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Charming was not enough to describe her. It was not hard to imagine how sexy the girl was. On her exquisite nose rested a pair of black framed glasses. Though the glasses blocked her mesmerizing look but added a dash of intellectual elegance for her. Compared with Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei, her mature charm spurred men's hormone secretion.

Bi Xiu whispered to Qin Dong when finding his look peculiar, "She is pretty, isn't she? This is the goddess of Class 18, our class advisor, Miss Fang Xian'er. Ha…ha…"

In Bi Xiu's opinion, Qin Dong was attracted by Miss Fang's beauty, but actually he wasn't. Qin Dong had seen numerous elegant girls like Fang Xian'er. What captured Qin Dong's attention was not Fang's pretty face but a marvelous energy vibration he sensed. And the vibration should belong to a cultivator from the heavens. Weak though the energy was, Qin Dong was certain about his judgment and supposed that Fang Xian'er's cultivation base was inferior to his, but it nearly reached the second level of Qi condensation stage.

Qin Dong held a keen interest in her abruptly and guessed she either came from or bore some relationship with the heavens.

He looked at the ring subconsciously but found no change. Apparently, Fang Xian'er was not the girl the mystic chaos ring chose for him. Qin Dong felt regretful for that.

Qin Dong's eyes were fixed on Fang Xian'er the time she came in to the classroom. Qin Feiyan hummed coldly and reviled him in her mind. She found Qin Dong increasingly loathsome and treated him as a lecher.

As her face darkened, Fang Xian'er felt unpleasant when finding Qin Dong looking at herself boldly and directly.

Qin Feiyan gave Qin Dong a hard look and said, "Miss Fang, this new classmate is dissatisfied with our duty schedule and loses his temper."

Fang Xian'er was astonished when she glimpsed at the desks and chairs pushed down on the floor. She said to herself that Qin Dong was so courageous that even offended Qin Feiyan. The intuition told her that Qin Dong might have some special skills to rely on, but she found no vital energy floating around Qin Dong's body after looking him up and down. As a result, Fang Xian'er thought Qin Dong was a normal person. In the heavens, her cultivation base could match that of a second-level cultivator, but was superior in the mortal realm, where the so-called top masters  were small potatoes when compared with Fang Xian'er.

Fang was confident for her strong power, but she never expected that she could not see through Qin Dong's level due to her insufficient cultivation base and mistook him for a commoner. Qin Dong could study in Class 18 with the help of Li Yunteng. Fang Xian'er took it for granted that Qin Dong had Li Yunteng as his backup and dared to act recklessly.

She looked down upon the people who oppressed others by taking advantage of somebody else's power. But the condition of Class 18 that girls outdid boys was a headache for her. Fang Xian'er hoped that the arrival of Qin Dong could shift the situation.

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