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"Do you mistake him for somebody else?" Li Yexue did not know Qin Dong's true identity either, and asked Qin Feiyan the question in an uncertain manner.

"Mistake him for somebody else? Impossible!" Qin Feiyan was in wrath, twisted her head around and stared at Qin Dong, "Take off your clothes!"

"What…?" Qin Dong thought he misheard.

"I ask you to take off your clothes!" Given Qin Dong's identity, Qin Feiyan held back, otherwise she had pounded him to death.

Qin Dong pretended to be pitiful and murmured, "Really…? It is in the daytime and we are in public. If you want to…make love with me , we can wait until night comes. Am I right?"

"Qin Dong, I will end your life now!" Unbearable, Qin Feiyan screamed, mustered all her strength and hit upon his chest with a pair of red eyes.

"Elder sister, help! The girl is crazy, help!" Screeching, Qin Dong hopped in an irregular manner and dodged Qin Feiyan's attack. Albeit her subtle movements, Qin Feiyan could not come close to Qin Dong.

From Li Yexue's perspective, Qin Dong was in danger. Although she never learned martial arts, she was anxious to protect Qin Dong and rushed forward to defend him by her body.

Qin Dong pretended to behave like a drowned mouse because he did not want others to see through his true cultivation base. Unexpectedly, Li Yexue protected him even at the cost of her life, which touched the cord of Qin Dong's heart.

"Be careful, beautiful sister!" As Qin Dong was entranced, Bi Xiu yelled.

Frowning, Qin Dong looked up and found Qin Feiyan's palm brimming with inner energy nearly struck Li Yexue's body. Li Yexue never practiced martial arts, and would be seriously injured by the palm. Regardless of all his concerns, Qin Dong prepared to rush to Li Yexue and helped her free from the harm. However, Qin Feiyan's palm stopped in the air suddenly.

"How will you die for such a wasted man?" Qin Feiyan did not understand why such a fairy-like girl would sacrifice her life for the rubbish-like and villainous Qin Dong.

Li Yexue turned around and cast a tender look at Qin Dong, whispering, "No, he is not a wasted man. He is not."

Li Yexue's words and looks caused a stir in Qin Dong's heart. At this moment, Qin Dong found that Li Yexue's status changed in his mind.

"Hey, you crazy girl, do you want to take her life?" Thinking of the dangerous situation where Li Yexue stayed, Qin Dong turned to be furious, and glared at Qin Feiyan, snapping.

Qin Feiyan's nice brows wrinkled. She took back her palm remaining in the air, and flicked a cold look at Qin Dong, "If you were not the second young master of Clan Qin, I would take your life without hesitation."

Qin Dong sneered and twitched his lips, "I have already told you before that I am not the so-called second young master. As you wish, you can end my life now."

"There is a golden dragon birthmark on the chest of the second young master. You can take off your clothes and check. "

"Ha! I told you that you mistake me for someone else. You may have a look at my chest and check whether I have the birthmark or not." Qin Dong undressed his upper outer garment and exposed his smooth chest, shouting at Qin Feiyan provokingly.

"Ah! There is such a birthmark on earth!" Qin Feiyan was speechless, but Li Yexue could not help crying out and set her eyes on Qin Dong's chest all along.

Li Yexue's exclamation excited Qin Dong, who murmured, "What?" Qin Dong lowered his head and checked his chest, but stood still as if being shocked by electricity and kept whispering, "How can it be possible? How can it be possible…?"

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