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Chapter 105 - Variable (1)

“You really are an erractic factor that causes disturbances in the plans.” Zhao Yarou became silent for a while. She was a little scared, because she would’ve been in danger if Ye Lang had attacked her when she had been inattentive.

She understood this, so she directly killed the Emperor.

“For that same reason, even if you are to become my subordinate, I will still kill you. Only when all of the Ye family die can I be absolutely safe.” Zhao Yarou said straightforwardedly, telling him that she would kill him in order to take revenge and avoid being thwarted from the throne.

“What you want to do has nothing to do with me.” Ye Lang didn’t understand why she thought he prevented her from gaining the throne.

 “Really?” Zhao Yarou asked him with surprise.

“Yes. No matter who gains the throne, he or she can be an excellent king or queen if he or she works diligently and cares about the people. I don’t care whether you have usurped the throne. You should also know that as a queen, one day, that you may be killed.” Ye Lang calmly said.

He told her the harsh fact that the civilians, aristocrats, and ministers only judged the ruler from his or her political performance. They didn’t care about his or her personality and how he or she had gained the throne.

If some people couldn’t accept him or her, they would gradually rebel.

“So why were you against me? If you had supported me, I wouldn’t have done what I did today.” Zhao Yarou stared at Ye Lang and grit her teeth.

“I was against you, but did anyone listen to me?” Ye Lang asked casually.


Almost everyone here would say so.

“I listened to you.” Zhao Yarou continued to grit her teeth. “Although you are stupid, what you say is correct every time. Sooner or later, because of your words, I would have failed to inherit the throne. I can’t fail, so the best way is to usurp the throne at any cost in advance.”

“Really, you are really horrifying. In order to ensure that you gain the throne, you killed your own father. Originally, I thought you were just a potential villain, and sooner or later, you would do something terrifying. I didn’t expect you to take action so soon.” Ye Lang said. He had already thought about it, but he thought she would do so in a few decades.

“Why were you sure that I would do so? Is that because I answered those questions? What did your questions test for?” Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang and remembered that he had asked her some questions.

Ye Lang glanced at Zhao Yarou, speaking slowly, “Those questions tested for your mental state. Perhaps you don’t understand, but you should know that the more right answers one can give, the more possibly he or she suffered from mental illness. You even gave all the right answers. I guess I don’t need to explain anything more to you.”

“I got it. No wonder you said we did a good job when little Qi and I didn’t give the right answers. I thought that you were laughing at us.” Ye Lanyu said.

“Fine, I didn’t expect that with just several questions, you could tell what I am really like. Over the past ten plus years, I have pretended to be well-behaved but my efforts were in vain.” Zhao Yarou smiled and said. Her smile was very mysterious.

“Well, let’s stop here. If any of you want to be my subordinate, please go to the palace and you will receive a warm reception. If you want to die, stay outside and people will come for you.” Zhao Yarou found she had talked too much with Ye Lang, so she immediately got down to business.
“Wait, I want to figure something out.” Ye Lang didn’t want to let Zhao Yarou get down to business at once.

“What else?” Zhao Yarou frowned and looked at Ye Lang. She felt it very strange, but didn’t refuse his demand.

“I want to know whether the spies worked for you.” Ye Lang asked such a strange question, they couldn’t believe Zhao Yarou was involved in that matter.

“Yes. They worked for me. It was me that told you the news.” Zhao Yarou nodded and told them a shocking message.

“Why did you do that?” Someone asked, but rather than Zhao Yarou, Ye Lang gave the answer instead.

“Well, she wanted to create a distraction, and then take the opportunity to seize power to control the imperial city and troops, so she can usurp the throne today.” Ye Lang replied.

“That’s impossible! How could she be so sure that she could seize power to control the troops?” Someone questioned.

 Actually, in this struggle of power, Zhao Yarou had a narrow victory, because it could have gone any way, there had been a great deal of uncertainty.

“She wasn’t certain, but she most likely had another plan. Since she had decided to make a bid for power, she had nothing to lose, so why not give it a try?” Ye Lang said with ease, as if he was having a casual chat.

“Ye Lang, I can’t bear to kill you, because you always surprise me. But I don’t want to live in fear, so please, tell me how I should deal with you.” Zhao Yarou became very gentle, as if she was discussing with him.

However, right now, no one felt that she was gentle. Everyone thought she was ruthless.

“You can let me go. You can let the Ye family disappear and I can give you all my family’s property. ”Ye Lang didn’t feel disgraced and directly asked her to let them free.

“You are always wasting money. If you only focus on how to have a prodigal life, you will be safe... But you are a member of Ye family and the fiancé of the seventh princess, you are bound to get involved in something that you don’t want to interfere in.” Zhao Yarou looked at him gently and it seemed as if she wasn’t willing to kill him.

“And if I want to kill you, I must kill your whole family. Otherwise, I will get into trouble.”

 “Do you think that if you kill us, the Ye family will disappear? Do you think you won’t get into trouble?” Ye Chengtian snorted.

“The Ye family, of course, will not disappear and I won’t be so naive to think so. But no one knows if the future master of your family will take revenge.” Zhao Yarou said with a smile.

“... ” Ye Chengtian and the others looked worried, they hadn’t thought about that. They didn’t know Zhao Yarou just fought against them, not the whole Ye family.

There were many branches in the Ye family. As long as the members of one branch were killed, the head of another branch would be in charge of the whole family. If the head of this branch didn’t take revenge, no one would be blamed.

It was also true to say that even though Zhao Yarou usurped the throne, everyone would finally accept her and she wouldn’t be blamed.

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