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Chapter 119 - Singlehandedly stopping thousands (3)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“Just, just what kind of alchemy spell is this?!”

The group of Imperial Alchemists became stunned while flying in the air when they saw the situation. This was a scene that was simply impossible for them to imagine.

Before, they were only talking about it and they hadn’t been to the actual scene, so they were in a state where they only had a feel for the numbers involved, but now it was different. They were looking at it with their own eyes, the scene of 180.000, trapped within a spell.

Very quickly, they started to closely examine the markings on the ground. They hoped to find an answer, an answer to how to replicate these circumstances.

However, they found that with their existing alchemy knowledge, they could not derive an answer. Moreover, if even they couldn’t find an answer, then that symbolized that this alchemy spell had never appeared before, making this the first instance of it.

The first instance! Wouldn’t that mean that this was something he made himself?

Wasn’t this a bit too unbelievable!

Right now, the Imperial Alchemists could only infer that this alchemy formation was discovered by Ye Lang who knows where. Otherwise, if he had created an alchemy spell like this at his age, then it was just too unbelievable!

“Is he still inside?” The captain of the dragon knights asked one of the dragon knights who had been left behind to stand guard.

“Yes, he’s still inside. Up until now, not even a single person has left!” The dragon knight replied.

“Not even a single person has left…” Everybody silently mouthed those words. How should these words be processed? Should they celebrate that Ye Lang hasn’t escaped? Or should they grieve over the fact that not a single one of the 180.000 people had broken out?

Although they had only been in the spell for a day, as dragon knights flew very fast and were incomparable as a means of transportation, this was still unbelievable.

“What do you think?” The Imperial Alchemists started discussing countermeasures. No matter what, the first thing to do was to save the people inside.

“I can’t tell! The power that this alchemy formation is giving off doesn’t seem to be anything special, why does it have such a mysterious effect?” One of the people replied.

Other people might have mistakenly assumed Ye Lang’s alchemy formation was the cause, but these people could tell that it wasn’t just the alchemy formation at work.

“Let’s test it first, see what it really is!” The Imperial Alchemists started their examination, initiating their battle of wits with Ye Lang.

Afterwards, they used various methods, including ways to save people, and ways to destroy Ye Lang’s alchemy formation, all kinds of attempts…

Yet, the more they tried, the more amazed they became. It seemed they could definitively conclude that Ye Lang’s formation was not simply based on alchemy, but was using something else as well!

But by the time they had determined this, it had already been 3 days. The army of 180.000 trapped inside was already at its limit. Their mental and physical bodies could endure no more!

What should they do? Could they only let Ye Lang entrap the army to its death like this?

“I think Ye Lang created this earth walls not just to use as obstructions. Their placement seems to have some great meaning to it.” A girl started speaking, as she looked at the Chinese divination formation, she felt a fantastic feeling in her heart.

Within these 3 days, she felt more and more strongly that those things gave off an ancient feeling, that they were more and more mysterious!

“Then let’s try destroying those earth walls!” Everybody agreed on that point. They were suspicious about them as well, but how could something that simple cause such a great effect?

Ordinary people wouldn’t believe that just a few earth walls would have such a large effect on people. That was just unbelievable.

If that was the case, then wouldn’t people be trapped as well anytime they were in a building complex?

However, at this time, they couldn’t think of any other reason. Apart from these earth walls being somewhat unusual, everything else was completely normal.

At this point, they already understood Ye Lang’s alchemy formation. In truth, it was an earth type defensive spell that only changed the terrain. In the past, it was used to change the terrain to defend against others’ attacks.

It was just that, in the past, it was never this big and could never control such a large area, to say nothing of its ability to cause changes this complex!

“It’s no use, we’ve already destroyed the earth walls before, but the people inside remained the same and were even worse off. Moreover new walls would appear very quickly!” The dragon knight replied.

“You said new walls would appear?” The girl asked.

“Yes, they would appear very quickly!” The dragon knight nodded.

“Then destroying them is definitely correct. If it was useless, then he wouldn’t repair them!” The girl thought and said: “It’s best if we pool everyone’s strength and use alchemy to disturb its layout and cause those earth walls to vanish.”

“Right, let’s try it!” The Imperial Alchemists all agreed on this point. They drew an alchemy formation on the ground and it wasn’t a small one either. After all, they weren’t battling by themselves.

When the alchemy spell was complete, the Imperial Alchemists started to activate the alchemy formation and invade upon the area controlled by Ye Lang’s formation.

Bam…! Bam...!

The earth walls started to crash into each other!

At the start, both sides had battled with their alchemy and clashed violently. Although Ye Lang had activated his alchemy spell for 3 days and was just one person, he was still able to put up a fight.

This wasn’t because he was strong, but because he had holed up here for 3 days after all, and had taken fairly comprehensive defensive measures. Even though at the start, he had just been hurriedly activating alchemy formations.

Actually, if Ye Lang had been able to prepare somewhat more before, then this time, they wouldn’t have been able to destroy his spell. At least, they wouldn’t have been able to destroy it so quickly.

And right now, Ye Lang’s formation was being invaded by the alchemists. The people inside also started to be saved one by one! They received a new lease on life!

But this was only on the outskirts, they had no way to attack the central area no matter what they did. And like this, they struggled for 3 days and 3 nights.

At this time, everybody had already forgotten about Ye Chengtian and the rest of them. They only wanted to capture Ye Lang. Right now, Ye Lang was the crucial point.

At this time, they had already set up an inescapable net, 3 layers on the inside, 3 layers on the outside, completely surrounding Ye Lang in the middle.  Even if Ye Lang were to grow wings, it would be hard for him to escape!

However, their actions were exactly what Ye Lang wanted. At least the more things played out this way, the safer Ye Chengtian and the rest of them would be. They would be able to safely reach the Vermillion Bird Empire!

As for his own safety, he had never considered it. This wasn’t because he was prepared to sacrifice himself, but because he had ways to escape and definitely would not be captured.

“Ok, it’s been long enough, I’m not going to waste any more time with you!” Ye Lang’s voice finally appeared. After so many days, this was the first time he had spoken.

His voice was very peaceful with a hint of indolence, perhaps he was simply tired…

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