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"Ha…ha…Qin Dong, I will carry the bag for you." Bi Xiu and other boys came to Qin Dong smilingly and raced to carry his backpack.

Qin Dong found it strange that the boys pleased him without any reason, and suddenly felt energy with a strong murderous intention approaching him. When he looked up, Shi Xiaoyue, Ma Pei and other girls kept flicking cold and piercing looks at Bi Xiu and other boys.

Qin Dong swung his head with a bitter smile, "There is a long way for the boys to go if they want to be the ruler of Class 18."

"Ha…ha…Thanks for your good will. But someone will carry the bag for me." As Qin Dong replied Bi Xiu, he threw his backpack to Qin Feiyan and swaggered away.

Seizing Qin Dong's bag, Qin Feiyan ground her teeth, nearly threw it out, but held back her anger finally.

The second walking out of the school gate, Qin Dong saw Li Yexue leaning against her sport car and gazed at him smilingly.

"Qin Dong, is school over?" Li Yexue asked Qin Dong in a sweet tone with a fascinating smile and swayed to him. Her lithe and graceful figure caused the boys surrounding them thrill and shallow breaths. Some were even unhinged and their noses bled.

Qin Dong swallowed a mouthful of slaver and mocked. When he tended to come to Li Yexue, quick as lightening Qin Feiyan stood between Li Yexue and him and fixed her eyes on Li alertly.

"You…" Qin Feiyan appeared abruptly. Li Yexue paused for a few seconds and said with a smiling face, "Beauty, my brother is too young to be your boyfriend."

"Your younger brother?" Qin Feiyan twisted her head around in astonishment and glanced at Qin Dong.

Qin Dong answered arrogantly, "Are you unhappy because you find that my elder sister is more lovely than you? Hum!" He thrust past Qin Feiyan and called Li Yexue elder sister happily in an exaggerated manner.

Li Yexue looked moody, rolled her eyes, glimpsed at Qin Dong and grumbled, "What did you do? You seduced such a pretty girl the first day at school!" She drew together all her strength and pinched Qin Dong's waist. Qin Dong was so hurtful that his tears almost tumbled down on his face.

He hurried to explain, "You are about to condemn an innocent man! I did not tempt her, she follows me doggedly."

"Qin Dong, you…" Qin Feiyan gnashed her teeth in anger.

"Did you call me Qin Dong just now? How dare you are! Call me young master!" Qin Dong bellowed sternly.

"Young master?" His words caused a stir. Bi Xiu, Lu Tong and other boys were astounded, and the girls were startled with their mouths wide open as if seeing ghosts.

As a talented girl, Qin Feiyan was bright and brave. But she had to claim an inferior status to wasted Qin Dong because of her birth, which had always been her taboo. When Qin Dong exposed the secret to everyone, Qin Feiyan was in rage and even inclined to kill him, with her facial expression changing.

"The love index drops to negative sixty!" As Qin Feiyan glared at Qin Dong and nearly swallowed him alive, Qin Dong heard the reminder from the mystic chaos ring.

"Negative sixty?" Qin Dong felt chilled and found it impossible to earn Qin Feiyan's love.

"Qin Dong, what is going on?" Li Yexue was surprised to see that Qin Feiyan was annoyed but did not snap back.

Shrugging his shoulders, Qin Dong answered, "I don't know either. The moment seeing me, she says that I am the second young master of Clan Qin and forced me to return to Clan Qin with her. How tiresome it is!"

"Qin Dong, it is enough!" As quick as a pink lightening, Qin Feiyan stood before Qin Dong and glared at him.

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