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Chapter 117 - Single Handedly Stopping Thousands (1)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

Hurry up and go! Stop staring at me!” Ye Lang wasn’t polite to Zhen Xiaoyan at all. Thinking about how at the very start, he had chased her away, how could he be gentle to her?

And at the same time, Ye Lang inwardly felt that this Fatty’s words were a bit weird. Clearly, it was him who wanted her to be his cooking wife, so how did it become him having to eat her food? Moreover, he couldn’t hope to run for the rest of his life?

What was going on?

Ye Lang couldn’t understand, and right now, he didn’t have the time to understand, so he put the matter aside for now.

“Little Qi, why aren’t you speaking?” At this time, Princess Qi didn’t say anything and left silently, Ye Lang found it unusual.

“What do you want me to say? If I say I want to stay and accompany you, will you agree?” Princess Qi lowered her head and spoke peacefully.

“… It’s best if you don’t speak!” Ye Lang replied simply.


Like this, everybody bade farewell to Ye Lang. He was left by himself, drawing the alchemy formation on the ground while they fled as fast as they could to get ten li away in the shortest amount of time. This was what Ye Lang wanted, as well as the only thing they could do right now.

Ten li away, everybody simultaneously turned their heads to look at Ye Lang. They could only see that an alchemy formation about 20 meters in diameter had formed where he stood and within it, there were also many child formations of varying sizes. 

Right now, within the alchemy formation, magic crystals were placed at various places. This was a frequently used item in alchemy formations that allowed alchemy formations to be better constructed!

This alchemy formation was mysterious, yet enchanting!

And at the same time, the army behind them had arrived in front of Ye Lang. The distance between them originally had only been ten li or so, but they only maintained a safe distance and didn’t approach Ye Lang.

The army was like flowing water and surrounded Ye Lang, the rock inside. Of course, the people on the sides were also like flowing water and kept on going forward in pursuit!

Getting close to an alchemist, especially one that was in an alchemy formation, was definitely not a wise thing to do. Even if they didn’t know who Ye Lang was, the pursuers wouldn’t approach him, to say nothing of when they knew who he was.

“Thirteenth Young master, long time no see. You had best surrender, we will guarantee your safety and won’t let the Empress do anything to you!”

Unexpectedly, there were Ye Lang’s acquaintances among the officers. *Cough* they were people acquainted with Ye Lang, but Ye Lang didn’t know who they were!

And listening to the meaning of his words, he wouldn’t let Zhao Yarou kill Ye Lang. Moreover, it wasn’t just him; it looked like Ye Lang’s popularity was quite high. 

In truth, if Ye Lang had been captured, nothing would’ve happened. Many people would’ve protected him out of the expectations of many people, including Zhao Yarou. She couldn’t have guessed that Ye Lang would have so much support, that so many people would protect him even if he no longer had power and influence, even if he had made a mistake.

“I believe you guys, but I don’t believe that weird woman. She’ll do anything! Okay, that’s enough, you’ve already entered the area of effect, sorry, but I’m going to have you stay in the spell for a while!” After Ye Lang spoke, he placed both of his hands on the ground…

Ye Lang’s pair of hands started to emit light, and from there, the alchemy formation also started to slowly let off light with Ye Lang’s hands at the center. The light flowed like water and the entire alchemy formation lit up.

Afterwards, when the entire alchemy formation lit up, the beams of light extended outwards and very neatly expanded out as if it was drawing an alchemy formation, turning the entire area into a giant alchemy formation. Moreover, this alchemy formation consumed all soldiers within ten li.


“What is this?”

The soldiers started to panic. This was something unfamiliar that they had never seen before, and when people met the unfamiliar, they would naturally feel fear, especially when they were in the middle of the it.


After Ye Lang briefly shouted, the light became even brighter and started to blind…

And after the bright light, the earth began to shake. Next, earth walls and earth mounds started to rise up one after another…



The soldiers were knocked into a mess by the rising earth walls and earth mounds, and they began to fear that after these mounds and walls would be other things that would plunge them into a hopeless and terrifying abyss!

However, they didn’t expect that nothing else would happen after the earth walls and earth mounds. If anything, it was just that earth walls kept on rising up out of the ground!

It looked like this was the limit if it relied only on Ye Lang’s individual power.

However, even if it was limited to this, everybody was still in awe of Ye Lang’s alchemy. Using one person’s strength, he was able to disturb the ground within ten li, causing everyone to feel fear!

Was that to say, Ye Lang’s strength was limited and he wasn’t able to do what he wanted?

No, definitely not, he definitely did not overestimate himself, he wouldn’t attempt to do things that were outside his abilities!

This was exactly the result he wanted!

Formations weren’t necessarily alchemy formations, there were other kinds of formations as well!

After getting back their composure, the soldiers once again started their pursuit. According to their train of thought, they could work their way through the earth walls and mounds that were in their way and go around any new walls that appeared.

However, they kept walking, and walking, yet they couldn’t get out!

Afterwards, some people realized that Ye Lang might’ve been making a labyrinth, so they started to directly break the walls, but after they broke the walls they discovered it was as if they had entered a different world, a world they could never exit!

What was going on? The current circumstances seemed similar to Zhuge Kongming’s 'Nine Palace Eight Trigrams' formation, the formation that could render a hundred thousand troops helpless.

[Tl note: Zhuge Kongming is Zhuge Liang who can be googled if you don’t know who he is.]

Correct, this was the art of formations from ancient Chinese divinations, the Eight Trigrams formation. It was an art that only tied people up and did not kill them!

[TL note: Formation and spell are the same in character in Chinese.]

Don’t forget, Ye Lang was not a pure alchemist. He had mixed in Chinese divinations with his alchemy a long time ago, or perhaps, it could be said that he had mixed alchemy into Chinese divinations.

He used alchemy to directly alter the environment and utilize his art of formations.

[TL note: So I’m not too familiar with this, but my guess is that the art of formations is like Feng Shui where you have to place objects in certain places and change the landscape in certain ways and using alchemy to do it speeds up the process]

At the same time, alchemy had another benefit; Alchemy made it easier to control a formation and change it to suit your intentions. Of course, this had a prerequisite that you had to have the ability to do so from the start!

Right now, Ye Lang was in the eye of the formation and was controlling it. At the same time, he was keeping the eye from being destroyed. Right now, he was swallowing up all the pursuing troops bit by bit. Perhaps he would create a new legend, a legend of single handedly stalling a hundred thousand troops. *Cough* Perhaps… There should be that many troops right?

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