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When Zhou Kai felt disappointed, the wolf running to him exploded in the air, as if someone put a bomb in its belly. The wolf was blasted into pieces, with bloody mist permeating.

Zhou Kai was startled to see this scene.

"Brother Zhou, how marvelous you are!" Xiaohua gazed at Zhou Kai admiringly and said, "It is beyond my expectation that you make such a great progress, and even blew up the wolf by one fist. It is so great!"

"Did…I…do…this…?" Zhou Kai recalled with a stunning look, but he did not even move a little just now…

"Is the wolf made of paper? It is so weak." Qin Dong's face darkened. He saw Zhou Kai in danger just now, and helped Zhou without thinking over. Qin Dong tried his best to exert less power, but the wolf exploded into pieces unexpectedly.

Thinking about the tiger died in his hand, Qin Dong found that in the mortal realm the mankind as well as anything else was not strong enough. The wolf was much weaker than the spirit wolf in the heavens, which he could not blow up even by 70% of his cultivation base. Realizing this point, Qin Dong became more alert and decided to be low-key in the mortal realm. He must not show his ability easily; otherwise he would incur troubles that people would die in his hand.

"Hey, we can't hide here all the time? Let's come up with an approach to save them!" Li Yexue said anxiously.

Qin Dong shook his head and whispered, "Don't worry; your father's subordinates are not common people. It is hard for the wolves to eat them."

Staring at Qin Dong, Li Yexue asked him, "How do you know? I think they have already reached their limits."

Qin Dong twitched his mouth and answered, "You can rush out to save them if you do not believe me."

Li Yexue glared at Qin Dong and shut up.

Zhou Kai knew his martial skills very well, by which he could not explode the wolf. Surrounded by the wolves, he could not distract to ponder the doubt, but suppressed it in his mind and concentrated on the wolves again.

Two of Zhou Kai's teammates were wounded, and the other four almost consumed all their internal energy and physical strength. Zhou Kai inserted his dagger into one wolf with sore and weak arms, but he was unable to take it out, only staring at the wolf moaning and jumping to the other side with his dagger.

He could not kill the wolves with a dagger, let alone bare fists.

When Zhou Kai thought about how to get rid of this situation, the wolf flock in front of the team seemed to notice that they were at the last gasp. With the wolf king howling, the flock abandoned the echelon formation and transformed into all-out attack.

Zhou Kai had never experienced this before. Dozens of ferocious wolves raced each other to the team members. Encircled by wolf claws and sharp teeth, the team was incapable of defending themselves from the wolf flock even though all the members turned into Thousand-hand Bodhisattva.


"Brother Zhou!" Xiaohua was ready to be bitten by wolf to death in solemnity. He clang a dagger and made up his mind to die with several wolves.

 As the wolf flock approached, the hearts of Zhou Kai and his team jumped to their mouths.

 "I am coming!" Zhou Kai's pupils were dilated suddenly. In his view, a dozen of wolves dashing in the front almost sprang together at the same time…

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