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Chapter 114 - Dragon Knights (1)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

 “Forget it, you can learn it later. It shouldn’t really take long for you.” Ye Chengtian was a bit speechless, this situation was truly hard to blame on anyone.

And right now, there was no time to worry about that. They couldn’t force Ye Lang to learn now while they were on the run after all. Moreover, looking at the circumstances, Ye Lang wouldn’t think he needed to learn either. If you tried to convince him, then even if you tried for a year you still wouldn’t succeed!

“We’ll talk about this later! Sis, come back here for a bit! Mom, grandmother, you come as well!” Ye Lang put his telescope down and spoke.

“What is it?” Ye Lanyu wasn’t far from Ye Lang originally, so she was able to come over quickly. Long Anqi and Yuan Lian Er also came over very quickly.

“Grandmother, use your magic and spread a layer of water over the ground behind us. Mom and sis, freeze the water, the more area you can cover the better, remember not to let them see you!” Ye Lang said.

After he spoke, everybody understood his intentions. He wanted to use ice to freeze the ground over and cause chaos in the ranks of the pursuers, obstructing their pursuit.

Although this tactic was very simple, it was definitely effective!

However, Ye Lanyu didn’t understand one point: “Why do you need grandmother, we can directly freeze the ground.”

“This is to create the maximum effect, you can’t do much by yourself otherwise, stupid sis!” Ye Lang impolitely retorted.

“You dare to call me stupid! See if I punish you!” Ye Lanyu extended her small fist and threatened.

“I won’t speak!” Ye Lang very wisely chose silence.


After Ye Lanyu harrumphed, she started working together with her mother and grandmother, freezing the ground behind them. Under Ye Lang’s instruction, they created sections of ice behind them, icing a section over, then stopping for a bit. Sometimes the instructions were very precise. and at the end. he just let them do as they liked and ice over sections randomly.

This way, they could confuse the pursuers and better stall for time. Ideally, they would completely stop their pursuers!

This idea worked very well and caused chaos in the ranks of the pursuing soldiers to the extent where they had no way to continue chasing them. Handling the frozen ground took a long time, they could only use fire magic to open the way, but afterwards, the ground would become wet and also give them difficulty.

By the time they had gotten through, Ye Lang and company had shaken them off long ago. However, this was the Soaring Sky Empire’s territory, so even if the soldiers were no longer chasing them from behind, there were definitely many soldiers waiting in ambush ahead.

If they were obstructed by them, then those behind would definitely catch up. Therefore, Ye Lang and company found themselves in difficult circumstances and now faced a choice.

“As things are right now, we make too big of a target. It’s best if we split up and then regroup at the Vermillion Bird Empire!” Ye Chengtian pointed out.

“That sounds good! But if we do that, our strength will be reduced and it might be even harder to escape!” Ye Lang desired to maintain the status quo.

If it was only the experts of the Ye family, then splitting up was the best choice, but right now, the situation was different. The people running away were not few in number, and among them were some who were weak and even some who were ordinary people. If they were to split up, it was certain that the least amount of people that would be captured would be just under half of them.

Although there were times when warriors had to choose to sacrifice their arms and sacrifice a few to save the many, at this time, such a sacrifice wasn’t necessary!

“Then what do you propose we do?” Ye Chengtian asked. To those present, Ye Lang was someone they all had faith in. The fact that he was able to help them all get away safely was a testament to his abilities.

Although all of them were also worried that Ye Lang would suddenly become muddled, thankfully Ye Lang hadn’t messed up anything big yet, so they could still trust him!

“Keep running, sometimes having more people is a good thing, it can tell people where we are!” Ye Lang said with a smile.

“Huh?? It’s considered good for people to know where we are?” Everyone was confused, no matter how you looked at the issue, it should be a bad thing.

“They only know where we are, they don’t know what our next step will be, there will be opportunities to shake them all off!” Ye Lang smiled and said.

Ye Lang’s words perked up some of the people present. These people were well-versed in military maneuvers and warfare and came from prestigious military families. As long as they were given an impetus, they could all produce stratagems to implement it.

“Then what do you plan on doing?” Ye Chengtian started smiling, but his smile was different from Ye Lang’s. His was a smile of gratification.

“I don’t know!” Ye Lang very bluntly said.

“You don’t know? What does that mean?” Ye Chengtian froze, his gratified smile also disappeared.

“It doesn’t mean anything, I just don’t know! These matters were best left to you guys from the start. I’m not familiar with the Empire’s troop deployments so I have no way to develop countermeasures!” Ye Lang bit into one of Zhen Xiaoyan’s pastries and replied irresponsibly.

“…..” The onlookers immediately went silent.

Truly, it was hard to describe this brat, even at this time he was still messing around. He was perfectly fine without knowing anything, but his suggestions were still interesting and were outside of everyone’s expectations.

And in truth, Ye Lang really didn’t know, he wasn’t familiar with these things. He didn’t even know the route they were taking, yet he was being asked what to do. On the other hand, the other people were practically all important figures in the Empire who knew the entirety of the Empire like the back of their hand.

Know yourself, know your enemy, and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles, I’m sure everyone understands this!

(TL: Quoting Sun Tzu I think)

“In truth, right now is when we should be stepping up. With so many of us here, are we really all relying on Ye Lang by himself?” Ye Yi looked at his sons and grandsons. He did not wish for a single genius. He wished for each of his descendants to have excellent abilities.

And right now was the time to bring out their hidden potential. Even if a price had to be paid, it was fine. As long as they grew from the experience, it would be worth it!

“Thirteenth just reminded me, I thought of a stratagem, as long as it’s used correctly we can smoothly escape this predicament!” The Ye family’s Third young master spoke up.

This Third young master of the Ye family was a terrifying genius in the arts of war who was well known for his excellent stratagems. He was also a general who commanded a large army in the Soaring Sky Empire and he turned 33 this year.

“Speak!” Ye Yi clearly and simply said.

“Let’s first…..” The Ye family’s Third young master started to explain his stratagem. Afterwards, Ye Lang felt even more strongly that his decision had been correct. If it was him, even if he thought until his head hurt, he wouldn’t be able to come up with a stratagem like this.

And to think of this clever stratagem in a short time, he definitely was a genius.

The various parts of the stratagem were closely linked and used some special circumstances of the Empire, even using the Empire’s troops to help them!

No matter how fast the news traveled, there would always be a time lag, as well as moments of uncertainty. Thus, when certain objectives were completed, they could be used to lead towards a secondary hidden goal!

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