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"Uncle Zhao, Second Uncle Sun, why do you come here?" Not only did Qin Feiyan know the two guardians, but she was familiar with them. She asked the two guys smilingly the second she saw them.

Nodding to Qin Feiyan, the two guys glanced at Qin Dong, "Second young master, his lordship and four sect elders are waiting for you in the Xuan Icy Cave!"

"Xuan Icy Cave? Uncle Zhao, does the old injury reoccur to the first young master?" Qin Feiyan became nervous abruptly.

Zhao Jin's expression looked solemn and concerns filled between his eyebrows. It seemed that the first young master was more welcome than the second one in Clan Qin.

"Yes, it does. Second young master, his lordship and four sect elders are suppressing the purple flame energy inside the body of the first young master by means of the millennium cold air in the cave. None of them can leave there right now. His lordship asks you to meet him in the cave."

Qin Feiyan hummed coldly and said mockingly, "The millennium cold air in the Xuan Icy Cave is powerful, and even I don't dare to approach the cave. Our second young master is so weak physically. If he goes to the cave, can he be alive?"

Qin Dong did not want to go there at first, but felt uncomfortable when hearing Qin Feiyan's sarcasm, and snapped back, "I will show you whether I will surrender to the shit cold air or not."

"Huh! How pretentious the incapable person is!" Qin Feiyan derided.

Zhao Jin said, "It doesn't matter. Our second young master will be all right as long as his lordship and the four sect elders are there."

"Uncle Zhao, Second Uncle Sun, I also want to visit the first young master." Qin Feiyan asked worriedly. Qin Dong whispered himself, did she love the first young master?

Zhao Jin and Sun Tie looked at each other, and both of them waved their heads at the same time. Zhao Jin said, "Feiyan, we know that you worry about the first young master. But the Xuan Icey Cave is extraordinary. If the ice outbreak happens, his lordship and the four sect elders cannot protect you while taking care of the first and second young masters."

Qin Feiyan was not unreasonable, she did not want to reconcile, but had to listen to Zhao Jin's words and nodded slightly. Glaring at Qin Dong, she bellowed, "You'd better behave yourself while in the cave. Don't disturb his lordship and four sect elders to cure the first young master."

Qin Dong squinted at her and twitched his lips, "Don't worry, I will not murder your first young master."

"Second young master, this way, please!" Zhao Jin gestured at Qin Dong and led him the way to the Xuan Icy Cave.

The Xuan Icy Cave was a forbidden area of Clan Qin as well as a secret cave in Mount Qin. Nobody knew why the cold air gathering in the cave was chill all the year around. It was so powerful that blood could be frozen and bones cracked. Ordinary people felt the chill air piercing their bones when they stayed at the entrance of the cave for a while. When entering inside, they would die without the protection of profound internal energy.

Though Qin Dong did not know the exact location of the cave, traces of cold air from the cave enabled him to find it.

In Qin Dong's opinion, the cold air was a rare treasure in the mortal realm. Albeit chill, it was suffused with spiritual energy. For masters in the mortal realm, they could boost their cultivation bases dramatically in a short time if the spiritual energy was made full use of. Cultivators from the heavens like Qin Dong could benefit a lot from the cold air.

Qin Dong believed that if he had a chance to cultivate in the cave by virtue of the cold air for a year or more, his cultivation base would advance to the sixth level.

When Qin Dong and Zhao Jin were a hundred meters away from the cave, Zhao Jin, who walked ahead of Qin Dong spun around and asked, "Second young master, can you resist the cold air?"

"Um?" Qin Dong was astonished by Zhao Jin's question, he twisted around and found that the surrounding trees and ground were covered by heavy frost and in white. Qin Dong suddenly realized that this freezing place was next to the cave and must be influenced by it. He did not feel anything because his cultivation enabled him to be free from the harm of any cold or hotness.

Zhao Jin and Sun Tie ran their internal energy fast to defend the severe cold.

Qin Dong clung to his clothes, pretended to be miserable, and said in a trembling voice, "It is so…so…cold here."

Sighing, Zhao Jin turned around and looked at Qin Dong disappointedly for his poor cultivation base.

Zhao Jin took off his jacket and asked Qin Dong to drape in, "Second young master, please hold on for a while. His lordship and four sect elders will help you defend the chillness when you are in the cave."

"All right." Qin Dong clung to Zhao Jin's jacket and enwrapped himself in it.

"Alas. Second young master, you should work hard to raise your cultivation base. Talented, you are the once-in-century dragon envoy of Clan Qin. With the guidance of his lordship and four sect elders, you should outperform others. However, a girl of Clan Gu can defeat you. Gosh…" Sun Tie was more straightforward than Zhao Jin, and could not hold back criticizing useless Qin Dong since he did not live up to everyone's expectation.

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