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Chapter 106 - Variable (2)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

On this day, not only did the ruler of the Soaring Sky Empire change, even the head of the Ye family changed. Moreover, at this time, this wasn’t limited to just the Ye family, all of those close to the Emperor were killed off and replaced.

As a result, some of those present had to be killed no matter what. Even if they surrendered, they still had to die all the same!

“Fatty, go over there!” Ye Lang told Zhen Xiaoyan. The only person here that could be overlooked was Zhen Xiaoyan. She had nothing to do with these power struggles, so as long as she went over, she would definitely be safe.

“Ok!” Zhen Xiaoyan affirmed and walked forward a few steps, but quickly stopped and turned around to look at Ye Lang, “Aren’t you coming as well?”

“I’ll die faster if I go over there. You go, you don’t need to stay behind and accompany us!” Ye Lang smiled and said.

“Then I won’t go over, I will accompany you!” Zhen Xiaoyan walked back and stood next to Ye Lang.

Ye Lang patted Zhen Xiaoyan’s head and softly spoke: “Silly fatty, you’re accompanying me to the grave for nothing, why do that? Hurry up and go over!”

Zhen Xiaoyan shook her head and softly spoke: “I refuse! I promised you before, I will cook for you for the rest of my life. If you go to heaven, I will go with you, otherwise how can I cook for you.”

“…” Many of those who heard Zhen Xiaoyan’s words were moved. Ye Lang was too lucky to have found such a good cooking wife who was willing to accompany him to heaven to cook for him!

“You fool, the dead don’t need to eat!” Ye Lang somewhat helplessly said.

“How do you know the dead don’t eat, perhaps they do, so don’t force me to go over there!” Zhen Xiaoyan very earnestly said.

“Up to you, over here is fine as well. In a bit, remember what I gave you.” Ye Lang stopped being stubborn. After he finished speaking, he observed the surrounding four directions to look for an opportunity to break out!

What thing? Zhen Xiaoyan wanted to ask, but she saw that Ye Lang seemed to be thinking about something and decided not to bother him.

At this time, fewer and fewer people remained in the square. After the first person entered the imperial palace, it was as if a hole had appeared in a dam, people swiftly flowed away.

These people were those who could always see the situation clearly, otherwise, they didn’t have the qualifications to be here!

In truth, Zhao Yarou had already killed the Emperor, which made their choice easy. With the Emperor already dead, Zhao Yarou had already clearly grasped the power of life and death, if they didn’t choose her who would they choose?

“Ye Lang! I know you won’t die so easily, you better remember you still owe me!” Sha Lan arrived at Ye Lang’s side and said a few words before entering the imperial palace.

Ye Lang never acknowledged her from start to end. He just silently thought with his head down.

“Well, for those remaining, you have 3 more minutes, if you still don’t come over then I’ll send you to see the venerated Emperor you’re ever so loyal to!” Zhao Yarou kept her eyes fixed on Ye Lang as she spoke. This was because she knew that if there was anything that could be considered a variable right now, then it was definitely Ye Lang.

“I want to go over, are you fine with it” Ye Yi suddenly smiled and said.

“You can, it’s just you have to walk over sideways!” Zhao Yarou waved her hands. The archers and swordsmen surrounding them on 4 sides started to move in.

[TL note: I think by sideways she means carried out as a corpse]

These soldiers naturally could enter the magic suppressing formation. Under circumstances where dou qi and magic were nonexistent, they might even be stronger than these experts. Furthermore, when there were this many soldiers, if they wanted to kill those that they encircled, it would be as easy as flipping a hand.

In reality, even if these soldiers had to kill everybody who was in the square before, it would have been easy, to say nothing of the few dozen people remaining!

Hu hu…

Swoosh swoosh……

The members of the Ye family quickly formed a defensive formation in concert with the others who remained. They were about to make their last stand like cornered beasts…

Even though there was no dou qi or magic, they were still experts, they could still engage in a battle of close quarters combat. They wouldn’t just sit quietly and wait for death!

The soldiers slowly drew closer, the members of the Ye family and everyone else slowly waited for them, preparing silently…

“Ye Lang, hurry up and get in, what are you doing?” Zhen Xiaoyan’s alarmed shout made everybody notice that Ye Lang had not moved during the recent flurry of movement and remained outside.

“Little Brother!” Ye Lanyu ignored everything else and rushed out to Ye Lang’s side to try and pull him back.

However, Ye Lang remained stationary. Even if Ye Lanyu used all her strength, she still couldn’t make him move an inch!

What was wrong with him?

At this time, everybody’s attention was on Ye Lang. No one understood what he was doing, and at moment, everybody was also very nervous. This was just because Ye Lang’s abnormality could perhaps represent a chance to turn things around.

Everybody knew, Ye Lang was a variable and might do things that nobody could anticipate. Perhaps he could break out of this dead end!

However, everybody also knew that Ye Lang might simply be daydreaming, it wouldn’t be the first time he had done that!

Life or death?

It all came down to Ye Lang…

“I’m thinking about something!” Ye Lang said.

“What do you have time to think about right now? Hurry up and go over there with me.” Ye Lanyu continued to try her best to pull Ye Lang.

Ye Lang extended his hands and grabbed hold of Ye Lan Yu’s hands and slowly moved them away from him…

“I’m thinking, if I can’t use magic elements, then doesn’t the same apply to them?” Ye Lang pointed to the soldiers surrounding them on 4 sides and asked.

It was unclear as to who he was asking, perhaps it was Ye Lanyu, perhaps it was Ye Chengtian, and perhaps it was Zhao Yarou!

“Of course, this is a magic sealing formation, nobody can use magic elements!” Ye Lanyu said unhappily. “ You’re an alchemy genius, there’s no way you don’t even know this, right?”

“I know! The magic sealing formation uses sealing boundaries to cut off all magic elements. It requires an extremely complex alchemy formation, and an even stronger energy source to support it. As the area of effect increases, the complexity and energy cost increase exponentially! The imperial palace gate’s magic sealing formation originates from that tower over there to there and there… It covers 100,000 square feet. [TL note: unit of area not specified]
The consumption is enormous, it normally wouldn’t be activated unless something very important happens!”

Ye Lang spoke as if he was very familiar with the formation and laid out its details, but this didn’t cause anyone to be surprised, this was common knowledge.

“In other words, within this area, nobody can use magic elements, everybody is a normal person!” Ye Lang smiled and said, “This is very fair, at least to me, this is the epitome of fairness!”

“What’s fair? You can’t use alchemy items right now, what else can you do? You can’t battle with your bare fists can you?” Zhao Yarou disdainfully said.

“Sis, go over there!” Ye Lang crossed the fingers on his two hands and then extended a hand forward, palm down, as he proceeded to walk towards the horde of soldiers.

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