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On Qin Dong's chest corresponding to his heart, lay a birthmark of golden dragon. Flying above the clouds, the dragon was so vivid. Qin Dong did not believe his eyes and rubbed the birthmark. The dragon moved with Qin Dong's skin and brandished its claws in a breathtaking manner as if it were alive.

Qin Dong was startled. He knew his body very well, how could he forget the birthmark if he was born with it. Why did it appear now? With an empty mind, he could not figure out the real reason.

Glancing at stunned Qin Dong, Qin Feiyan sneered, "The birthmark of golden dragon is the symbol of the dragon envoy from Clan Qin. The second young master, Qin Dong, is the only one possessing this symbol. God is as blind as an owl, selecting such a wasted man as the new-generation dragon envoy for Clan Qin. I don't understand why. "

"Qin Dong, are you…you the second young master of Clan Qin?" Li Yexue asked in astonishment.

Bewildered, Qin Dong did not know why such a birthmark existed on his body. He did not intended to go back with Qin Feiyan to Clan Qin, but now he had to, if he wanted to solve the mystery. Clan Qin was the only clue to his puzzle.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Dong tried to calm down and twisted around to Li Yexue, "Yexue, you go back home first." Then he flicked a solemn look at Qin Feiyan, "Let's to Clan Qin."

"Qin Dong, will you be in danger?" Li Yexue was anxious to ask.

Qin Dong smiled to Li Yexue, reassuring her. If Clan Qin did want to do something to him, it would be hard to say who was in danger.

Although Qin Dong did not care about his situation, Li Yexue glimpsed at Qin Feiyan and said furiously, "If you dare to touch even a hair of Qin Dong, the Flying Dragon School will not let you off!"

Qin Feiyan jeered at Li Yexeu and twitched her lips, "The Flying Dragon School? Clan Qin can make the Flying Dragon School vanish at anytime if it wishes."

"What a tone!" Li Yexue kept a straight face and looked serious.

Qin Feiyan did not want to explain further, glaring at Qin Dong, "Hurry up! Don't make his lordship waiting."

Qin Dong nodded silently and got on a limousine parking nearby with Qin Feiyan. Watching Qin Dong and Qin Feiyan's shadows, Li Yexue worried about him.

"Ha…ha…Beauty, are you Qin Dong's elder sister?" Bi Xiu cast a lascivious look at Li Yexue and asked her smilingly.

Focusing on Qin Dong's safety, Li Yexue did not glance at Bi Xiu, but answered casually.

Bi Xiu asked in surprise, "If you are Qin Dong's elder sister, why did he call you Yexue, not sister just now?" Bi Xiu remembered Qin Dong looked at Li Yexue in a strange way.

"What? Qin Dong called me…Yexue?" Revitalizing suddenly, Li Yexue stared at Bi Xiu and asked him eagerly.

Bi Xiu nodded and was startled to find Li Yexue an unparalleled beauty.

Li Yexue burst with joy when hearing Bi Xiu's confirmation. She could not help flushing, "The boy…No, what if he is in danger? I need to ask Dad for help!" Li Yexue jumped into her sport cat and rushed to the Flying Dragon School.

The beauty left but Bi Xiu still fixed his eyes in the direction Li Yexue disappeared and collected himself after a long time.

"Brother Xiu, help!" Lu Tong's screech woke up Bi Xiu. Shivering, Bi Xiu looked back in lost.

Shi Xiaoyue sneered and approached them. The girls could finally revenge on the boys after Qin Dong left. Lu Tong and other boys were battered by Ma Pei and other girls tragically.

"Oh, my god!" Bi Xiu cried out without giving Lu Tong a hand, ran at once and vanished without a trace.

"Second young master, we find you finally. All of us…miss you." After Qin Dong got on the car, the driver greeted him respectfully and forced a smile to him. Judging from Qin Feiyan and the driver's attitudes, Qin Dong said to himself that the second young master was not a kind person in most cases.

"Uncle Wu, please drive. His lordship is waiting for us." Qin Feiyan was not friendly to Qin Dong, but amiable to the driver, as if changing her character.

Without glimpsing at Qin Dong, Qin Feiyan turned around her head and enjoyed the scenery outside the car all the way. Qin Dong wanted to talk with her several times but gave up when seeing her gruff looks.

The car left the downtown of Jingbei City at a gallop. Qin Dong's brows wrinkled when he saw the bleak views outside the car.

Emerald greenness seized his eyes when Qin Dong kept alert and prepared to fight. Unconsciously, the car drove into towering trees and the air turned to be fresh, which refreshed Qin Dong.

The surrounding scenery was picturesque, green trees shaded the street. A new and clean asphalt road winded its way through the skyscraperesque trees, as if the place was a famous scenic spot.

"Where is the place?" Qin Dong asked subconsciously.

Qin Feiyan cast a furious look at him, "You asked a question and feigned ignorance!"

Uncle Wu did not dare to speak with Qin Dong in a domineering manner as Qin Feiyan did. He hastened to answer smilingly, "Don't joke anymore, second young master. Here is Mount Qin, your home."

"Mount Qin?" Qin Dong was as astounded and sighed that how incredible Clan Qin was.

Being different from the heavens, the mortal realm enjoyed an enormous population and every inch of its land valued an ingot of gold. It was unbelievable that Clan Qin owned such a mountain.

After turning a corner, Qin Dong was ecstatic to find that in front of him situated a palace-like building amidst the clouds at the end of the asphalt road.

Numerous pavilions and manors connected each other. As the ground elevated, old-fashioned and lofty architectures showed up. The place looked like a royal palace at the first sight.

Without meeting the people from Clan Qin, Qin Dong already felt its power from these impressive buildings.

The limousine slowed down and two guardian-like men rushed to the car and opened the door.

"Hello, second young master!" The two guys shouted in a chorus, leaving Qin Dong an awesome impression.

After casting a look at the two men, Qin Dong found that their cultivation bases were above Qin Feiyan's.

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