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With his heart sinking, Zhou Kai saw that the wolves nearly tore apart the whole team. Hiding behind the bushes, Li Yexue was so fearful that she almost fainted. However, an eerie scene occurred at this moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!Boom!

A dozen of wolves jumping high in the air were blasted in a loud crack. Their blood dropped as if it rained.

Zhou Kai and his team were startled to see this scene, and stood still as though their acupoints were struck.

The vicious wolves were also frightened and stopped their attack. It seemed that they sniffed something uneasy in the air and did not dare to move an inch. The remaining wolves turned back their heads together and escaped into the deep forest as though they had negotiated before.

"Shit!" Qin Dong did not intend to make such a big noise, but he did not control his energy very well, and the wolves all exploded as a result. The true energy was really powerful and he contemplated that it would be better for him not to use it easily in the future.

"What…What happened just now?" It took some time for astounded Li Yexue to gather her senses after seeing the bloody scene.

Waving his hands, Qin Dong curled his lips and replied, "I have no idea, either."

"Captain, the wolves…wolves retreated!" Having survived, Xiaohua trembled in excitement. He pointed at the wolves that almost disappeared in the forest and shouted.

Other teammates were also thrilled and they hardly expected to keep their lives in the fearful attack of wolves. All of them applauded and cheered. But Zhou Kai checked the surroundings with a pair of keen eyes. The scene that a dozen of giant wolves were blasted in the air impressed him. He knew that the one who saved him and his team must be a capable man nearby; otherwise the wolves could not explode by themselves.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

A weird noise came from the bushes not far away from the team. With their faces darkening, Xiaohua and another four members conceived that the wolves returned. They were nervous and prepared to confront the formidable enemies.

Zhou Kai was slightly excited, holding the idea that the hidden capable man was to show himself.

"Zhou Kai, are you all right?" Finally, Mingchuan and a dozen of fully armed and alert members from the Flying Dragon Team rushed out of the bushes.

Mingchuan was astonished to see the bloodstain and dead wolves everywhere. He patted Zhou Kai's shoulder and laughed, "Zhou Kai, how brave you and your team are. You guys killed so many wolves!"

Zhou Kai blushed and forced a smile, "Brother Chuan, don't you know my level? How can we kill so many wolves?"

"Not you…who…" Mingchuan asked in a doubtful look.

Zhou Kai glanced at the thick woods surrounding them and screamed, "Which master saved us? Please show yourself!"

As Zhou Kai's words were spoken, Li Yexue shouted from the bushes surprisingly, "Brother Mingchuan, I am here!"

Qin Dong never expected Li Yexue to scream. Before he had time to prevent Li from shouting, she had called the rescue members. Qin Dong had to follow Li Yexue and leave the bushes with a heavy heart.

 "Yexue!?" I never anticipate finding you here. Mingchuan was ecstatic and headed toward them.

Zhou Kai was happy to find Li Yexue, but his eyes were fixed on Qin Dong. Qin knew what Zhou thought about, which also worried him.

Zhou Kai found his idea contradictory. He doubted that the capable person who saved them just now was Qin Dong. But how could a young man with such powerful internal energy explode a dozen of starving wolves into meat residues in an instant?

Seeing Qin Dong keep silent, Zhou Kai could not help asking him, "Little Brother, who saved us just now…?"

With Zhou's words unfinished, Qin Dong waved his head and answered, "I don't know. Miss Li and I arrived here just now. You can ask her if you don't believe me."

It was easy for Qin Dong to conceal all his deeds without being noticed by Li Yexue while rescuing the team members. Zhou Kai glimpsed at Li Yexue, but Li asked him before he spoke. "Brother Zhou, what martial skills did you use just now? It was so amazing. A dozen of wolves exploded into pieces in a blink."

Hearing Li's remarks, Zhou Kai sighed and confirmed the savior was not Qin Dong.

"Yexue, who is he?" Mingchuan looked Qin Dong up and down alertly.

Li Yexue hurried to respond, "Brother Mingchuan, let me introduce you…This is…" She did not know her savior's name until now, and looked at Qin Dong awkwardly, "Eh…What…is…your name?"

"My name is Qin Dong!" Qin smiled and answered in a low voice.

Mingchuan frowned and questioned Qin Dong in a deep voice, "Why do you stay with our lady? Who are you?"

"Brother Mingchuan, what are you doing? Can't you be nice to him? Qin Dong is my savior! I could have been eaten up by the tiger, if he had not saved me." Seeing Mingchuan's bad attitude to Qin Dong, Li Yexue said tenderly but in a dissatisfying tone.

"Yexue, you don't know that there are lots of despicable men harboring their evil intentions in the world. Most of them look innocent and even attractive, but they are villains. " Mingchan said sincerely, because he feared that Li Yexue would be taken in by Qin Dong's handsome face.

It was nothing wrong for Mingchuan to infuse Li Yexue with the idea that the world was sinister. But he should not take Qin Dong as a negative example. Unhappy, Qin Dong coughed, "Well, now there are enough people to protect you. It is time for me to say goodbye."

"Qin Dong, where are you going?" Hearing Qin Dong's farewell, Li seized his arm.

Qin Dong did not know where to go in this big mortal realm. He shook his head and replied, "I don't know. Any place can be my destination."

"You just join us!" Li Yexue said hopefully.

"Join you?" Casting a glance at Mingchuan, Qin Dong found Mingchuan's sullen face.

"Exactly. You saved my life, and I will ask my father to thank you!" Li Yexue answered tenderly.

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