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 "Damn the beasts!" The wolves were slyer than Zhou Kai expected. He hated them but had no other method to counterattack.

It was not difficult to imagine how stressful Zhou Kai and his teammates were while facing the wolves' ceaseless attack. With his heart sinking, Zhou Kai felt uneasy gradually.

"It seems to be the Flying Dragon Team!" Bending in bushes, Li Yexue watched the team's heroic fight against the wolves with heart beating fast and scalp tingling. When seeing Zhou Kai and another five teammates struggling to combat, she could not help shouting in a low voice.

Qin Dong hurried to cover her mouth and said deeply, "You speak so loudly, do you want to attract wolves here?"

Li Yexue felt sorry and replied, "They are my father's subordinates and must be trapped by the wolves because of looking for me. Can you come up with an idea to save them?"

Qin Dong seemed to be in a pickle. Once he saved them, his cultivation base and identity would be exposed. It was hard to estimate how great the impact would be if people found a cultivator in the mortal realm. Apart from that, Qin Dong had another concern.

Cultivators in the heavens knew that anyone who jumped off the border cliff would lose his life. Qin Dong did not die, but hid in the mortal realm. If the heavens knew his whereabouts, troubles would be incurred. He had to think it over.

"Hey, what are you waiting for? Come on, find a way to save them!" Li Yexue was anxious when she saw Zhou Kai and his team hanging by a thread.

Qin Dong turned his head and cast a glance at Li, "I will rush to save them now and feed the wolves. I hope my flesh is enough to feed them, and then they will not eat your father's subordinates. Do you think it is a nice idea?"

"Eh…" Li Yexue was awkward. She merely asked Qin Dong to save Zhou Kai and his team, but forgot in front of her were a flock of vicious wolves.

Qin Dong glared at her, and turned away his head.

"Sorry." Li Yexue knew she was inwardly guilty, lowering her head.

Staring at the battlefield, Qin Dong shook his hands without responding her. Though Qin Dong did not want to expose his identity, he could not behave as if nothing happened when seeing others' lives being threatened.

"Ouch!!!" One more teammate injured and shouted in pain.

Xiaohua's being wounded reduced the team's fighting capacity dramatically. Now, another member injured, which intensified the battle.

Zhou Kai glanced at his watch, lost his hope and almost reached the verge of breakdown. Ten minutes passed, and it would take ten more minutes for Mingchuan to arrive here and rescue them. In Zhou's eyes, the ten minutes were much longer than ten years.

"Brother Zhou, watch out your left back side! Be careful!" Zhou Kai stared blankly for a while, but he was trapped. A foul wind came, astonished Zhou Kai turned back and saw a wolf as strong as a calf springing to him and preparing to slap his throat with a sharp claw.

The wolf's speed was as fast as lightening, but Zhou Kai had less than two seconds to respond and take back the dagger at his side.

"I am done!" That was the only idea came across his mind at that moment. Zhou Kai never imagined he would die under a wolf's claw without exerting all his capabilities. How stupid he was!

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