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Chapter 118 - Singlehandedly stopping thousands (2)Edited by Oberon

“What are they doing?” 

Outside of the formation, Ye Yi and company were looking at the soldiers in the formation in confusion. They were like headless flies as they moved around randomly. Clearly, their target was right in front of them, yet they didn’t give chase. This was just too strange. 

It wasn’t just Ye Yi and company, the pursuing soldiers behind them and the dragon knights above were also wondering what those people were doing.

This was where the magic of the formation arts lay. Those who weren’t inside could never understand how it felt to be inside. They wouldn’t know what it looked like, or what it was like inside.

Outside of the formation, no matter what you said or what you did, the people inside wouldn’t hear or see it!

And because of this, the people behind them also entered the formation to berate those people, but found themselves in the exact same situation.

The final result was like this, more and more people entered and then the people behind them realized something wasn’t right and stopped entering, but at this point, more than half the people had already been captured.

And when they attempted to circumvent it, they discovered that they had entered a new formation. Ye Lang had already extended the formation along the two sides, he even encircled the entire army! 

When the dragon knights saw the events unfolding beneath them, they no longer knew if they should continue their pursuit. If they didn’t pursue, as long as Ye Yi and company escaped the Soaring Sky Empire’s area of control, then they would be helpless in chasing them, because dragon knights could not leave national boundaries outside of special circumstances, and even then, only a few of them could leave.

Okay, even if a few of them left the borders and caught up to Ye Yi what then? Can they defeat the Heaven Realm experts?

Therefore, they could either immediately give up, or they could keep on obstructing them and wait for the people behind them to overcome their problems. However, how long would it take for them to do that?

Looking at the situation, it was definitely going to take a while! 

“Let’s give up, we’ll go back and ask for help. If we only focus on capturing them and let the hundred thousand or so troops below us die, then our side will have lost too much!” The dragon knight captain solemnly said.

“Yes sir!” The dragon knights affirmed. It looked like they could breathe a sigh of relief.

It looked like they also didn’t wish to fight with Ye Yi and company, but it was too hard to disobey an Imperial order!

If people were to look more closely, they would definitely find that not only did the pursuers not wish to kill Ye Yi and company, even they also tried to hold back. In these last few days of battling, they would avoid killing anyone if they could as they fled.

Consequently, this fighting retreat was an event worth thinking about!

Imperial orders were definitely hard to disobey, but they could be enforced halfheartedly!

No matter how you looked at it, the ability Ye Lang showed in this incident was terrifying. If not for the Soaring Sky Empire suppressing the information, Ye Lang would most likely have become the focus of the whole continent.


“What did you say? Are you saying... Ye Lang by himself stalled everyone, both those in front and those who came after?” Zhao Yarou, who had become the Empress now, looked at the captain of the dragon knights with a shocked expression.

The front and after she was speaking of referred to the army chasing Ye Lang as the front, and the border guards as the after!

“Yes! He used a never before seen alchemy spell to trap everyone. Inside they walked back and forth but they were unable to exit his spell! Fortunately, the people inside were unharmed. His spell only trapped them and didn’t cause them any harm!” The captain of the dragon knights respectfully replied.

“Everybody… When you count up everybody, how many people were there?” Zhao Yarou wrinkled her eyebrows and asked. Like everybody else, there were some questions she already knew the answer to, but she would ask them once again anyways just to confirm it.

“A total of 180,000 people!”

“180,000 people, and yet you were held back by one person like this. How is one supposed to believe that!” Zhao Yarou sounded almost like she was talking to herself.

“Nobody dares to believe it, but it’s the truth. It was for this reason that we were unable to complete the task the Empress has given to us.” The captain of the dragon knights took the opportunity to explain.

“I understand, if you didn’t have the help of those 180,000 troops then it’s very hard for you to stop those people and you might take losses in the process. That is not something I wish to see.” Zhao Yarou said, “You made the correct choice, do not blame yourselves!”

Although Zhao Yarou was a bit crazy and a bit abnormal, she was a person who could tell what the right choice to make was.

“Right now, the most important thing is to save those 180,000 people, if matters continue as they are, who knows what will happen! Right now, the border does not have any defending troops, the defenses are completely meaningless. If the enemy finds out, it’ll become a big problem!” This was also the main reason the dragon knights had returned.

Ye Lang had trapped that 180,000 man army in order to escape, but with a 180,000 man border defense army trapped like this, any country would treat it as an emergency situation.

“Immediately take the Imperial Alchemists to resolve the issue, hopefully they will be able to think of a way to break the spell!” Zhao Yarou immediately gave orders for the Imperial Alchemists to come over and for the dragon knights to transport them.

And while they were waiting, Zhao Yarou seemed to absentmindedly ask a question: “Is Ye Lang still there?”

“He should still be inside. When I came, he was controlling the alchemy spell with himself in the center surrounded by us!” The dragon knight captain replied.

“You can ignore the others. He must be captured, don’t let him get away!” Zhao Yarou clenched her teeth. When it came to Ye Lang she could only gnash her teeth in anger.

“Yes!” The dragon knight captain accepted the order.

Anyone could understand that right now, Ye Lang’s value surpassed that of the others by far. Even if you were to search the entire continent, it was hard to find a person who could single handedly entrap 180,000 soldiers.

To say nothing of raising several people like him, he by himself was sufficient!

“If, and I’m speaking of if, he runs away, this matter must not be leaked. Nobody is allowed to say anything about this matter!” The Empress spoke in a very imposing manner. It was certain that if anyone disobeyed, she would kill them and disaster might fall on their family as well.

“Yes!” The dragon knight captain affirmed.

It’s certain this was the same, anybody could understand it, if Ye Lang escaped, then they couldn’t let anyone else take him all the same. Moreover, the best way to “protect him” was to not let anyone know about these events.

Fortunately, although this event had caused a large uproar, only the soldiers knew about Ye Lang’s last secret formation. Furthermore, only a small portion of them had clearly seen him utilizing the formation, everybody else could only guess.

So in conclusion, hiding this information wasn’t hard to do at all!

It was for this reason that Ye Lang could continue to roam freely on the continent, continue to travel and not worry about drawing the attention of the other powers!

“What did you say, he did what? Just what kind of alchemy spell did he use?” The Imperial Alchemists who originally didn’t want to come started moving after they heard that Ye Lang was in the middle.

Honestly, the reason why they didn’t come was also because of Ye Lang. Who let Zhao Yarou chase and kill Ye Lang? This was something that would definitely make them feel unhappy. To them, Ye Lang was a special existence. They had watched him grow up since he was little and gradually walk farther and farther down the path of alchemy.

Ye Lang was almost like their disciple. Even though Ye Lang wouldn’t admit this point, but they more or less all thought this way!

“How can this be! Why?! How could he have reached such a level? Will I never be able to catch up to him for the rest of my life?” Among the Imperial Alchemists, there was a girl who was tightly clenching her fists, with mixed emotions on her face.

It was very clear that this secret formation made out of alchemy, made her feel that Ye Lang stood far above her and she had to scale a mountain range that could not be scaled!

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