s words confused some people.


“Isn’t that the same as a small kingdom?” Many people expressed their confusion.


“It’s not the same, a small kingdom is a country, but a city is a city! This city won’t ha

ve any kind of national boundary and will cause people to lose their sense of being part of a country. Naturally there will be many people coming here to do things that require freedom such as trade…..” Ye Lang’s words confused people even more. They didn’t understand what he really meant.


However, some people understood and from their eyes light could be seen, indicating that they understood!


“Correct, we are a city, an independent city! Throw away the outside of a kingdom, do away with the military, found a city centered entirely around trade!” Seventh brother’s eyes lit up. It looked like he was eager to try it, the sooner he could see what the city would grow into, the better.

“Thirteenth, you really are a genius. If you wanted to, you could definitely become the continent’s hegemonic king!” Seventh brother and Third brother both had high evaluations of Ye Lang and they both were speaking from the heart.


“I don’t want to! These are things for you to handle, I’m not familiar with them and have no interest! It’s best if I remain a prodigal son. I’m going to sleep, it’s been a long time since I met the girl in my dreams, who knows if she’ll be mad at me.” Ye Lang continued yawning and then randomly picked a room to sleep in.


“The girl in your dreams, just go dream then!” Ye Lanyu, Princess Qi, and everyone else didn’t believe in Ye Lang’s girl from his dreams. They didn’t believe she was real.


And nobody knew, that this girl from his dreams really existed and would talk with Ye Lang every day in his dreams as long as Ye Lang had the time.


“Hey hey, little brother, don’t run around randomly, you don’t know the ins and outs of this place yet,  let somebody organize your things first.” Ye Lanyu only remembered when she saw Ye Lang walking far off in the distance. This was a property they had just received after all, there were many things that they had to understand and organize.


“Okay, everybody let’s get to work. From now on this city marks our new beginning! According to our Ye family’s tradition, this city will be known as Ye City! Contact the members of the Ye family, we’ll set up here!” Ye Yi ordered. In order to keep Ye Lang from randomly choosing a name and from using Tianjiu city as the city’s name, he chose a name of his own.


Ye City, just like Ye Manor was a very ordinary name, but it would definitely disturb many people.


Of course, it wasn’t like Ye Yi hadn’t thought it over. There were definitely some people here who didn’t belong to the Ye family, but this city was won by Ye Lang and was Ye Lang’s property and was not something the others were entitled to. Therefore there was no need to take their feelings into account.


Besides, Ye Yi didn’t feel that these people would all stay. They were just fleeing together and wouldn’t necessarily work together with them towards a common goal afterwards. They all had their own thoughts and their own paths.


As said above, a portion of people only stayed temporarily and then proceeded to head down their own paths. At this point, the future of the city was still uncertain and they could go to other large countries to find new positions. Of course, a talented bird chooses its roost…….


Naturally, there were also some people who chose to stay behind and help develop the city and break new ground with Ye Chengtian and company.


The last group of people were tired of the power struggles and chose to live in seclusion, but most people chose to stay because this was a city of freedom and wouldn’t have those power struggles.


And for this reason, many eccentric and unusual people would later settle here because they liked the environment here. They wouldn’t be bothered by others and wouldn’t have to bow and scrape to the authorities.


Just like this, Ye Lang carelessly founded a legendary city. Although he had only provided the initial idea and even the basic prototype was done by someone else, later generations would consider this city to have been founded by him!


Of course, Seventh brother’s name would also be passed down in history and revered by later generations. They said that if it wasn’t for him there would be no Ye City, he was the generation’s foremost statesman!


And if Seventh brother knew what the later generations would say about him he would definitely loudly scold:


What *** statesman, big brother did the most, yet he doesn’t even get as much attention as Ye Lang. Goddess-sama, you’re too biased, why do you give everything good to that brat Thirteenth and leave nothing for his Seventh brother!


Of course, the Seventh brother of now wouldn’t know about this, he was just trying to make heads and tails of Ye Lang’s assets.

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