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Chapter 132 - Absolute luck (2)Edited by Ilesyt

“Ye Lang, you know how to gamble?” Princess Qi asked Ye Lang on behalf of everyone a very important question.

“Nope!” Ye Lang answered.

“You’re lying, how could you not know? If you didn’t know, then how do you explain winning Zhizun Casino and beating King Gaofei?” The people from the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance questioned.

“It’s not him, it’s luck!” Everyone simultaneously said and then started smiling while looking at each other. It really was exactly as they had expected. This King Gaofei was truly unfortunate to have met this youngster.

“Luck?” The members of the Thirteen Kingdoms Alliance didn’t have time to ask why they were all so uniform in their response, they only wanted to know what they meant by luck.

“Correct, it’s all luck! Ever since he was born, this fellow has had a rosy future and was called the child of the gods. Although people would reject this later, but at the very least the goddess of fortune has taken care of him and his luck is unbelievably strong.” Seventh brother started to explain.

“Although gambling does have an element of skill to it, if you meet someone with absolute luck then no matter how good your gambling skills are, it won’t make a difference, because that person with absolute luck will definitely win! And thirteenth, that brat, just happens to be someone with absolute luck!”

When it came to gambling, no matter how much everything else favored you, as long as your luck was bad, you would lose. If you met someone like Ye Lang, who the goddess of fortune spoiled like her adopted son, even if you cheated, you would only be helping him win.

Over the past two days, this was what King Gaofei had confirmed with his own personal experience. He had switched between who knows how many gambling methods and cheated plenty, yet he had still lost to Ye Lang.

Dice, King Gaofei rolled three sixes, the maximum roll. Ye Lang somehow managed to roll three sixes and a one. The reason was that a dice had cracked and for some reason broke when Ye Lang threw it.

The king became depressed…

When they played Tien Gow, Ye Lang would draw a double heaven every time no matter how the shuffling was done, the result would remain the same, and the weird thing was, the shuffler was King Gaofei himself.

(TL note: Important thing to take, is basically they played cards and Ye Lang always drew the strongest combination every time, you could treat it as poker with Ye Lang always drawing a Royal Flush with Spades)

More depression…

Mahjong, Ye Lang drew a heavenly hand every time without giving his opponent any chance.


Every gambling game was tried and used, but the result didn’t change. King Gaofei felt like Ye Lang was an extraordinary secluded expert, therefore he started avoiding using games and began competing through luck instead, such as flipping coins and drawing lots.

After hearing this, Ye Lanyu and everyone else started sighing in their hearts. This King Gaofei just shot himself in the foot— he jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. To actually compete with Ye Lang, that weirdo, in luck, unless you were the goddess of fortune herself, you were doomed for sure.

Reality verified this point; nobody was luckier than Ye Lang. Ye Lang could randomly say something and predict the result.

Now, everybody understood why the door had opened earlier and why Ye Lang had exclaimed it’s a woman and that he had won. It turns out that the two of them were using that to gamble.

They were gambling on the gender of the first person to enter. King Gaofei knew the workings of his own residence so he was certain the first person to enter should’ve been his subordinate, a man!

Only, they hadn’t expected that Ye Lanyu and company would suddenly appear here, and moreover find out that the person inside might be Ye Lang, causing Ye Lanyu to be the first to enter. Once again, he had lost.

Perhaps, if sister Mandy hadn’t appeared, forcing Ye Lanyu and company to stay, and told them of Ye Lang’s whereabouts, then this gamble would’ve been Ye Lang’s loss and he would’ve lost everything he had won.

However, the goddess of fortune wouldn’t let Ye Lang lose his luck and thus arranged for sister Mandy to come and for Ye Lanyu to rush ahead of everyone else.

“Just what did you do inside to have spent two full days?” Ye Lanyu’s group asked Ye Lang.

“We were just gambling, he gambled everything he could. He’s out of ideas now, so it ended…..” Ye Lang sighed, “It’s not like I didn’t give him opportunities to win, but he was just too disappointing and kept on losing!”


What should be said here? Perhaps King Gaofei might wish he was dead?

No, it shouldn’t be said that he wished he was dead, but that he was already dead…

“Terrible news, his majesty the king has committed suicide by jumping off a building!”

“??” The sound from outside made everyone feel confused, wasn’t the king inside? How did he go outside and kill himself.

At this time, everyone looked towards where the king was and discovered that because they were all concerned about Ye Lang, nobody had noticed that the King had already quietly left.

“No way, he committed suicide just like that? Gambling really is harmful, I will close the casino!” Ye Lang expressed his regret. At the same time he was discussing how harmful gambling was, it seemed that he didn’t recognize that he was the one who had defeated the other party.

Everyone ran outside, and only when they arrived at the kings’ corpse did they confirm that this wasn’t a joke!

Everyone was curious, why had the king committed suicide, was it just because he had lost to Ye Lang, this rookie who didn’t know how to gamble? That seemed a bit like an overreaction.

“Little brother, just what did he gamble?” Ye Lanyu wrinkled her eyebrows and asked. After thinking for a bit, the only explanation she could think of was that he had definitely gambled away something he shouldn’t have.

Yes, this had to be the case, otherwise why would he commit suicide?

Everybody seemed to have no sympathy for the king who had killed himself and only cared about the cause. After all, gamblers weren’t deserving of sympathy and they deserved the consequences.

“Didn’t I say, he gambled away whatever he could think of! All of his assets, casinos, houses, land, bullion, jewels, furniture etc. He even put up his Tianjiu city and kingdom on the line….” Ye Lang slowly thought back and because there were too many things he couldn’t clearly list them all at once.

And when he reached the end, everybody’s faces had changed to looks of extreme confusion…..

“Doesn’t that mean, Ye Lang, you won this entire small kingdom, and right now you’re its king?” Princess Qi wanted to confirm.

“Yep, that’s right!” Ye Lang nodded.


Everyone fell silent; this was a story for the ages. A single person had unexpectedly won an entire kingdom, just what was going on!

Ye Lang, can you produce some more miracles to shock us, we’re about to become desensitized to your exploits!

A small kingdom, just like this, a small kingdom was easily won by a youth over the course of two days, goddess of fortune, can you be any more biased?

As for Ye Lang’s fortune, everyone could only envy him while knowing that they could never obtain it…..

Only, Ye Lang himself didn’t care about this at all!

“Why did he have to die, if he wanted them back he could’ve just asked, I don’t really care about them.” Ye Lang looked at the dead king and was confused.

He didn’t know that you didn’t care about these things; he thought that he had lost everything and so he didn’t know what else to do!

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