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Chapter 104 - The reason (2)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“No, that’s really the Emperor’s head.” Ye Lang said this because he had looked at it carefully with his “telescope” to see whether it was real or fake.

Under these circumstances, many people present became shocked, because they finally understood that Zhao Yarou usurped the throne, they also didn’t expect her to be so ruthless that she just went and killed the Emperor.

But it seemed correct to do so, since she had intended to usurp the throne. She had killed the Emperor without hesitation, unlike someone with the same plan but delayed doing so.

However, they couldn’t accept it, because the Emperor who had addressed them just now had left them forever.

“Why did you kill him? He is your father! Even though you desire to seize the throne, you didn’t have to kill him.” Ye Chengtian roared angrily, because he had a close relationship with the Emperor and considered him his good brother.

And because of this, he had also not suspected the Emperor having poisoned him.

“That’s because he said I wouldn’t gain the throne until he died. Now he’s dead, so it means that he agreed to let me inherit the throne.” Zhao Yarou said with a crooked smile.

Did his death mean he agreed to give up the throne?

Nobody thought so. Most of them refused to accept such a reason.

But at this moment, one person agreed with her. This person was Ye Lang.

“Yes, if this is the case, then you are the queen. The Emperor should have said that he wouldn’t let you gain the throne even if he died.”


“Wait, why did the emperor say so? Did you try to usurp the throne?” Ye Lang finally realized the problem.

“...” Everyone became silent again.

You are too stupid to realize it. It was clear that she had attempted to do so.

“How should I comment on you? Sometimes you are more intelligent than any other man because you can find out what others cannot. But sometimes, you are so stupid that you fail to realize what even an idiot has already understood.” Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang helplessly.

“I got it. You poison us with qirijue, rather than any other deadly poison, in order to make us your subordinates.” Ye Lang said.

“This... We just talked about this, so you don’t need to try to figure it out...” Zhao Yarou said.

“Really? What was the conclusion?”

“We came to a conclusion that now, it is time for you to make a decision. You should be clear that I now control the imperial wall and the palace. Of course, for this, I need to thank you. Now, I am the queen, so you can choose to be my subordinate, or die.” Zhao Yarou looked down at the square in front of the palace. She wanted to know their choice.

“If I become a subordinate, will I survive and have the same life as before?” Ye Lang asked.

“Yes. I promise everything will be the same.” Zhao Yarou nodded and looked at the crowd below her. She wanted to know their answer.

Whether to become her subordinate under such circumstances, or to die with loyalty to the late Emperor?

 At this moment, many of them would choose to be a subordinate, but they had to wait for someone to take the lead. This way, they could avoid being the target of public criticism. That was why many experienced officials and aristocrats were waiting, instead of telling her their choice immediately.

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But one person told her his choice at once, this person was Ye Lang. And:

 “I choose to be your subordinate.”

Ye Lang made a decision immediately, which shocked many people, causing their jaws to drop, especially Zhao Yarou, who had never expected him to become her subordinate.

That was not because she didn’t put Ye Lang in her eyes, but because she believed that it was impossible that the Ye family would agree to become subordinates, especially Ye Chengtian and those who supported him.

“Brat, how can you say that? Sorry, he’s just a silly boy. Please ignore it.” Long An Qi punched him on his head because she felt that Ye Lang was still confused.

“Mom, I am not a fool. Right now that is a correct decision. Otherwise, we will die.” Ye Lang shook his head and said calmly.

“We can unite and fight against them.” Long An Qi loftily said.

“No, we can’t. We are poisoned... But you guys haven’t been poisoned, so you might have a chance to defeat them.” Ye Lang said. He said this because he had discovered that there many of the Ye family that hadn’t eaten the poisonous food.

In short, at least 80 percent of the masters in the Ye family hadn’t been poisoned, including Ye Yi, who was old and hadn’t put the food in his mouth yet.

“It’s fine. This poison is useless. Since I have once eaten it, I know how to stop its effect.” Ye Lang waved his hand and said.

“You know how to stop its effect? Didn’t you say that only the person who put the poison in the food could stop its effect?” Ye Lanyu was confused and asked.

“I only said that, in general, that would be the case, but not in all situations.” Ye Lang waved his hand and said.

“You know how to stop its effect?” Zhao Yarou, who was far away from him, asked, instead of the people near him.

“Yes, but now I have no way to do that because I can’t use my ring right now. All the magic cannot work because of the magic-proof array. That’s why I said that, even if we weren’t poisoned, none of us can use qi and magic.” Ye Lang looked at Zhao Yarou and said calmly.

“Yes, you are not a fool. Sometimes you are so surprisingly smart.  It is certain that I didn’t just put the poison in the food. I had plan B and even plan C. The magic-proof array works so now you are just ordinary people.” Zhao Yarou said coldly.

In the square, there were many masters. Even if they were surrounded, it was difficult to defeat them, but when magic-proof array were activated, they were just ordinary people, so they were at her mercy.

At this moment, Ye Chengtian looked worried, because he knew the magic-proof array was designed to prevent others from breaking into the palace.

“Ye Lang, how did you find it?”Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang and asked him.

“I had intended to use the big gun when you were less alert.” Ye Lang replied honestly with a little helplessness and pity.


At this moment, almost everyone was silent and looked at Ye Lang. They suddenly felt that Ye Lang was horrifying, because he only did what he wanted and completely ignored the other’s ideas.

If the magic-proof array hadn’t existed, Zhao Yarou might have been dead.

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