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Chapter 116 - Dragon Knights (3)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

Those black dots turned out to be dragon knights. This legendary branch of the armed forces was a trump card that wasn’t even guaranteed to appear in a battle between two empires, yet they were mobilized here! 

Every empire and kingdom possessed dragon knights, either in large or small numbers. Among them were magi and warriors, yet it seemed that no alchemist had ever become a dragon knight.

Of course, apart from special individual cases, the three empires' dragon knights were much better than those of other countries, regardless of whether it was the dragons or the knights.

Dragon knights became the trump card of the military, because apart from being able to fight in the air, dragon knights possessed powerful dragon breath attacks that could burn everything. Under a dragon breath, even peak experts would be hard pressed to defend!

And since they were considered legends, of course they were very rare. This was because dragons weren’t found everywhere and docile dragons were even rarer! 

At the same time, the type of dragons that the dragon knights were riding could only be considered bottom tier dragons that couldn’t even change into human form. Only a few dragons knights were riding dragon species that could change into human form!

And these dragon knights were the highest tier of dragon knights and they wouldn’t easily appear!

This time, to deal with Ye Lang and company, calling out the dragon knights was already placing them in high esteem and those top tier knights shouldn’t make an appearance.

“This weird woman, she’ll do anything. She isn’t afraid of these dragon knights being hurt!” Ye Lang’s eyebrows wrinkled, seemingly thinking of something, making a decision.

“That’s right! Using dragon knights to chase us isn’t a good choice. We have to make it so that even if she wants to cry later it’ll be too late!” Ye Chengtian grandly and loftily said.

Although there were dragon knights, they still weren’t afraid. If the circumstances were normal, without an army chasing them, if it was just them and the dragon knights, the victor would be uncertain.

Dragon knights were powerful military forces, but with Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian, those two Heaven Realm experts, and several experts nearing the Heaven Realm, the dragon knights wouldn’t be able to easily win.

Don’t forget, Heaven Realm experts were also legendary and powerful existences in the secular world, they could even battle with dragons! Naturally, dragon knights weren’t out of the question.

Dragon knights became the ultimate branch of the military because they were similar to modern fighter jets. They could still be destroyed by strong opponents, and at the same time you couldn’t use a fighter jet to kill an insect. They required protection.

Dragon knights were the same. The main reason why they weren’t deployed was because they required protection. The loss of any dragon knight would cause a decrease in national power.

Are dragon knights weak? This wasn’t the case. Using dragon knights to fight normal experts was absolutely safe, but against Heaven Realm experts, careful consideration was required.

Heaven Realm experts were best dealt with by same level experts and not dragon knights!

This time, Zhao Yarou didn’t dispatch Heaven Realm experts because she had just taken the throne. She still couldn’t exert control over that special group of people known as Heaven Realm experts and Ye Yi’s name was extremely well known. It was certain that she wouldn’t be able to mobilize anybody.

Dragon knights were different. No matter how legendary they were, they were still members of the military and were people that she could move around!

“They won’t battle with us, they will only obstruct our progress to allow the soldiers behind to encircle us. Then… We can only wait for capture or death!” Third brother spoke of a very difficult matter.

“The way things are now, we can only do that…” Ye Lang wrinkled his eyebrows and very seriously remarked.

“Huh? What do we do? Do you have any ideas?” Ye Yi looked at Ye Lang, a little suspicious and very expectant.

“You guys go on, I’ll stay behind!” Ye Lang spoke a sentence, and at the same time, he jumped down from behind Ye Lanyu and gracefully landed on the ground, his skill unexpectedly beautiful.

“What are you talking about? Don’t do anything stupid!” Ye Yi and everyone else immediately stopped and looked at Ye Lang, who had already been left behind by a large margin. 

Ye Lanyu didn’t object. She just turned her horse around and wanted to go to Ye Lang’s side to pull him back on the horse!

“You guys go on, don’t worry about me, I have a way to force the army behind us to stop. That way, those dragon knights will be useless!” Ye Lang took out a “baguette” and started drawing a pattern on the ground...

An alchemy spell! 

This appeared to be the first time Ye Lang had drawn an alchemy spell on the ground in front of everybody. Moreover, this was the first time they had seen an alchemy spell this big. Clearly, he was about to use some kind of alchemy that nobody had seen before.

From the level of preparation, it was clear that this alchemy spell’s power wouldn’t be small! 

This made everybody feel more reassured and place their hopes on this alchemy spell. However, can alchemy done using the power of a single person really stop all those soldiers behind them?

“Hurry up and go! Did you hear me? If you come here, you’ll also be stuck in the spell. At that time, will it have any meaning?” Ye Lang shouted in a deep voice, “Run ten li away from here as fast as you can!”

Ten li? That is to say… His spell has an area of effect of ten li? Isn’t that a bit too big? At least for one individual, this was too big!

“Little brother!” Ye Lanyu stopped and looked at Ye Lang. 

“Sis, relax, nothing will happen to me, if I’m by myself it’ll be safer!” Ye Lang smiled and said. Towards Ye Lanyu, he could never be fierce.

‘By myself it’ll be safer’, everybody present believed those words. Even without the escape of the last few days, just looking at his frequent disappearances in the past and those records of him disappearing without a trace, it was clear that if he wanted to run, nobody could catch him!

“Then you have to quickly catch up! Also, remember to take care of yourself!” Ye Lanyu repeatedly warned.

“I know, I’ll catch up very quickly!" Ye Lang continued to draw the alchemy spell. It became more and more complex, causing people to feel that it was more and more mysterious.

If it wasn’t for the fact that right now, there was no time, alchemists like Zhen Xiaoyan would all stay behind to closely study and learn from it!

“Ye Lang, you can’t die, you still have to eat the food I make. Don’t even think about running away for the rest of your life!” Zhen Xiaoyan whispered. As an alchemist, she was a bit more knowledgeable about alchemy, but also a bit more worried.

Under this world’s current level of alchemy, it was impossible for alchemy used by a single person to have the power to stop this many soldiers. Unless the preparations were very very extensive, perhaps requiring many months, or even years, yet Ye Lang had only prepared for a little while. It was completely impossible.

Yet, inside Zhen Xiaoyan’s heart, she believed in Ye Lang. She believed that he had a way, believed that he could create a miracle. Otherwise she wouldn’t have left so simply!

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