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Chapter 115 - Dragon Knights (2)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

Outside of Third brother’s expectations, Ye Lang contributed greatly during their escape. He surprisingly had methods to allow their horses to constantly maintain a gallop and even surpass their original speed, allowing them to swiftly approach the border.

How? Everybody was curious. They only saw Ye Lang feed every horse a small pill which allowed them to gallop for a while. Afterwards, he fed them another pill and they kept running! 

Do you know about doping? No, it should be called strengthening here. As an Alchemist, it would be too pathetic to not possess this kind of drug!

However, after these warhorses came off of the drug, they would probably be very sick… 

“Trash! A bunch of trash! You’ve chased him for so long yet not only have you not caught up, you’ve let him widen the distance!” These days, Zhao Yarou’s mood had constantly been poor and many people had suffered as a result.

Right now, she had already smoothly become the Empress and had grasped absolute power under the heavens. As for the underhanded bloody methods she had used, those ordinary people would never know.

Right now, everyone in the Empire, from top to bottom, knew that a group of unbelievable people, who couldn’t possibly betray the Emperor, had conspired to kill the Emperor. Afterwards, Zhao Yarou had appeared and denounced their crimes and ordered them to be encircled and annihilated, killed without mercy!

Of course, many people suspected it might be Zhao Yarou herself making a grab for the throne, but nobody dared to voice their suspicions. Besides, she was already Empress right now, unless you wished to rebel, you could only obey her.

“Him? Not them?” The people next to Zhao Yarou found it a bit strange, why did the Empress keep on referring to those people as “him”?

“No matter what methods you have to use, what price you have to pay, you absolutely cannot let him get away!” Zhao Yarou coldly harrumphed. Next, she turned to a girl next to her and spoke, “You’re really confident that you can build a better alchemy weapon than his?”

“I can, I definitely can!” The girl nodded and answered confidently. 

“Okay! Whatever you need, just ask. I will fulfill all your requirements!” Zhao Yarou looked at the girl. She could see Sha Lan’s future prestige. At the same time, she could see her darkness.

“You guys, if you can’t do it, use the final trump card!” Zhao Yarou clenched her teeth and made a decision which didn’t seem to be a small one.

“The final trump card? Could it be…” 

“Third brother, my admiration for you is like a torrential river, constantly flowing and never ending…” Ye Lang looked at his Third brother, his eyes gleaming with a look of admiration on his face.

And at this time, he still wasn’t riding on his own and was sharing a horse with Ye Lanyu, but this time, he wasn’t riding backwards. Both of his hands were wrapped around Ye Lanyu’s waist, very unhurried and free, not looking like he was being pursued by an army at all.

“No no, be serious!” Third brother waved his hands and looked unhappy, but from his eyebrows, it could be seen that he enjoyed Ye Lang’s admiring gaze.

This was the border of the Soaring Sky Empire. Right now, the Soaring Sky Empire’s soldiers were ten Li behind them, watching them proudly moving forwards. Behind those soldiers were even more soldiers and horses, but they had an even smaller chance of being able to catch up to Ye Lang and company.

Within this time period, Ye Lang and company had brazenly traveled within the Empire. However, they would often send out a group of people to confuse their pursuers and caused the soldiers to run back and forth.

Third brother’s clever arrangements had caused the Empire to be led by the nose, placing its movements within the palm of his hands, causing the Empire’s soldiers to wonder if they were really trying to encircle and annihilate the enemy.

Although saying this was simple, it wasn’t that easy to do in practice. Fortunately, these people were all peak experts and could all swiftly complete their tasks.

After this, some people would specially study this retreat to realize the importance of understanding the enemy as well as the importance of seizing victory by surprise!

In terms of understanding the enemy, Third brother used a large portion of the holes in the Soaring Sky Empire’s military affairs to complete his stratagem, and without this knowledge, it would be completely impossible to plan out this stratagem!

As for seizing victory by surprise, it could only be grasped through intuition and could not be taught. In any case, it was necessary to escape the expectations of the enemy while also avoiding a result outside of your own expectations. Otherwise, it would have the opposite effect.

Through a part of the plan, Ye Lang and company successfully broke through the Empire’s defensive line. Moreover this defensive line was broken through by exploiting the holes within it, just like the previous obstacles. In this case, the holes were used to move the border troops behind them, and by the time they realized what had happened, their window of opportunity had already passed.

And these border troops were the greatest obstacle to Ye Lang and company, who knew they would be so easily dealt with!

Thus, at this time, Ye Lang was not reserved in his praise and looked at his Third brother with an intense gaze…

“Stop joking around, we can’t relax yet. If we let them catch up to us, we’ll be stuck in a hopeless situation. If that happens, there will be no hope left!” Ye Yi reminded.

At this time, they could be considered to have evaded the Soaring Sky Empire’s soldiers but if they were encircled, then even if they were stronger on average, they could only die.

This was the border, so the number of troops was several times that of the Imperial capital. Moreover, they didn’t have the advantage of obstacles like they did in the Imperial capital. Here, apart from them, there were only soldiers, nothing else existed!

Under these circumstances, if they were stalled, then even if they were all Heaven Realm experts, they would still have difficulty getting away! What’s more, there were only two Heaven Realm experts!

Hopefully nothing unexpected happens!

But sometimes, the heavens won’t fulfill the wishes of humans. Even though the goddess of luck had always favored Ye Lang, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t let Ye Lang taste a little suffering.

“Um, father, grandfather, are my eyes mistaken? I see something in the sky that I don’t think should be there.” Ye Lang turned his head around and looked at the sky. His tone grew thick, no longer as lighthearted as before.

Ye Lang’s sudden change caused Ye Yi and everyone else to grow alert and follow Ye Lang’s line of sight to see…

And after they saw what Ye Lang was speaking of, that thing that shouldn’t be there, their expressions all became grave and at the same time… Amazed! It was very clear, the appearance of this thing was outside of their expectations!

“It can’t be, they even brought those out? They hold us in too much esteem!” Ye Chengtian bitterly smiled.

“Indeed, fifty years ago, even during the campaign against the Vermillion Bird Empire, those weren’t brought out, and we’re just a small group of refugees, is there really a need?” Third brother angrily spoke, the appearance of those would cause the complete failure of his escape plan.

At this moment, when they were about to win, for this kind of shift to happen, anyone would be unhappy!

“What did you see?” Some people with weaker eyesight asked, such as the magic user, Ye Lanyu, who could only see black dots like a bunch of birds.

“Dragon knights!” Ye Lang said the words that made many people lose all hope.

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