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"Lin Feidong, why are you coming here?" Walking out of the classroom, Qin Feiyan was astounded to see a group of girls surrounding Lin Feidong and asked him gruffly.

Being delighted to see Qin Feiyan, Lin Feidong twisted and turned among the girls, came before Qin Feiyan's face, and asked her smilingly, leaving the girls behind, "I want to invite you to have lunch with me, will you do me the favor?"

Lin Feidong's smile was brilliant and attractive, and it was why he was popular among girls.

But Qin Feiyan was an exception. Facing Lin's grin, she held no interest but waved her head without hesitation, "Sorry, I don't have time."

Lin Feidong did not flinch because of Qin Feiyan's indifference, but continued to beg her shamelessly, "Really? No matter how busy you are, you need to eat…"

"How garrulous you are! Do you want to me to beat you again?" Qin Feiyan interrupted Lin Feidong, pointed at Qin Dong, who was watching her jokingly, and said coldly, "Have lunch with me."

"Er…No, I don't." Qin Dong was confounded for a moment and then shook his head.

"What did you say?" Qin Feiyan was stunned that Qin Dong refused her.

The person who stood in front of her was different from the one she was familiar with. In the past, relying on his status Qin Dong never missed a chance to take advantage of her. If she invited Qin Dong to dine with her, he would be ecstatic to accept her invitation, followed her doggedly and looked for any opportunity to gain extra advantage of her unfairly.

"I don't want to dine with you. You are a termagant and not genuine. I don' like."

"Qin Dong!" Qin Feiyan raised her volume and screeched.

Qin Dong jumped off the floor, grabbed Bi Xiu and spun around, "Let's go. The girl is going to be insane again."

Qin Feiyan intended to chase after him, but Lin Feidong slipped before her, grinning, "Qin Feiyan, now that he doesn't want to have lunch with you, you just dine with me."

As her eyes glinted coldly, Qin Feiyan glared at Lin Feidong and replied, "You'd better disappear now, and otherwise I will send you to hospital."

Obviously, Lin Feidong had been defeated by Qin Feiyan before. His face darkened after Qin Feiyan replied. Lin laughed awkwardly, "If…if you have no appetite, I just leave and come to you later. Ha…ha…" Lin Feidong fled away.

Shi Xiaoyue, Ma Pei and other girls were lost when Lin Feidong left. Ma Pei pouted and said, "How handsome he is! Why do you decline his offer?"

Qin Feiyan rolled her eyes and glimpsed at Ma Pei, "You anthomaniac, only know about handsome guy. If you don't practice martial arts diligently, you will be bullied by handsome guys one day and weep. Let's go to have lunch."

Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei did not dare to provoke Qin Feiyan again when they found her in rage. They just followed behind her to the dining hall.

The dining hall of the school was luxurious and teeming at lunch time.

Qin Dong did not need to buy food himself. Bi Xiu, Lu Tong and other three boys arranged for a table with delicate dishes on it. The Senior High School Attached to Longyuan University was the best high school in Jingbei City, and the food of its canteen was delicious.

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