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"Qin Dong, how marvelous you are. Even Qin Feiyan is afraid of you now. As long as you study in Class 18, we can lead a dignified life in the future. Ha…ha…" Bi Xiu expressed his admiration to Qin Dong while having lunch.

"Exactly. Let's see whether the girls dare to be aggressive or not. Here is a piece of meat for you!" Lu Tong said happily.

"Hum! Watch your tongue!" Shi Xiaoyue's voice came to their ears. As his face stiffened, Lu Tong swung his head to annoyed Shi Xiaoyue and was too frightened to speak. The five 'loyal' friends all buried their heads in the food, fearing to bring troubles to themselves.

Though Qin Dong tried to be domineering, he could not disperse the boys' fear of the girls.

Qin Dong drew a sigh in his mind, turned around and stared at Qin Feiyan, bellowing, "Qin Feiyan, restrain the girls, or they will become old spinsters."

"Brat, you…"

"All right, Shi Xiaoyue, let's sit there." Casting an angry look at Qin Dong, Qin Feiyan with Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei went to sit at another table not far away from Qin Dong and the boys.

"Qin Feiyan, you can't defeat Qin Dong, can you?" Shi Xiaoyue could not hold back her doubt and asked Qin Feiyan when she found that Qin Feiyan always tolerated Qin Dong.

Twitching her eyebrows, Qin Feiyan flicked a disdainful look at Qin Dong, "I could beat the wasted man with my eyes closed."

Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei looked at each other. Ma Pei whispered, "Qin Feiyan, Qin Dong seems to be odd but not so weak as you describe. Shi Xiaoyue and I were defeated by him. "

"Both of you were defeated by him?" Qin Feiyan could not believe what she heard with eyes wide open.

Qin Feiyan knew Shi and Ma very well. They came from well-known martial arts clans and were adept at their martial skills respectively. How could they suffer a great deal because of the wasted man, Qin Dong?

Seeing Qin Feiyan skeptical, Ma Pei explained to her what happened then. Qin Feiyan frowned while hearing Ma Pei's detailed narration and waved her hands after contemplating for a while, "I figure out why you two lost. Qin Dong's martial arts skills are not very well, but he is cunning. Not surprisingly, he won by his tricks not martial art skills. "

"Were we taken in by him?" Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei could not believe Qin Feiyan's explanation totally, nor could they spot the real reason.

Boring morning left and tedious afternoon came. None of the teachers of Class 18 could revitalize Qin Dong. Moreover, there were no other beautiful teachers like Fang Xian'er.

Qin Dong thought Fang Xian'er should show up once or twice today, but until the bell of the last class rang she did not come. Qin Dong felt disappointed.

Fang Xian'er was a goddess, and her energy flow did not belong to the mortal realm, which Qin Dong found familiar with.

Qin Dong felt lonely and found himself alien in the mortal realm. Now he encountered Fang Xian'er, who might bear some relationship with the heavens, just like a man travelling overseas for years suddenly met a fellow-townsman. The feeling was beyond description. 

"Don't slip away. You must return to Clan Qin with me today!" Qin Feiyan said coldly. Qin Dong did not know what time Qin Feiyan came to him and found her staring at him like gazing at a thief.

"Why do I slip away? Clan Qin is not the hell!" Glaring at Qin Feiyan, Qin Dong curled up his lips.

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