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Chapter 120
Chapter 120 - Underground Escape(1) Translated by Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon



“Ye Lang, stop resisting, it’s best if you just put your hands up and await capture! With your talent, the Empress won’t kill you!” The captain of the dragon knights started speaking.


“Right, even if she wants to harm you, we won’t let her do so either!” The Imperial Alchemists chimed in. They definitely weren’t just trying to coax him either, this was truly how they thought in their minds.


If Ye Lang was executed, then the world of alchemy would have lost a once in a hundred, no, once in a thousand, no that’s wrong as well, a once in a ten thousand years otherworldly genius!


This would be a disaster for the world of alchemy! As Alchemists, they definitely wouldn’t agree to let it happen!


“Thank you for your support, but I won’t go back with you. I don’t want to become one of her tools. In this world, no one can make me into a tool, and no one can make me put my hands up and await capture!” Ye Lang’s voice was very plain, but within the plainness there existed a hint of indelible pride.


“Okay, I’m leaving now, but before I go I have to commend you all. You are definitely outstanding to have destroyed my formation!”


“We’re outstanding? Then aren’t you more outstanding? Using the strength of one person to entrap 180,000 people. I think that if not for you holding back, these 180,000 people would already be dead!” The Imperial Alchemists  smiled and replied.


Anyone could see that it wouldn’t be hard if Ye Lang wanted to kill the people inside. He was capable of trapping them for 3 days, of course he could kill them.


Let’s say, that Ye Lang’s formation didn’t capture the people and killed them instead, then perhaps it wouldn’t have just been a 180,000 people. After all, holding people was much harder than killing them!


Of course, this was just what the people of the continent thought. They wouldn’t know that the Chinese Divination formations followed the path of heaven and earth. Every formation would have an eye that would allow people to escape.


In reality, nobody had escaped Ye Lang’s formation because apart from luck, he had constantly been changing the eye. Otherwise, with a 180,000 people, there definitely would have been lucky people who would have entered the eye.


“If you know that, then you should be thankful in your hearts and not treat me this way!” Ye Lang lazily said, causing the soldiers and officers present to feel embarrassed.


No matter if it was them being trapped by Ye Lang, or asking Ye Lang to put his hands up and surrender, or even the way they were surrounding Ye Lang right now, trying to capture him, it all made them embarrassed!


“I’ll say it once again, I’m escaping!”








After Ye Lang finished speaking, the earth walls in the center fell down and those people trapped in the center saw a way out. It was a feeling like that of being reborn after death, they all frantically ran away from that place that gave them a feeling of death!


Instantly running away in all four directions, the center area became filled with people “fleeing”!


These circumstances made everyone think that Ye Lang might try to take advantage of the chaos to escape!


“Everybody stand where you were before, stop panicking!” The dragon knight captain shouted.


These people deserved to be called soldiers as they very quickly calmed down and accepted the careful examination of everyone. Everyone knew about Ye Lang’s ability, even if you yourself examined him, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell.


Therefore, they had to be more careful, more precise, moreover, even after examination, they still had to carefully observe them!


Just like this, they spent a very long time examining. Of course, the central area of the alchemy spell was also examined. After they confirmed no one was there, they became even more careful.


Because Ye Lang had already mixed into the group, or at least that’s what they thought!


But in reality, this wasn’t the case. As the Imperial Alchemists closely examined the alchemy formation, they discovered that in the vicinity of the formation, there was an underground passageway concealed by a collapsed earth wall.


Ye Lang had escaped through this underground passageway long ago!


With this much time, Ye Lang had plenty of time to use alchemy to “excavate” a long tunnel to escape the encirclement of the army and easily attain freedom!


They could think until their heads hurt, but they couldn’t anticipate this move of Ye Lang’s!


Things being the way they were, they could only shake their heads and sigh. They knew they could no longer catch Ye Lang. Just Ye Lang himself, how were they supposed to catch him?


Not to mention, Ye Lanyu and company had long since left the Soaring Sky Empire’s sphere of influence after so many days had passed!


Afterwards, the Imperial Alchemists all stayed behind and studied Ye Lang’s formation. Although it wasn’t complete, it still brought them some benefits.


Moreover, this place would later become an area guarded by the soldiers where unauthorized personnel were not allowed entry. As time passed, a new city formed nearby, which was outside everyone’s expectations.


On the other hand, Ye Lang’s formation would become a legend for generations to come. It would become a relic that would cause the Soaring Sky Empire to feel proud, or perhaps, it should be said that it wasn’t limited to just the Soaring Sky Empire. It was a source of pride for the continent.




“Trash, trash, you’re all trash!! You still couldn’t catch him!!” Zhao Yarou’s fury was enormous, but there was nothing that could be done!


Furthermore, there were many things she had to take care of right now. She had to stabilize her rule, so for now, she could only drop this matter, but this was only temporary!


“Ye Lang, sooner or later, you will fall into my grasp!”




“It’s already been seven days, why hasn’t brother caught up yet? Did he go off to party somewhere again?!” Ye Lanyu looked back and hoped that Ye Lang’s figure would appear in her field of view.


She didn’t think that anything would happen to Ye Lang, because she believed in Ye Lang. If Ye Lang didn’t tell her that he would be fine, she would be worried, but this time, she calmed down after he said so!


And it was only her who would believe in Ye Lang like this. Princess Qi and Zhen Xiaoyan were still a bit worried that Ye Lang had run into something unexpected. They were the same as everyone else and weren’t too optimistic.


After all, Ye Lang was facing off against an army of over a hundred thousand by himself. It was too hard to imagine that he would have a way to deal with them.


Moreover, seven days had passed in the blink of an eye and no news about Ye Lang had reached them. This was just too unsettling!


They didn’t know that all information about Ye Lang was being suppressed, so of course they wouldn’t be able to get any information on Ye Lang. They didn’t know that Ye Lang had already escaped.


Besides, if they knew about this, they would definitely worry about something else. That was whether or not Ye Lang would get lost, or if he would forget about regrouping with them.


Everyone knew that once Ye Lang escaped, and was in a safe situation, he might return to being muddleheaded and run around all over the place. When that happened, to say nothing of being discovered by the Soaring Sky Empire’s people, it was uncertain whether he would even be able to find the right path. This was also something that Princess Qi and company were worried about.


Perhaps right now, Ye Lang was heading back towards the Soaring Sky Empire, his excuse would be an unbelievably bad sense of direction that left people senseless…


What was the truth?

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